DIY Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath

Hey everyone! Are you as behind on Valentine’s Day as I am? Oh my goodness! It’s been so crazy lately, so much going on and I admit I procrastinated this craft for weeks. Am I too horrible? Hope not! But anyway, I’m super excited to be finally sharing my cute Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath I’ve made with lots and lots of love… and yarn. LOL.

DIY Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath

So, this is a cute craft perfect to even use as an excuse for a family, mommy and daughters, mommy or grandmas and kids to enjoy together. Imagination is the limit and you can have so many variations.

I got inspired to make this wreath by two awesome blogger that is so love and admire: Valentine’s Day Craft- Yarn Wrapped Hearts by Fynes Designs and Hearts and Lovebirds – Valentine’s Day Wreath by Flamingo Toes. Their wreaths are so, SO adorable and I kind of mixed the things I loved the most from each with a touch rustic to make mine. Hope you like them.

Let’s See how to make this cute Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath!


  • Wreath foam
  • Yarn {white, pink and red}
  • Twine
  • Burlap ribbon {light color}
  • Wood hearts
  • Pompom makers.
  • Cardboard
  • Chalk Paint {white and Pink, I made my pink mixing magenta and white}
  • Letter stencils
  • Brushes
  • Mini Clothespins {I used pink and red}

My wreath foam was home made, I made it for my Rustic Christmas Wreath and you can find the tutorial to make one there if you want to save some money!

I started wrapping the wreath foam with my burlap ribbon. I covered about 70% of it. I secure the ends with twine. I do it like this because I will be using the wreath foam and the burlap in the future so I don’t want to damage either of them.

Then I wrapped with yarn overlapping the burlap on both ends.

When I reached the other end I cut my yarn and tucked the yarn end into the loops.

My wreath base is ready!

Then I went to the fun part. I made some hand-drawn Hearts in different sizes all over my piece of cardboard. I cut them the best I could.

Using my pink, white and red yarn I wrapped each heart. Some in one color and some I mixed twine and yarn. I end up using one mixed.

Just make loops in random directions until you cover the entire heart and make it look puffy.

When you finish, cut the yarn and tuck it underneath other tarn strings.

Keep wrapping Hearts and you will get something like this:

Then using the same technique I used for my Christmas Pompom Garland, I made some pompoms with those same yarns, white, pink and red. This time I just made the tie string a lot longer to I could use it to tie each pompom to the wreath.

Once I had enough hearts and pompoms, I made my LOVE word with the wood hearts.

I prepared my pink chalk paint color, and painted 2 hearts with the pink and 2 hearts with the white.  Let it dry.

In the meanwhile I prepared the stencil. Since the letters were so close one to the other I isolated the letters L, O, V and E using masking tape. If you have vinyls is good too.

Once the hearts were dry, I put my stencil on top of the heart as centered as I could and painted them. Removed the stencil and placed it on the next heart. On white hearts I used my pink paint and viceversa.  Let them dry.

I LOVE how they turned out! LOL :P

So, now that I have all the pieces done, I started the fun decoration.

Keep reading to see how I decorated this fun Valentine’s Day Wreath…

This part is completely up to each person. You might want all at the bottom or on the side like me, even on top. But I wanted the decor mostly on the side.

I put my first pompom about in the middle of the white yarn part. I place each pompom where I wanted them to be on and then using the ties I made a knot and a bow on the back. Later I would adjust the size and cut any excess. {Side Note: Use only yarn with the same color as your wreath base for pompom ties… learned the hard way!}

I made my trial and error about mow much of the wreath would be covered with pompoms so I eventually removed some at the end.

I wanted the hearts to follow both ends of pompoms so using a bodkin {or a safety pin}, I insert one end of a string of yarn and inserted it through some strings from the back of my hearts to have something to tie them to the wreath.

Just like a did with the pompoms I tied 3 hearts to the right towards the top of the wreath and only one on the other side of the pompoms.

I cut a long string of twine, about 40 cm and tied it right behind the last heart. Again, if you don’t plan on using the materials again you can just use hot glue gun. I just tied it to the wreath behind the heart.

Did the same on the other side. I decided where to finish my banner and using a smaller heart I tied the twine and the heart to the wreath.

The final touch was hanging my cute LOVE hearts! I used pink and red mini clothespins. Folding the hearts strings I secure each heart to the twine with clothespins.


There you go! A super cute Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath!

Finally with a twine strip I hang it the door using a wreath hanger.

I must confess as a side note that putting the decor on a side, as it would be expected the wreath tended to slide little bit looking weird. I fined that by wrapping a couple stones on the back of the wreath using the same white yarn. I found some almost flat so it wouldn’t bump the wreath too much.

Valentine’s Day Rustic Yarn Wreath

Well, my friends this is how my doors look now! So festive and lovely, right?

What do you think?

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Till Next time!


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