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30 Minute Chicken Fajitas

Sorry, Sadly this 30 Minute Chicken Fajitas recipe is no Longer available since The Original Blogger Don’t have a blog anymore =( If you would like you can search for something else instead! Sorry!!! =(
⁘ 3 January ⁘
No Button Crochet Towel Topper (Pattern)

Happy 2014, everyone! It’s Heather again from Craft Cravings to share a little project with you that I whipped up while watching college football bowl games. I think most of us have seen those kitchen towels that have the crochet toppers on them so you can hang them on...
⁘ 13 December ⁘
Christmas NO Peeking, Sneaking, or Shaking Sign

My kids love to tease about trying to figure out what their Christmas gifts are before the BIG day. They are a combination of young adults and teens now, so it’s become even more of a family chuckle. So when they saw me making this new sign “No Peeking,...
⁘ 8 November ⁘
Peanut Butter Banana Dog Cookies

Hey, everyone. My name is Heather. I blog over at Craft Cravings where I share all kinds of craft projects and recipes with some giveaways and fun thrown in too. I’m excited to be one of the new contributors on TitiCrafty! I’m pretty much always doing something crafty instead...
⁘ 11 October ⁘
Halloween Spooky Crafty Cards

Wow Halloween is so close and I hadn’t even have the chance to create a few Halloween cards but I found these pics of some Spooky crafty cards I made last year when I wasn’t blogging yet and actually I was just starting with the card making hobby. Halloween...