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ABC Gurus Review Educational App by Colto

This is an Sponsored Review on behalf of Colto. Learn & Smile. All opinions are 100% my own. I would never recommend a product that I haven’t already tried and that I truly believe in.

This is an update based on the ABC Gurus new 1.2 update release of the game.

If you have been following me for a while you probably know by now that I’m the kind of mom that is all PRO technology but a controlled and responsible use of them. I love seeing my girl learning and if technology can help so be it! Today I’m sharing my thoughts about a new App called ABC Gurus. It’s an educational game for children to learn phonemic skills that are key skills for preschoolers from the American Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence curriculum. This an ABC Gurus Review!

ABC Gurus Review Educational App by Colto.

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This App is 100% focused on learning phonemic. So no matter what the kid does, they will always listen to the sound of the letter they are playing with. I think that is great. Most games I’ve been using are really good but they usually focus on the name of the letters, which is also great but English is more about the sound of the letter rather than the name alone. This new update release now brought 5 new languages to play with: English (US + UK), Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.


This is a video I took while she was playing! I tried to ask things in English so she would interact more with the game and I could show you a bit of why I love it!

My girl is a 3 year old kid full of energy and thirst for learning. She speaks mostly Spanish but she understands most of the English language. I always let her watch TV in English and love to hear her play games in English. My Girl Speaks fluently and really clear. By the time she turned two she spoke way more than 20 words and knew most colors numbers and letters in both Spanish and English.

But since she started school, she speaks Spanish all the time except in her English classes. This in some way has made her reinforce Spanish and leave English a bit aside, which makes me sad.

I had the opportunity to learn English in Canada and London and it has been the best gift I’ve ever had. My dad and I agree that it’s best for her to learn it too. Although I must say my English is still far from prefect, and that’s the main reason I want her to learn during her childhood.

So that’s why my idea of the perfect App is this one, ABC Gurus, to keep her active with the English language. As a native non-English speaker I know how important it is to speak English. It opens lots of doors and makes you more prepared to go out there an keep up with others. But Since she going to Spanish speaker School is good that she can practice now letters in Spanish too!

What does this ABC Gurus App 1.2 update have to offer?

  •  19 new words and animations so kids can learn the phonemic sounds letters make, associating them with their letter form, the names of letters and the meaning and pronunciation of new words starting with the letters in 5 major languages. {Apart from the 26 quirky interactive animations of words beginning with each letter}
  • Includes a mode for visually impaired kids with highly contrasted colours, simplified graphics and audio feedback.
  • Designed in collaboration with teachers from American, British and European preschools with audio recorded by a special needs phonemics expert for children.
  • ABC Gurus is an ideal first App for little ones to explore in a safe environment with no in-app purchases and advertising that has been certified COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant by Privo.


Why I love this App?

It’s created by a mom and teacher who understands what we want and what kids need.

My girl can spend time having fun while she’s learning a second language {in our case it’s second but for most people is kid’s a first language}.

She can interact with the letters, painting them, putting on eyes, a mouth and even accessories which makes it super fun for her.


She’s so focused on learning that she complains that time was up so fast but she actually spent about 30 minutes on it. That means the App is fun enough to make them feel time flies by LOL.

When she finishes a letter it takes a pic of the final work and then brings you an image of something that begins or contains that letter. This way she can associate the letter with the word

I don’t think including technology in their lives is a bad thing. That is inevitable, technology is everywhere and anywhere and will grow stronger, so the best we can do is teach them that there is time for everything, there is time to cuddle, to do homework, to play outside, to read a book and also to play with electronic devices.

If the App has something educative included in the fun for me it’s a Go Go! But I usually limit her interaction with tablets for no more than an hour a day if she has been good and finished her tasks. She has shown to be really good at it. When I say she hasn’t been good or didn’t behave well and I tell her she can’t play on the tablet, she respects it. But, as soon as she does something right, she asks “I’ve been good, can I have tablet time?” Once the time is up, I say “That’s it, Emma, time to close” and she goes ahead and turns off the tablet.









With this App in particular she always complains a bit because she wants to play more but I’ve seen her making the letter sounds while she’s playing with her dolls. Haha is so cute!

I would still really recommend ABC Gurus App if your children are  in this stage. They learn as they have fun and in my opinion that’s the best way of learning. Check out their Video!

You can get the ABC Gurus app on iTunes and you can Follow Colto on Facebook. Twitter, G+, Instagram and YouTube to get updates on their new releases!

Now It’s your turn, how do you feel about your kids and the constantly grown technology? Are you pro or against Kids using apps?? Would try this ABC Gurus app and see if they can help the earning process of your child? Please leave all your thoughts on the comments section!

Til' next time...

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