Cozy Rustic White Christmas Home Tour (2017)

Until a couple years ago I was decorating my mom’s whole house for Christmas. I’ve been passionate about Christmas decor since I can remember. Some of my decorations {maybe most of them} were handmade, other she already got and some we bought so I could finish the ideas I had.  Even though she’s a bit Grinchy {although she seems to start showing some enthusiasm for Christmas lately}, she never stopped me from letting my love for Christmas flow. Last year I moved to a new country and one of my top priorities was to decorate my own place. How exciting is that, right? After a few years with such a hard time for me and my family, I was so desiring this moment so badly. Our home, our decor and our Christmas. This year I’m living in a place I feel like my home because every bit of it has been started from scratch so I’m pleased to share with you our Cozy Rustic White Christmas Home Tour 2017.

Cozy Rustic White Christmas Home Tour 2017

Cozy Rustic White Christmas Home Tour 2017

Ok so, As I’ve mentioned before, I moved to a new country and I had to start from scratch last year. I can’t decorate every corner of my apartment as I would love to, so I focused on specific places like front door, entryway table and living room. A few months ago I moved to a new apartment since last year’s was more like a transitional one. This one is the one I feel home and love.

Probably the coming years I will expand the decor to my office and even why not, my bedroom. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I enjoy every second of it even though this year has been a bit hectic and it’s been hard for me to enjoy as much as I would have wanted to. I feel like if I blink too long I might be taking down Christmas already.

It’s hard to believe, it’s almost Christmas. This year went by so fast. In some ways I’m thankful for that because I’m ready to let go of things and so ready for new positive ones. I’m thankful for everything I’ve accomplished this year. I’ve learned so many positive things and I’m ready to move on from everything negative to embrace a pretty and productive new year!

My decoration is not like huge or anything but it’s special because I made myself most ornaments and decorations. Some are already posted as tutorials so you can check them out. Others I’ll give tips of how I made them here and will post soon enough… hopefully.

So, wanna see my humble new home? Hope so! my apartment is really small, very European style mixed with a bit of modern, but it’s our home now and most importantly it’s ours!

Let’s start you the Cozy Rustic White Christmas Home Tour 2017

Welcome to our new HOME!

This is our front door.

I made the wreath out of a pool noodle and used a lot of burlap ribbon to make some pretty ruffles LOL. If you like it you can check it out HERE.

Then you have my entryway table. Not showing the whole entry way because it’s not all ready, remember I moved here a few months ago.

I used a furry fabric {is that even called fabric?} to cover the table so it would look more like winter wonderland. The same fur I used for my Christmas Tree skirt.

Placed a DIY Pallet board {which is not actually pallet but looks kist like it}. I hung a white twig wreath with a welcome sing on it. Right at the bottom of the board I put a Christmas tree garland with some pinecones. Then placed my candle holders on both sides of the pallet board decorated with white pompoms and brush trees.

One of my favorite element is this cute wooden house which is for candles but I decided to fill it with tiny pretty pinecones I picked myself from a park. I’m sure people were thinking I completely lost my mind along with my mother in law LOL.