DIY St. Patrick’s Day Twin Hair Bows

This is a Sponsored post and a Review written by me on behalf of Hairbow Supplies Etc. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello everyone!… St Patrick’s Day is coming and I thought it would be fun to start celebrating it making something cute for my girl. I made these cute Lucky Me, Lucky You twin hair bows using products I got from Hairbow Supplies Etc. Have you heard of them?

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Twin Hair bows and Hairbows Supplies Etc. Review!

How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Twin Hair bows

Hairbow Supplies Etc. is an online shop for hair bow supplies. They have all kind of cute ribbons, flowers, hair clips among many other hardware, elastic for headbands, felt circles, rhinestones buttons ad so much more.

I got some supplies from them and I can tell you, I’m in love with their stuff and the customer service, they treated me so well.  The ribbons are so much better than those I already have. They are soft and easy to handle. They have bright colors and a great variety of sizes, colors and patterns. It gets actually very hard to choose, I was going insane trying to. Seriously! If you don’t believe me, you should definitely check it out!

I Juts love ribbons.  If you take a look around you’ll see that I use it almost all the time, in cards, crafts, decoration, etc. And no matter how much I buy, it never seems to be enough.  When I go to any craft store {or any store that could happen to have ribbons}, I seem to be drawn into the ribbon aisle.

When Hairbow Supplies, Etc sent me those fun St. Patrick’s day ribbons a few weeks ago, I was so excited!  Oh my! so many thing I could create, so many ideas came to my mind. With what I got, I made {so far} a few hair accessories for my girl. I’ll probably be making some more {I want some for me too LOL} and other crafts I have on my list. But for this post I’m sharing a fun tutorial on how to make these cute St. Patrick’s Day Hair bows. It’s super easy!

What you need:

  • 2 strips 18 Inches green solid grosgrain ribbon {7/8 inch W}
  • 2 Strips 15 Inches Lucky You, Lucky Me painted grosgrain ribbon {7/8 inch W}
  • 2 strips 5 inches Polka Dot Grosgrain Ribbon Lot {3/8 inch W.}
  • 2 Strips 1 inch solid green grosgrain ribbon {5/8 inch W}
  • 2 30 mm French Barrette Clips {1-1/4 inch} –>
  • 2 strips 6 inches of a thread of very thing ribbon.
  • A Pin
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissor

1. Fold 18 inch strip in half

2. Insert the pin exactly in the middle of the fold line

3. Unfold and position the pin with the tip facing you. Find one end and insert it in the pin like in the image below

4. Do the same on the other end but in opposite direction. You will get an 8 or infinite symbol

5. Then insert the middle of each loop in the pin like this

6. Now holding tight the ribbons take out the pin and insert it in the same place but crossing it like this

7. Using the thread or thing ribbon make a knot around center the bow like in the image bellow and remove the pin.

8. Do the same with the 15 inches ribbon.

9. Place the painted bow over the solid one and tie a knot with the remaining thread to keep them in place.

10. Secure both bows with hot glue {sorry about the blurry pic. =P

11. Cut the excess of thread or ribbon.

12. Find the Polka dot 5 inches strip and make a knot in the middle.

13. Place it in the middle of the bow to hide the other ribbon.

14. Glue both ends on the back.

15. Find the 1 inch strip and burn a little bit the ends to avoid fraying.

16. Glue it to the back of the bow.

17. And finally glue the barrette clip.

18. Repeat process with the other hair bow if you want them to be twins.

That’s it!!! Some really cute Twins Hair Bows to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day Yayyyy!!!.

Doesn’t Emma look so cute with them???

I also other cute hair accessories with Hairbow Supplies Etc. products, take a look:

What do you think? Aren’t they Adorable??? I just love every product I used from them!

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