Cozy Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor Home Tour (2017)

Step inside our cute Cozy Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Home Tour! Join us and get inspiration with the magic of holiday décor with rustic elegance & heartwarming touches.

Until a couple of years ago I was decorating my mom’s whole house for Christmas. I’ve been passionate about Christmas decor since I can remember. Last year I moved to a new country and one of my top priorities was to decorate my own place. How exciting is that, right?

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Our Homemade Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Home Tour

After a few years of such a hard time for me and my family, I was so desiring this moment so badly. Our home, our decor, and our Christmas.

This year I’m living in a place I feel like my home because every bit of it has been started from scratch so I’m pleased to share with you our Cozy Rustic Christmas Home Tour 2017.

I couldn’t decorate every corner of my apartment as I would love to, so I focused on specific places like the front door, entryway table, and living room. A few months ago I moved to a new apartment since last year’s was more like a transitional one. This one is the one I feel like home and love.

Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I enjoy every second of it even though this year has been a bit hectic and it’s been hard for me to enjoy it as much as I would have wanted to. I feel like if I blink too long I might be taking down Christmas décor already.

My decoration is not huge or anything but it’s special because I made myself most ornaments and decorations. I decided to keep the focus on the farmhouse style. Some are already posted as tutorials so you can check them out. For others, I’ll give tips on how I made them here and will post soon enough… hopefully.

So, wanna see my humble new home? Hope so! My apartment is really small, very European style mixed with a bit of modern, but it’s our home now and most importantly it’s ours!

Welcome to Our Cozy Modern Farmhouse Christmas Decor Home Tour

image of a wreath of rustic branches in white with the word welcome in raw wood, on a background of wooden boards

Welcome to our new HOME!

The Entryway

This is our front door.

Rustic Burlap Christmas Wreath on door

I made the Christmas wreath out of a pool noodle and used a lot of burlap ribbon to make some pretty ruffles LOL. If you like it you can check it out HERE.

Then you have my entryway table. Not showing the whole entryway because it’s not all ready, remember I moved here a few months ago.

view of entryway table with decorations

I used a furry fabric {is that even called fabric?} to cover the table so it would look more like winter wonderland. The same fur I used for my Christmas Tree skirt.

top view of entryway table with decorations

Placed a DIY Pallet board {which is not actually a pallet but looks kist like it}. I hung a white twig wreath with a welcome sign on it.

Right at the bottom of the board, I put a Christmas tree garland with some pinecones. Then placed my candle holders on both sides of the pallet board decorated with white pompoms and brush trees.

closeup of welcome garland with some pinecones

One of my favorite elements is this cute wooden house which is for candles but I decided to fill it with tiny pretty pinecones I picked myself from a park. I’m sure people were thinking I completely lost my mind along with my mother-in-law LOL.

closeup of wooden house which is for candles but

Finally, my always-there wood mini crate where we put our keys {until I make our key holder} is right in the middle decorated with a pretty white-red plaid ribbon bow.

wooden key holder decorated with white-red plaid ribbon bow.

I finished it all just spreading some Christmas balls and pinecones all over the table. Cute?

spreading some Christmas balls and pinecones all over the table

The Living Room and Dining Room

As I said it’s small so I had a hard time arranging furniture so it would look cozy and homey as well as functional LOL. I’ve been trying to add rustic to my decoration but having a tight budget I’ve bought a few second-hand furniture like my sofa and the dining table.

What I love about our dining table is that it can be extended and reaches double the size you see. It’s great for when we have family over but it’s small in our day-to-day living.

Anyway, one of the first things people see when they come in is the Homemade TV console {Tutorial coming soon} and the Christmas Tree which is mostly handmade, rustic, and white decorated – I must add that where the Christmas tree is right now is where my office used to be before Christmas started.

This being said you have an idea of how important Christmas is to me. 

general view of christmas treen in the  living room and tv console

As you walk into the room you see my huge gorgeous window and the dining area. 

As you walk into the room you see my huge gorgeous window and the dining area. If you look at your right you will find the living room are which faces the TV console.

The window was decorated with a Christmas greenery Garland. I used plaid ribbon and battery-powered twinkling lights along it all and reused some rustic ornaments from last year.

I just prep the ribbons by twisting an eight-inch piece of wire around the ribbon every 8-10 inches alternating plaid and burlap.

