30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Create a Halloween setting that is out of this world with spider and bat decorations. These Bat Halloween Decoration ideas will scare your guests, but also decorate your home with a spooky touch. How-To’s and tips for creating a great Halloween setting are listed here.

Besides witches, ghosts, mummy, skeleton skulls, and jack-o Lantern, some of the most iconic images for Halloween are spires and bats. They are creepy and scary. That’s why I wanted to create this roundup of my favorite spider and bat easy diy Halloween Decoration Ideas.

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My favorite Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

It’s almost Halloween, a super fun time to make fun Halloween crafts, share, decorate and play!

I’ve seen so many AMAZING crafts lately that it was hard to choose but since I’m kind of attracted to bats and spiders lately {not in real life though} I chose all the great crafts and decorations made with them!

What a great Roundup I got this week! 30 Spider and Bats Scary Halloween Decoration ideas for you so you can get inspiration and try some or all!

I love Halloween. Even though it’s supposed to be scary, I love it!

I love seeing all the great things people make to decorate. All the movie nights and scary stories! I’m so enjoying a lot this roundup.

Crafting Supplies you might need

  • Cardstock and cardboard
  • Paper
  • Apipe Cleaners
  • Beads
  • Black paint
  • Black spray paint
  • Yarn
  • Felt
  • Plastic spiders
  • Duct Tape
  • Craft foam
  • Ribbon
  • Plastic trash bags
  • Embroidery hoops
  • among other ideas


  • Scissos
  • Cutting machine

Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Disclaimer: *My roundups are only for inspiration ideas. Just like I do for all my round-ups, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform you know there are tons of pictures with no direct links to the original source. Some pictures featured here I found no source for or directed to the wrong one but if you know the source, contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you so much!

Ok Here we go!

1. Spooky Halloween Paper Bats Garland

Spooky Halloween Paper Bats Garland

This Spooky Halloween Paper Bats Garland is an amazingly easy project to make, perfect to make with kids, and such a spooky cute Halloween decor for the home this coming Holiday! Just a few supplies and lots of fun!

Idea by The Crafting Nook

2. Witch Hat and Bats Halloween Mantel Decoration

Witch Hat and Bats Halloween Mantel Decoration

Black paper and a bit of origami skills is all you need to make these cute origami bats!

Idea by The Crafting Nook

3. Halloween Dollar Store Vignette

Halloween Dollar Store Vignette

A simple, crafty, and yet spooky craft. Everything used in this project came from the dollar store or the dollar section of Target. Cool right?

Idea by Second Chance to Dream.

4. Spider Web Wreath

Spider Web Wreath

This really is a simple project to make, it just takes a little bit of time. According to Liz, it all started with a pair of ladies pantyhose (the kind with the fun designs) that would make for a perfect spider web look. The final touch was that spooky cute pom-pom spider!!!

Idea by Liz on a Call

5. Wall of Bats

Wall of Bats by Marvelous Mommy at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

This is by far one of my favorite projects I keep on my Halloween to-do list. Just cut a bund of bat shapes and start sticking it to your walls. It’s so creepy ad yet I love it.

Idea by Marvelous Mommy

6. Witch’s Brew

Witch's Brew made with felt

This craft makes a great bottle gift wrap for a Halloween Party. Made out of black craft felt and black glitter stiffened felt for the wings! Cute right?

Idea by Judy’s Handmade Creations

7. The Beaded Spider

The Beaded Spider

Not every spider has to be creepy. This cute beaded Spider and be very pretty and stylish!

Idea by The Crafty Blog Stalker

8. Creepy Crawly Bedroom

Creepy Crawly Bedroom by The DIY Dreamer at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

Not sure I would be able to sleep in a room decorated with Halloween but I think it’s such a cool idea! Just cut out a few spider and bats silhouettes, spread them out around the bed add a few other creepy decorative items and you are good to go.

Idea by The DIY Dreamer

9. Black Widow Ring!! Super Cute Halloween Favor!!

Black Widow Ring!! Super Cute Halloween Favor

How cool is this? With just a few supplies and an oven, you can this cute ring made in less than an hour not including the time it took to let the glue dry!!

Idea by Pink Cake Plate

10. Duck Tape Pumpkins

Duck Tape Pumpkins

Grab some spider duct tape, googly eyes, and spooky wall decals, and create these super cute and creepy pumpkins for Halloween!

Idea by Sand and Sisal

11. Hanging Bat Chandelier

Hanging Bat Chandelier by My Paper Crane at 30 Spider and Bat Halloween Decoration Ideas

With only a few items like black card stock, white colored pencils, scissors, embroidery hoops in three sizes, and black quilting thread you can create this super spooky hanging bat chandelier.

Idea by My Paper Crane

12. Halloween Magnetic Spiders

Halloween Magnetic Spiders

You won’t find a Halloween decoration easier than this. Gran a bunch of plastic spiders, stick them to a magnetic tape, and spread them out around your house! Don’t want to use magnetic tape, just use some adhesive tape and you are good to go!

