Eli Explorer App Review. Educative App by Colto

This is an Sponsored Review on behalf of Colto. Learn & Smile. All opinions are 100% my own. I would never recommend a product that I haven’t already tried and that I truly believe in.

If you read my previous App Review on ABC Gurus, you probably noticed by now that I’m the kind of mom that is all PRO technology but a controlled and responsible use of them as I mentioned before. It’s a pleasure for me seeing my girl learning and growing. If technology can help so be it, I more than welcome new ways! Today I’m reviewing Eli Explorer App Easter Edition. It’s a great educative App also created by Colto.

Eli Explorer App Review. Educative App by Colto.

 Eli Explorer App Review. Educative App by Colto. #Appreview #eliexplorerreview #eliexplorerapp #educativeapp

Just like ABC Gurus, what I love the most about Eli Explorer App is that they are created by a mom and teacher who understands what we want and what kids need. I can’t get enough of their Apps.

This App works a bit different that ABC Gurus, even though they share some features like repetition as a main way to learn. We all know that kids learn through repetition right? So that’s the whole goal of this app.

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