The Easiest DIY Heat Pack Ever (Tried and True)

Are you as cold as I am? If where you live is as cold is as where I live, this tutorial will help you a lot to stay warm. I made these 2 as gifts for friends back in Bogotá since it’s old most of the year there! You won’t believe how easy it is and it doesn’t require for you to be expert at sewing. This is the easiest DIY Heat Pack you will ever make!!! Either if it’s for yourself or as a gift you will have it done in about 20 minutes.

The Easiest DIY Heat Pack Ever

The Easiest DIY Heat Pack Ever

You may have endless ways of doing this project. I found this one the easiest but as you might know, imagination is the limit. This project is something that would make a perfect and thoughtful gift during winter or if the you live is mostly cold.

You only need fabric, ribbon and rice, besides thread and a sewing machine. Though, I think this is something you might be able to hand sew as well. Anyway, have a few scraps of fabric you can make this. Also the size is what you want it to be.

I just love this and the best part a couple minutes in the microwave and you will have quite some time of warmth. I love putting on my laps while watching TV or close to my hands while I’m the computer. It’s just awesome.

Wanna learn how to make The Easiest DIY Heat Pack Ever???

Let’s go!


  • Your favourite fabrics. I used 2 different ones, one for each side.
  • Ribbon {fabric matching color}
  • Regular rice
  • Large funnel
  • of course thread and sewing machine.

First cut your fabric in the desire size. Mine was 30×15 cm {12X6 Inches}

Then putting together both pieces right sides together, mark your layout. I left 1cm from the edge on each side and marked lines every 7 cm {2.75 In}. This will make the rice pockets.

Or course this will be only for reference you will see why in a bit.

Cut a string of ribbon about double the length of your heat pack. Fold in half.

Place it in between both fabrics lengthwise about in the middle of one of the short sides. Pin in place.

Stitch along the sides leaving one long side open.

Turn it right side out. Press.

This where I was talking about reference. Your lines are now inside but you can make a few dashes so you know where to stitch.

Fold your open side edges inwards to make a hem. Pin in place. I do this because it’s easier to fill each pocket and then stitch them close later.

Stitch each pockets lines.

Cut all the remaining threads.

Using a large funnel fill 3/4 of each pocket with rice.

Using a pin, Close each pocket really close to the top of the rice. Sorry I completely forgot to take a picture of this step. But once you have filled a pocket just press all the rice down press closing the pocket right where the rice is and pin. This is only to make it easy to stitch close the heat pack.

When you are done filling the pockets and pinning each one, just stitch along the edge.

Remove the pins and let the rice spread.

Roll the heat pack and tie it with your ribbon and make a cute bow.