Put the lights making sure that the battery case would be hidden among the branches. Then added all of the cute ornaments. In the middle, I put a pretty rustic bow.

general view of christmas treen in the  living room and dining table

I’ve decorated the dining table with a tray filled with Christmas tree Springs, pinecones, and candles. I decorated the candle on the candle holder with a big plaid ribbon bow and a jingle bell.

christmas center piece decoration in dining table

The living room area is small but I tried to make the most of it. It’s not quite done yet as you can see there’s no wall art or frames, it’s not painted but as for Christmas is concerned, is perfect.

general view dining table and later the sofa in the back

On the sofa, we threw a super cozy throw that is furry on one side and snowflake decorated on the other. Then we put our beloved throw pillows {using also the reindeer rustic pillowcases and other handmade pillowcases too}.

showing three deferments christmas pillows on sofa

Right next to the sofa, you can see some shelves all homemade as well, tutorial soon to come.

general view of sofa area decorations

I mixed rustic decor with frames and last year’s Christmas decor set as those two cute fellas on the stairs.

I love them and they were on sale so it was a win. Also used my Twine Christmas Ornaments hung from the shelf brackets.

closer view of two fellas on the stairs  hung from the shelf brackets decorations.

I turned some non-Christmas elements into Christmas by adding bows or cranberry springs.

showing some blueberry bows or springs in glass jar.
general view of blueberry bows or springs in glass jar

I had that cute swirly wood frame for a long time so I hung a wood star on the center and added a super cute plaid ribbon bow at the top. Also re-used last year’s rustic bells and brush trees.

view of swirly wood frame with wood star on the center and plaid ribbon bow at the top

Behind the Sofa there is also a DIY table {tutorial coming too} where I put some frames with meaningful photos.

Behind the Sofa, some frames with meaningful photos
closer angled view of Behind the Sofa, some frames with meaningful photos

On both ends, I added a fake Christmas plant and a cute lantern. The Christmas plant had a really ugly pot so I wrapped it with jute and tied it with twine. The lantern was decorated with my beloved plaid ribbon and a cute bow with a jingle bell.

closer view of fake Christmas plant and a rustic white lantern

My coffee table is not actually a coffee table. I pilled up 2 pallets still not treated but that’s coming, don’t worry. Since I didn’t use my Christmas tree skirt underneath our tree, I put it strategically on the coffee table and hid the hole with my music centerpiece. LOL. Please don’t laugh. My plan is to turn those pallets into an actual coffee table.

general angled view of  coffee table, sofa, shelf and wooden stairs

Right next to the left side of the sofa on the floor, I put a basket that I found next to a trash bin last year. It was perfect, not sure why would someone throw that away but good because I found it!

Anyway, I used it to put our blankets there. If you see the living room you will notice that I’m a bit obsessed with those cozy delicious fleece blankets so I’ve got quite some through the years and never left them behind. An example is the Rustic blanket ladder on the other side of the sofa LOL.

general front view of  sofa, shelf

Let’s not forget my deeply beloved bamboo arrangement. I absolutely LOVE it and when it’s not on my desk it’s right there next to me on the sofa. I love the energy it brings to the home.

Our {kind of} Mantel

Right in front of the sofa is the TV console and what I like to call my mantel. Since I don’t have a fireplace here, I’ll just pretend I have a mantel to decorate with each season’s theme.

dining table perspective with christmas tree in the right back and tv console in the left back
view of Tv console, with a wooden candle holder on each side decorated with a plaid bow and a Santa hat.

On the Tv console, I put a wooden candle holder on each side decorated with a plaid bow and a Santa hat. I put eatery-powered candles inside and that’s it.

closeup of wooden candle holder on  with a plaid bow and a Santa hat

I also filled it with pinecones, Christmas tree springs and balls my super cute Christmas lantern. Last year I made a pretty Lantern centerpiece with it and it ROCKED! This year Love the look of it there in the crate from the base of the console.

closer view of base of the console with a Christmas lantern with pinecones inside

On my Mantel, there is Christmas greenery on the front edge decorated with light burlap ribbon, battery-powered lights, some of my flocked pinecones, Christmas ornaments, cranberry springs, and other rustic ornaments. 

general view of mantel decorated with light burlap ribbon, battery-powered lights, some of my flocked pinecones, Christmas ornaments, cranberry springs, and other rustic ornaments

Right behind it, I placed some candle holders, 2 wooden eatery-powered Christmas trees, and my pretty framed Christmas Printable from last year.

