15+ Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas (and Tags too)

Add a special touch to Christmas gifts this year with some festive Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas. Try unique gift tags or fun wrappings for a loved one to make them feel even more loved!

I can’t believe it’s already December! This whole year flew by in a glimpse! The good part is that Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the smell, the joy, the spirit and all the happiness around it! Now that I have a little girl, gift became kind of more important and I love crafty wrappings and cute tags. So, I prepared this awesome round up to share with you all my inspiration!

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15+ Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas (and Tags too)

Even though Christmas is for everybody, kids are who have more expectations and excitement about Christmas Eve. That’s why I wanted to get inspired to make great wrapping ideas

Washi Tape Gift Wrap

Washi Tape Gift Wrap by Elizabeth Doo-dah

We use reusable shopping bags but when we forget to bring them to the store we end up getting paper bags. I thought it would be nice to reuse them.

by Elizabeth Doo-dah

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas Wrapping By Paperblog

By Paperblog

Holiday Lights Gift Wrap

Holiday Lights Gift Wrap by Burlap + Blue

A while back, I pinned this string of lights Christmas card, and loved the idea so much that I decided to use the idea for our holiday gift wrap…

By Burlap + Blue



It is a super fun craft idea, and it makes the presents under the tree look so pretty and festive! I wish I could claim this idea as my own, but this is actually something my sister did last year.

By Beauty Through Imperfection

Paper Straw Snowflakes

Paper Straw Snowflakes By Sensational Girl

I haven’t decorated at Christmas with very much red in years past (call me a rebel) but red and I are no longer estranged. This holiday season you’ll be seeing plenty of crimson at my house so let’s start with this fun and easy craft project: paper straw snowflakes!

By Sensational Girl

Fast, Easy, Cute Christmas Packaging

Fast, Easy, Cute Christmas Packaging By Tikkido

Incredibly inexpensive, and easy to dress up, and the perfect size for holding a good stash of gingerbread-decorating candy.  They turned out so adorably, that I think I’ll package up cookies for the neighbors like this, too.

By Tikkido

 What do you think??? Don’t you want to wrap some gifts??? I certainly do!

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15 Christmas Wrapping and Tags Ideas

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