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⁘ 7 August ⁘
How to Revamp and Refashion Kids Old Pants

If you have been around long enough you probably know by now that I love to re-everything: reuse, refashion, revamp and also recycling and upcycling lol Remember my post DIY Revamping Kids Pants to Extend Their Life??? So yeah, one of my favorite goals is to extend my girl’s...
⁘ 24 December ⁘
DIY Turning Onesies into T-Shirts

Turning onesies into T-Shirts is one of the easiest refashion we could possibly make and quickly solve the problem of onesies not fitting or never used because of situations like potty training. Probably most of you mommies have had this situation or might have in the future. I’ve got...
⁘ 5 April ⁘
6 Top Refashioning FAQ (and all the answers too)

It’s not a mystery that I’m addicted to refashioning, but why do I love it so much? I can see a growing interest about this topic, all around the web, I think it can be interesting try to discover why! I’ll try doing it by sharing some refashion I’ve...