DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments (from old Baubles)

Got some Christmas Baubles that got old and maybe ugly but don’t know what to do? You can easily make cute Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament and give them a gorgeous new look! Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments are all in and I must confess I hope the trend stays! LOVE IT!!!

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How to Make Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments - Using y Upcycled Baubles and fabric

This is my first year including red in my Christmas Decorations since I moved to my new home. My 2016 Christmas Decoration was all neutral rustic and in 2017 I made it rustic and white. This year I decided to go for the white and red, still rustic and I found buffalo plaid Christmas decor so cool that I said why not?

Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

I had all these old deteriorated baubles stored from last year’s Christmas tree and wanted to give them a new look. Then I saw These super cute fabric ornaments from A Place of my Taste and they turned out so adorable that I knew I wanted to make some. The problem was that I like to be able to reuse things so I didn’t want to use glue and since my baubles were not made from foam either I could not use pins.

Then I catch some ideas from Etsy where they just wrapped the baubles with fabric and that was a perfect option for me and since I lobe buffalo check and buffalo plaid I knew what kind of fabric I was going to use!

Upcycling an old Christmas Bauble into a Buffalo Check Ornaments

There are so many ways to do this but this is how it worked for me. I wanted even edges at the top so I cut fabric circles. My dear Friend Karina from Living and Crafting made hers using squared pieces of fabric and dollar tree baubles. They turned out so beautiful. Make sure you check her out.

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments - Decorated with bows and jingle bells

Can I Use a different type of fabric?

You definitely can and you are more than welcome to. You can use any type of fabric that you love. Between you and me, the plaid fabric just rock! But you can use fleece, cotton, solid color or patterned ones.

Can I Use Something Different Ribbons?

Absolutely! You can go for pretty grosgrain ribbons to satin, organza, yarn, twine, and anything else your creativity calls! If you happen to go for a solid fabric then a buffalo check ribbon would be a hit!

I Don’t like jingle bells, Can I use something else?

Absolutely! The sky is the limit. How about some really pretty letter charms as monograms? Or maybe red berries and some springs. Gift tags if you intend it as a gift. Or even why not the ribbon bow alone!

This project could easily end up being free if you happen to have all the elements: old Baubles, scraps of fabric, and ribbons.

In my case, I only spent on the fabric and ribbon because I really wanted a red and white buffalo check. But I already had the Baubles so it wasn’t so bad.

I found that projects like this one are the perfect night craft to spend time with the whole family during the holiday season. Grabbing some cookies, hot chocolate, or tea, and let’s get crafty!

This project also makes super cute and thoughtful gifts if you add a personalized tag to it or instead of jingle bells you use a letter charm as a monogram.

How to make Easy Buffalo Check Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Supplies:

  • Old Baubles (or plastic/foam balls)
  • Fabric (of your choice)
  • Ribbons
  • Thread or rubber bands
  • Jingle bells
  • *optional: Elastic nylon for the bells if your ribbon doesn’t work.
  • Measuring Tape, pins, and scissors
Christmas Ornaments Supplies

Follow these easy esteps:

I made a fun and quick video tutorial for this project but if you are more of a step-by-step photo kind of person just scroll down and keep reading!!!

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First of all, wipe off any dust or dirt from the ornaments. You don’t want to get that gorgeous fabric all dirty.

Then you need to know your baubles or ornament sizes so you can cut your fabric. What I did was using a measuring tape to decide what size I wanted the fabric.

Measuring the bauble with a measuring tape

Then I measured and cut the fabric squared shape.

To make the circles, fold your fabric in half twice.

Measure on the side and then keep fixed the center corner and move the tip little by little, making marks as you go.

Pin your fabric so it’s easier to cut the curve.

Remove pins and unfold your fabric. You got a pretty circle there!

Place your bauble (or ball) right in the center of your fabric and gather it around the bauble hanger (if yours have it).

Pull the edges and fix large wrinkles to make it as even as possible.

Using a thread or rubber band secure your fabric in place around the gathered fabric. I used a red Thread. Tie a really tight (seriously REALLY TIGHT ) knot.

Then take your ribbon or ribbons as I did. Measure more or less how much you need and cut.

Tie a cute bow around the bauble neck. Since I used 2 ribbons I separated both bow wings.

Last but not least. I put some jingle bells below the bow. Cut a string of nylon and insert the bells. Tie it around the ball neck.

There you go, you are done!

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.

I made about 8 of these buffalo check Christmas ornaments a few of them larger in about an hour or so. Not bad.

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.

This project could even make a pretty Christmas gift if you may! So many possibilities and so simple to make!

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.

DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.
DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.

Hope you enjoyed this Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament project as much as I did making it.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Make sure you jump over Karina’s blog for another Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament method to make a cute Christmas ornament.

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DIY Buffalo Check Christmas Ornament - Easy Upcycled Fabric Baubles.

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Til' next time...

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