DIY Keychain with Beads and Butterflies

This cute and super easy to make keychain with beads and butterflies makes a perfect gift or a fashionable touch to your home keys. Just a few supplies and lots of love are needed to make it and you will love it.

I love keychains and usually the bigger the better LOL. It is easier to find it in the purse and it’s a little something to our home sweet home keys, isn’t it?. I also love beads and butterflies so I put them together to create a cute Keychain!

How to make a Keychain with Beads and Butterflies

DIY Beads and Butterflies Keychain

I made this one and I love it, so I wanted to share it with you =D Hope you like it!

What you need:

  • Ribbon / Cintas
    Beads and separators / cuentas y separadores
    Ornaments / Adornos
    Needles (jewelry)/ agujas (de bisutería)
    Keychain Hook  / gancho de llavero

I used a white organza ribbon.

First thing, cut 2 long strips of ribbon, it doesn’t have to be the same size, just keep it longer than the length you want it to be.

Fold them in half (or leave one side longer than the other =D) and insert the folded end of both strips through the hook hole.

When it’s out, leave a few centimeters, insert the other end (both ends) through the folded end and pull all the cord down and tighten!

You should have something like this:

Insert all 4 strips into a decorative bead

Make a tight knot

With a lighter burn a bit the ends to avoid fraying.

Now in one strip insert a bead and make a knot

Repeat the process in different distance in every strip

For the butterflies ends, insert a needle into the spacer and then the butterfly

With a needle nosed pliers (is what I’ve got lol) make a swirl with the wire left

Insert a jump ring in that swirl. Repeat the process with the rest.

Insert the end of a strip in the jump ring

Make a Knot very tight

Repeat the process with all the strips. Since I had only 3 butterflies and 4 strips, I added a decorative bead to the 4th end!

So this is it, I LOOOOVE it!!!

What do you think?, Cute or what???

Keychain Beads and Butterflies Tutorial

I LOVE your opinion and comments, it totally makes my day, it gives me a huge motivation to keep making fun stuff and crafts!!!

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  1. Camila

    These key chains are so cute.. I love them and going to try my hand at making them. Thanks for sharing the idea.. Pinning.

    1. Camila

      Yayyyyy Glad to inspire. I would love to yours when you finish. =D
      XOXO Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Camila

    I love this idea and it is super cute! Great gift too.

    1. Camila

      Thanks Sandra, so happy to have you visiting! Oh yeah it could make a great gift! I hadn’t thought about it that way Thanks for you idea LOL

  3. Camila

    What a cute creation and a great summer ggift.

    1. Camila

      Thanks Sarah! So happy to have you visiting! Glad you like it!

  4. Camila

    Thanks you soooo much ladies. All you comments, ideas, love and caring always makes me smile and love you more! I read and enjoy each and everyone of your comments but not always I’m able to replay individually as I like to but I wanted you to know that I DO READ and appreciate it! Love you all!!!


  5. Camila

    Beautiful! I love how it turned out! Thanks for sharing on We Made That.

  6. Camila

    If i haven’t said it enough…thank you for always giving suc great pictures and tutorials. I love crafting but am not great at neither directions nor straight lines! You make it soo easy to get my craft on! Thanks girl!

  7. Camila

    Hola Cami! Esto esta super lindo. Me lo puedo imaginar tambien como un marcador de paginas para los que aun leemos libros verdad? Gracias por compartir su creatividad con nosotros! La vine a visitar de la fiesta de The Princess and her Cowboys!
    Que pase una bonita semana!
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