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Crafts with Scrabble Pieces

Hi, it’s Lisa again from The Thrifty Challenge. I am here today to share with all you lovely TitiCrafty readers. I’m sharing some ideas using scrabble pieces. I am a huge fan of the many possibilities that scrabble pieces allow creating. For these projects, I sourced the pieces from garage sales and it wasn’t long before I had quite a big collection of pieces.

Crafts with Scrabble Pieces {from Contributor Lisa}

Crafts with Scrabble Pieces

1)  Scrabble fridge magnets.

To do this you need scrabble pieces, some magnets and a glue gun. I originally made them with these peel and stick magnets and found the magnet wasn’t all that strong and couldn’t hold up much so I then bought some stronger magnets. These are perfect for displaying your favorite quotes on the fridge.

2) Scrabble push pins.

These were made in a similar way to the fridge magnets but using plain push pins on the back instead of magnets. These can liven up any old pinboard.

3) Scrabble coaster.

I ended up making four coasters but it would depend on how many pieces you have as to how many coasters you can make (and what words you come up with!) For these, I used small wooden coasters (purchased from the local craft shop) and attached the scrabble pieces using craft glue. However they didn’t last so well and after a few months I’ve ended up sticking down with pieces with my trusty glue gun- you can never go wrong with a glue gun, they are so useful!

I hope you like these scrabble ideas and would love for you to stop by and have a look at my blog, The Thrifty Challenge.

Til' next time...

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  1. I just love crafts that speak to the “word-nerd” in me! I’ll definitely be making the coaster soon. Thanks so much for sharing – I found you at Think Tank Thursday. :)

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