Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project

Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project is a sponsored post on behalf of George Torres, jewelry designer.

When you are putting together the materials to make a beautiful necklace or bracelet, one of the main points that you will need to consider is the type of beading thread you use.

Many jewelers will get distracted with the beautiful beads and not pay much attention to the thread. However, choosing the right thread is important and it will affect the look, feel and durability of the piece of jewelry itself.

Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project

Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project

There are many different types of thread available for beading, so how can you choose the one that is best for your particular project? It might seem overwhelming at first, but after a while, you will start to get an understanding of the different types of thread and find a few different ones that cover all of your needs.

When you are making your decision, there are a lot of factors that you should consider when choosing the beading through for your jewelry project.

Consider the Strength and Fit

The strength and the fit of the beading wire that you choose will be determined by its diameter. For example, it makes more sense to use larger diameter wire for projects with big and heavy beads and a smaller diameter wire for lightweight beads. Also, you will need to use thinner wire so that it will be able to pass through the small bead holes.

Also, if you have a project with a lot of sharp-edged beads you will need to choose a thread or wire that will not be damaged by the beads themselves over time. Stainless steel metal wire is a good choice for this because it will withstand wear and tear and last for a very long time.

The flexibility of the Wire

Beading wire is labeled according to the number of strands that it contains, as this wire is like a cable. It is made up of many different steel strands that are woven together. The number of strands within the cable will have an effect on its flexibility.

Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project

If a beading wire has a number of strands within it, it will be quite flexible and malleable. If it has only a few strands woven together it will feel stiffer and wire-like.

It’s up to you whether you want a flexible or stiffer feeling for your jewelry. Generally, more flexible wire costs more, but it will give your jewelry a much better quality feel. Also, the flexible wire will not be at risk of kinking or bending in a wrong angle. You need to determine whether you are making high-quality jewelry with more flexible wire because your price point will ultimately need to reflect that.

However, if you want to create a piece of jewelry that is very sculptural and holds its form, you will want to use a very stiff and inflexible piece of wire. This way, you can mold the wire into a shape and it will stay that way.

The Diameter of the Bead Holes

Of course, no matter how nice a particular bead wire or thread is – it will not work if you cannot get it to fit through the holes of the beads! Your wire needs to be at least a couple millimeters smaller than the holes within your beads. You don’t want the beads to be just barely able to squeeze onto the thread, because then the piece of jewelry will feel inflexible and the beads will rub against the wire and damage it.

If you are not sure of the diameter of the beads, you can always take them to the shop with you and ask them if you can test them with the beading wire samples.

The Colour of the Wire

In some jewelry designs, the bead or the wire will be visible once the jewelry is completed. In this case, it should either be clear or have a color that complements the rest of the design. If you are using transparent beads, colored thread can have a really interesting and attractive look.

These are just a few of the factors that you should consider when you choosing the beading thread or wire for your next project. The wire that you choose will have an impact on your design, so think about it wisely. When you have found a great type of wire at the right price, you might even want to consider buying it in bulk so that you can use it in many different projects!

George Torres is a jewelry designer and blogger. He offers tips on his blog for crafting and jewelry design as well as sells his creations online.

Choosing the Right Beading Thread for Your Jewelry Project is a sponsored post on behalf of George Torres, jewelry designer.

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