Christmas Pompom Garland

Aren’t you in the whole Christmas Holiday mood yet? I can’t even believe how excited I am. You would not believe what time is it here while I’m writing this post. I’m still up, crafting and sharing this super cute tutorial with y’all. This Christmas Pompom Garland is something I’ve seen many times in different Christmas decor around internet and I just LOVE it. I had to make one and I had to use it for my Christmas tree.

Christmas Pompom Garland

Cute DIY Christmas Pompom Garland

Pompoms are one of my weakness. If you don’t believe me just check my easy and Halloween posts. I always somehow end up making pompoms and let’s face it, they are so stinkin’ cute!

These cuties are super easy to make. Th problem is that most times is time consuming if you need to make many of them. There are many ways to make pompoms. I have made them 3 different ways so far but the way I have made these, is by far the easiest and quickest. Still if you need to make over 30 of them, it will take a couple hours for a couple nights in your comfy couch while watching tv.


If you want to know my past ways to make pompoms you can check my Spooky Pompom spiders, pompom bunny tail onesie and my Easter pompom butt Bunny.

This Christmas Pompom Garland turned out so cute that I plan on using it after Christmas in my girl’s bedroom. It’s too cute to put it in a box!

I made these pompoms using a pompom maker I got in a craft store. I checked, and you can buy them on Amazon and I’m pretty sure you might find it in Michael’s or any local craft store. I don’t live in USA but if i could it here, you can too. LOL. It’s not too expensive either, so why not, right?


This tool is pretty simple to use and straight forward. The first one you might get scared but then you get the hang of it and you can make many pompoms in minutes.

So, Wanna learn with me how to make this cute Christmas Pompom Garland???

Let’s do this!


  • Yarn {I used 4 packs 2 white, 2 light cream. The size is up to you, how fluffy you want it}
  • Pompom maker {lasrge}
  • Scissors.
  • A Bodkin

This pompom maker comes in two pieces. The same but inverted.


Keeping them together with locks together. Open the locks and keep both pieces from the same side together. We will work each half separately.


With your thumbnail secure one end of our yarn more or less in the middle of your pompom maker. Start wrapping going over the end of the yarn so it stays in place.



If you see between both pieced, you will notice there are like half balls in there. Those get stuck on some holes on the other piece so you know you are making the pompoms right.



Keep wrapping until you cover well the pompom maker.


The more you wrap the thickest and fluffiest the pompom will be so I go for the thickest. This step is totally up to you. You can try different amount and see how you like best.


When you think it’s enough, wrap until you get to the pompom maker end. Pull the yarn tight so it gets secured.



Cute the yarn close to the tool.


Turn it over and repeat the process with the other side.


When you are done. Cut a strip of yarn long enough to tie up your pompom and get a couple long tails left. Mine were about 8 to 10 inches.


Make your pompom maker ends meet and lock both sides.


You will get something like this:


Now using your scissors, cut very carefully between the two pieces of your pompom maker like in the photo below:


Try to keep strings in place with your fingers as you cut. Be very gentle and careful here, don’t rush it.


Once you are done, you will have something like this:


Still holding both pieces, pass your yarn strip between them like follows:


Make both ends meet and pull carefully. Tie it up with a knot. I usually make a knot here then go back with each end and ti up again. Double knot, triple know, secure it well.



It can get a bit tricky tying up between the two pieces but you can do it.


Open you pompom maker and remove them from your pompom. DO NOT CUT your long tails just yet.


Woot there you go! You have your first pompom. Easy peasy, right?


Now go for 33 more…


LOL, yup that many I’ve made.

So, Once you have made all your pompoms, remember to reserve 2 or 3 yards of yarn for the garland string.

Moving on to the last step.

Using your bodkin, Insert one end of your yarn and pull it down towards the tight part.





Take your pompoms from the tail and find you knot. That will tell you where you should insert your string.


Insert your bodkin right perpendicularly through your knot loop.


Pull the bodkin on the other side and push the pompom down.


Repeat this process with all your pompoms.



Don’t glue the pompoms or make knots because when you are putting it on the tree you want freedom to move the pompoms through the string to positioning where fits best.

Once your pompons are all in your garland, you can cut all your pompom tails.


There you go!!! Your Christmas Pompom Garland si done and ready to be placed on your Christmas tree or wherever you want it to be. It’s so pretty that you might want to put it anywhere! Am I right???


This is how my Christmas Pompom Garland looks on my tree!!!!





DIY Christmas Pompom Garland

Hope you enjoyed and want to make your own garland!!! I’m in love and can’t wait to finish my Christmas tree! 

I would love to hear your thoughts, let me know what you think in Comments!

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Till Next time!


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