This one was created for my subscribers but you can find another I made really pretty and download it if you like it HERE. This year my mantel is simple but full of love.

closer view of candle holders

And look how it looks at night when I turn on the wooden Christmas tree’s lights!!!

view of mantel decorated with lights on

Cool right???

Right underneath it, I hung our Christmas stockings. I would have loved to hang them in front of the mantel but some people might have complained not being able to watch TV LOL.

general view of tv zone

Between the tv console and the Christmas tree, I put a chair with a very Christmasy plaid blanket and a pillow. Sadly it didn’t last long since we used the blanket… and the pillow…. And lastly the chair but at least the intention was pretty, wasn’t it?

general view of tv console area
view of Nativity underneath of christmas tree

And there is my gorgeous rustic white Christmas Tree with the Nativity underneath it, most of the ornaments handmade and so FULL of love.

general view of rustic Christmas tree

Small Home Decorating Tips

  • Turn your bookshelf into a pretend fireplace mantel. Hang up stockings, put on twinkling lights, and decorate with garland to make a fun and festive centerpiece.
  • Make a warm tree skirt out of an old quilt or fabric with a checkered design. This cozy and inviting atmosphere will make your Christmas tree look even better.
  • Fill glass jars with fake candles that run on batteries. You can make your space look magical by adding pinecones, berries, or dried orange slices for a beautiful glow.
  • Hang snowflake decals or fairy lights on windows to create a charming holiday display visible from both inside and outside.
  • Look for old and unique items in thrift stores, like small decorative objects and old picture frames. Coat them in white color to create a classic farmhouse atmosphere.
  • Arrange a tiered tray with small holiday-themed décor items, candles, and ornaments as a festive centerpiece.
  • Gather pinecones, birch branches, and eucalyptus to make special wreaths and garlands. Nature’s touch is when something is made or done using natural materials. This makes it more genuine and doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  • Let your creative side shine and make pretty drawings on a chalkboard with Christmas quotes and nice messages.
  • Use cinnamon sticks to make pretty decorations for candles. You can tie them around the candles or make small bundles. They will look nice and smell good too.
  • Make a decoration by slicing oranges and lemons, baking them until they’re dry, and then stringing them together with cranberries to add some bright colors.

Well, that’s it! That’s my holiday decor this year.

Hope you like our Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Home Tour 2017 and that some of the things I made gave you some inspiration.

Well, I’ll leave you with some more photos from my farmhouse Christmas decorating during the day and at night.

general view of christmas treen in the  living room and dining table
general view dining table and later the sofa in the back
closer view of Behind the Sofa, some frames with meaningful photos
dining table perspective with christmas tree in the right back and tv console in the left back
general view of self ddecorations

Look how pretty our home looks at night!

rustic christmas tree whit lights on in night
view of my daughter with rustic christmas tree whit lights on in night

I particularly LOVE this photo with Em looking at the tree. She so loved it.

If you liked it I would so appreciate it if you could share the love. And if you have any ideas I would also love to hear them in comments!

Thanks for visiting me!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create a cozy farmhouse feel in my small apartment without overwhelming the space?

Choose colors that are not too bright or too dark, use materials like burlap and wood that come from nature, and put warm lights in specific places to create a comfortable and cozy farmhouse feeling without making the space too full.

What are some budget-friendly DIY decorations that fit the modern farmhouse theme?

You can try making signs out of wooden pallets, decorations out of burlap, painting mason jars to use as vases, and finding old vintage items at thrift stores. These little details made by hand make things attractive and help save money.

Can you suggest some small-scale Christmas tree alternatives for apartments?

Sure, Try tabletop trees, wall-mounted trees, or ladder trees. You can also create a minimalist tree using driftwood branches or a decorative ladder with hanging ornaments.

How do I add festive scents to my apartment without using strong artificial fragrances?

Infuse your space with natural scents by placing bowls of dried oranges and cinnamon sticks or by using essential oil diffusers with subtle holiday blends like pine and citrus.

Any tips for maximizing the coziness of my apartment during Christmas?

Absolutely! My favorite one is putting soft blankets and fluffy pillows on the sofa, adding twinkling lights, and making a hot cocoa station for cozy and warm feelings.

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  1. WOW, so pretty and inviting. My favorite parts are the entry table and mantel over the tv. Emma in front of the tree is so precious, you should frame that photo!