Photo Memories Wooden Block Pencil Holder

Daughter father moments are to cherish and keep in our memories forever. I’m so thankful because technology has given us this particular gift. Back when I was a child I have only a few photos because not everyone had a camera and it was also expensive to develop the films. Today we can take pictures with almost everything LOL. No one moment goes without getting saved and I’m so glad! My girl was so unexpected and got us out of the guard, especially my hubby, so each moment between them was so precious and full of love. That inspired me to create something that he could take to the office or keep it in his desk and always remind him of how much he’s loved by that little princess! I made this cute photo memories wooden block pencil holder and I love how it turned out!!!

Photo Memories Wooden Block Pencil Holder

Photo Memories Wooden Block Pencil Holder

This is a simple craft and yet so full of love and precious moments. It seemed the perfect gift for my hubby who is a wonderful and loving father. This can make a great father’s Day gift, Christmas gift, or any day gift just because! It’s unique because no one’s moments are the same as others and also because we always add our personal touch. So, we will hardly find another one the same anywhere.

You see…

The relationship with my little girl and her daddy is like those we see in movies. She cares for him and needs him in such a way that amazes me. We had to be apart from him for almost 2 years. One of the hardest times for her and of course for me. But I’m sure it was extremely hard for her. Her entire personality changed even though she was so little when we said good-bye. She went from being a sweet and quiet girl to a crying, rebel, and mostly sad girl. She stopped trusting people and only trusted me. The rest of the world seemed to not exist and whenever I wasn’t around she would cry and push everyone away and that includes her grandma, uncle, and grandpa.

When hubby finally came back home, Em did a 180º turn. It was like she came back to life. She started to trust more, no more crying or yelling at everyone, no more fighting with her uncle {a 13 YO boy} and she stopped challenging me and she went back to be a happy and loving little girl. Her world was all broken apart while daddy was gone and now seems like it was whole and fixed again. It never stops amazing me.

I definitely wanted daddy to keep a reminder close to him always. This photo memories wooden block pencil holder will do the job perfectly! Hope you like it as much as I do.

Let’s see How to make this cute and fun Photo Memories Wooden Block Pencil Holder


  • Wooden cube {about 5” or 10 cm}
  • Drill and a really thick bit for wood.
  • Pencil, ruler and a marker.
  • Wood dye {I used cedar color}
  • Brush
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Mod Podge or white glue diluted in water.
  • Foam brush.


First step is to make a grid with a pencil on one side of the cube. I made the grid 1 cm separation.

Then with the marker make a mark every 2 squares.



Prepare drill with a bit. In my case, I started with one I thought it would let a pen fit but I end up using a ½. Either way, I definitely recommend making the first holes with a 3/16 and then use the 1/2.

You might be wondering: Why?

Because going for the thick one first sometimes moves in the first push making the hole a bit off place.


Make sure the bit doesn’t go all the way through. If it does, make a mark with a sharpie so you know the maximum depth you can go.

Start drilling hole by hole. It might not look perfect. We are not perfect, the wood is either so, be patient. As you get the holes done you can go and fix those you don’t like much.