Idea by Delia Creates

13. Spider Web Pillow

Spider Web Pillow

This is the easiest Halloween pillow ever and it requires no sewing at all! Trish picked up a really cute spider web placemat from JoAnn and whipped this no-sew spider web pillow cover up in less than 5 minutes! No excuses that you don’t have time to do things around your house. Believe me, your kids will love it and the satisfaction that you made it yourself is priceless.  

Idea by Uncommon Designs

14. 5 Minute Spider Craft

5 Minute Spider Craft

This bead spider can be made in just 5 minutes. Yes, incredibly easy to make! Grab some black beads, some black pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. Kids will love to make this and they can spread them around the house!

Idea by 30 Minute Crafts

15. Framed Halloween Art

Framed Halloween Art

Don’t like gory and scary decorations? Maybe you do like decorating for Halloween, just prefer not to have fake blood and dismembered body parts all over the house! I got you covered. Make these Framed Halloween Art.

Idea by The Pin Crazy

16. DIY Halloween Giant Yard Spider

 DIY Halloween Giant Yard Spider

To make a giant spider of your very own, you just need a few supplies and some patience in putting it all together! You’ll need some black trash bags, some tubes of 1/2″ Pipe Insulation, 1/2″ pvc elbow joints, 2 mini red reflectors, filler (old sheets, newspaper, plastic bags, etc) and of course, spider webbing.

Idea by Mom Endeavors

17. Easy Halloween Bat Tree

Easy Halloween Bat Tree

Idea by Crafts Unleashed – Consumer Crafts

18. DIY Halloween Luminaries

DIY Halloween Luminaries

These luminaries were fun to design and make and they are the perfect addition to your outdoor Halloween decor!

Idea by Burton Avenue

19. Halloween Spooky Bats and Boo Buckets

Halloween Spooky Bats and Boo Buckets

Idea by The DIY Village

20. Spider Web Halloween Wreath

Spider Web Halloween Wreath

Fun and easy Spider Web Halloween Wreath made from a ceiling medalion.

Idea by A Night Owl

21. Easy Halloween Wreath.

Easy Halloween Wreath.

Idea by Living and Crafting

22. Cotton Spider Web Wreath

Cotton Spider Web Wreath

The cool thing about this wreath is it kind of does the creepiness factor all by itself. The balls of cotton look very similar to creepy spider eggs. All you need to do is head to the Dollar Tree and pick up a bag of spider webs, a bag of small fake spiders (even spider rings will work), and a bigger plastic spider.

Idea by The Top Toe Fairy

23. Haunted Halloween Tree

Haunted Halloween Tree

Idea by Ella Claire & Co.

24. Diy Halloween Bat Wreath

Diy Halloween Bat Wreath

This cute batty wreath is easy peasy, and only takes 15 min to make. You only need embroidery hoop, faux leather or cardstock, scissors, hot glue gun, black acrylic paint and paintbrush.

Idea by Tell, Love and Party

25. Spiders Invasion Oh My! Dress Up Your Front Door

Spiders Invasion Oh My! Dress Up Your Front Door

Spray Styrofoam balls with black paint, push the ends of the pipe cleaners into the styrofoam….4 on each side….and bend them to look like legs. That’s it!

idea by One Good Thing

26. Easy to Make Bat Branches in a Vase

Easy to Make Bat Branches in a Vase

You only need a few items to make them. Placed in vase, this spooky, but pretty homemade Halloween decoration will get everyone in your family in the Halloween spirit.

Idea by On My Own Style

27. Spider Web Decor for Halloween

Spider Web Decor for Halloween

Idea by Sadie Seasongoods

28. DIY Spiderweb Doormat

DIY Spiderweb Doormat

Such a cute and spooky idea. This spiderweb doormat is made by reshaping a half circle doormat and adding fabric paint. So easy and effective!

Idea by Delia Creates

29. Front Porch Halloween Spider Web

Front Porch Halloween Spider Web

You can decorate your front porch for Halloween by creating a giant outdoor spiderweb and complete with giant creepy spider.

Idea by My Untangled Life

30. Simple Wicked Painted Candles

Simple Wicked Painted Candles

A little wicked. A lot pretty. My kind of Halloween décor. Just grab some tall pillar candles from the dollar store, some stencils, and get painting!

Idea by Madigan Made by her website was shut down

WOWWWWW Love them all!

What do you think???? A lot of inspiration or what???

Frequently Asked Questions

What to use to put up Halloween bats?

You can use removeable adhesive or double-sided tape on the back of the bats to attach them to your walls or siding. To store, flatten the bags and place them in a plastic bag or box

What can I use as spider webs for Halloween?

Cotton balls work well if you have something small that you want to decorate with a spider web for Halloween. Also cotton batting, white yarn or threads.

How do you stick spider webs on the wall?

You can use removeable adhesive or double-sided tape on the back of the spiders to attach them to your walls, ceilings or siding.

More Halloween Decor Ideas to Try

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Til' next time...

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