30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Besides witches, some of the most iconic images for Halloween are spires and bats. They are creepy and scary. That’s why I wanted to create this roundup of my favorite spider and bat Halloween Decoration Ideas.

30 Spider and Bats Halloween Decoration

My favorite Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Yayyyy it’s almost Halloween, a super fun time to share, decorate and play!

I’ve seen so many AMAZING crafts lately that it was hard to choose but since I’m kind of attracted to bats and spiders lately {not in real life though} I chose all the great crafts and decoration made with them!

What a great Roundup I got this week! 30 Spider and Bats Halloween Decoration ideas for you so you can get inspiration and try some or all!

I love Halloween. Even though it’s suppose to be scary, I love it!.

I love seeing all the great things people make to decorate. All the movie nights and scary stories! I’m so enjoying a lot this roundup.

The first one I want to share is my Dracula Dog Puppet. I know I know! It’s not a bat or a spider but what did Dracula use to turn into???? LOL

So here it is.  I made it like 4 years ago for a Halloween Puppet show!

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Halloween Dracula Dog Puppet at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Ok Here we go!

Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

A little wicked. A lot pretty. My kinda Halloween décor. Just grab some tall pillar candles from the dollar store, some stencils and get painting!

Simple Wicked Painted Candles by Madigan Made

A simple, crafty and yet spooky craft. Everything used in this project came from the dollar store or the dollar section of Target. Cool right?

Halloween Dollar Store Vignette by Second Chance to Dream.

This really is a simple project to make, it just takes a little bit of time. According to Liz, it all started with a pair of ladies pantyhose (the kind with the fun designs) that would make for a perfect spider web look. The final touch was that spooky cute pom-pom spider!!!

Spider Web Wreath by Liz on a Call

Wall of Bats by Marvelous Mommy at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

This is by far one of my favorite projects I keep in my Halloween to-do list. Just cut a bund of bat shapes and start sticking it to your walls. So creepy ad yet I love it.

Wall of Bats by Marvelous Mommy

This craft makes a great bottle gift wrap for a Halloween Party. Made out of black craft felt and black glitter stiffened felt for the wings! Cute right?

Witch’s Brew by Judy’s Handmade Creations

Not every spider has to be creepy. This cute beaded Spider and be very pretty and stylish!

The Beaded Spider by The Crafty Blog Stalker

Creepy Crawly Bedroom by The DIY Dreamer at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Not sure I would be able to sleep in a room decorated with Halloween but I think it’s such a cool idea!

Creepy Crawly Bedroom by The DIY Dreamer

How cool is this? With just a few supplies and an oven, you can this cute ring made in less than an hour not including the time it took to let the glue dry!!

Black Widow Ring by Pink Cake Plate

Duck Tape Pumpkins by Sand and Sisal

Hanging Bat Chandelier by My Paper Crane at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Hanging Bat Chandelier by My Paper Crane

Magnetic Spiders by Delia Creates

Spider Web Pillow by Uncommon Designs

5 Minute Spider Craft by 30 Minute Crafts

Framed Halloween Art by The Pin Crazy

DIY Halloween Giant Yard Spider by Mom Endeavors

Easy Bat Display by Crafts Unleashed

DIY Halloween Luminaries by Burton Avenue

Halloween Spooky Bats and Boo Buckets by The DIY Village

Spider Web Halloween Wreath by A Night Owl

WOWWWWW Love them all!

What do you think???? A lot of inspiration or what???

Make sure to check out Dana’s post by clicking on the image below. 

And Also make sure to check back each Thursday for another round up posts,

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Till Next time!


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  1. Camila

    Wow! So many great ideas! Thank you for gathering them all up. My son loves Batman and I noticed a few ideas here I can use for party decorations. Stopping by from the Show & Tell Linky.

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    The bat pin! Love it!

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    Thanks so much for sharing this great roundup of fun Halloween decorations! The magnetic spiders are my favorite!
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  4. Camila

    How fun! what an awesome round up of ideas for Halloween! love all the spiders and bats everywhere :) Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle!

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    So many great ideas!!! I love the wall of bats, I think I will have to do that one this year. And I have the perfect wall for it ;) Thanks for sharing all the wonderful Halloween ideas :)

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    What a great round-up. Thanks so much for sharing it with our Let’s Get Real readers. I used to dislike Halloween. Strange, I know. Now that I have kids though, I love decorating for them and watching their eyes light up with excitement. They like it and it’s helping me to like Halloween. There are some great ideas here for me to surprise them with.

    1. Camila

      Kids make us do so many things we wouldn’t even like, but they are so worth it, aren’t them??? Thanks so much for stopping by!


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    The wall of bats is awesome! Great round up! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

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    How to choose, they are all so awesome!!

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