A Creative Scarf Hanger by Stephanie from Simply Dream & Create

Hi guys!, Today I have my bloggy friend Stephanie from Simply Dream & Create as a guest again! I’m so excited to show you all what she brought today! She is made a Creative Scarf Hanger and she will show us how she made it, is super clever and easy… aaaand it look awesome! Hope you enjoy it and jump over her blog to show her some bloggy love, we always love that right?

A Creative Scarf Hanger

A Creative Scarf Hanger #scarfhanger #scarforganization #scarfhangeridea

I’ll leave you with her:

Hey TitiCrafty readers! I’m Stephanie and I blog over at Simply Dream & Create. I’m very excited to be here again! I’m a science nerd by day and craft crazy by night. I have a huge passion for crafts and I’m constantly learning and exploring the craft world! Last time I was here I shared with you all my Homemade Twix Bars. Today I will be sharing my Creative Scarf Hanger!

Okay, honesty time. I’m a female. I like to shop. So I tend to accumulate lots of must need clothes, shoes, and accessories. My sister actually asked me if I’ve counted how many shoes I have lately. Ha! No! I don’t want to know how many I have, I just know I always want more! Plus I don’t want Chris to catch wind of the number, he probably would call me ridiculous. : )

She can’t talk though. She recently told me she has 12, that’s right, 12 pairs of jeans! And she said if I need new jeans I should shop in her closet first! Heck yah free jeans!

One accessory I have a lot of are scarfs. Scarfs are great if you need something more to your outfit, but don’t want to wear a necklace or if you need a pop of color. My scarf organization isn’t the greatest, though. I just have a cloth bin in my closet that I toss them all in, requiring me to riffle through all of them to find one. When I stumbled upon this post on meet.make.laugh I knew I had a solution to my scarf storage.

Here is what I did…

What you need:

  • Hanger
  • Shower curtain rings {I used metal}
  • Yarn
  • Jute
  • Hot glue gun

I started by wrapping my hanger and rings in the green yarn {isn’t it a pretty color!}. I decided to use the curtain rings because the were small, which allowed me to have lots of loops. The ladies of meet.make.laugh used headbands for the loops. I sure you could use just about anything!

I’m not going to lie, this was a bit of a time consuming process. But well worth it.

Next I attached my rings to the hanger and each other using the jute.

And that is pretty much it. Not hard to do, but time consuming because of all the wrapping.

What do you think of the finished project?

Great, right?!

I love being able to see all of my scarf hung up. Makes it much easier to pick one out. What is also great about this project is that if I need more loops, I can always add more rings! Since I now have the room, I may buy more scarfs!

Thanks for having me Camila!


What do you think??? For me this is definitely a MUST TRY!  how about you?

Til' next time...

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  1. I love this and I wanted to let you know I implemented some of this idea into one of my projects and I liked back to this post to give you both credit. Have a great week and thanks for the great idea.

  2. Great idea! This would be an awesome way to help keep my scarves organized.

  3. Love this idea! All my scarfs are one big pile in a drawer, so it often takes forever for me to find the one I’m looking for. xD