Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

Halloween is around the corner and I was definitely behind on decoration LOL. Then I though that since I hadn’t done a Halloween garland before, it would be nice to have some cute spooky bats hung around the house =D. I also thought you would like to DIY and have the cut files in case you like my little fellas ;P Enjoy this Spooky Halloween Bats Garland!

Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

Cute Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

I wanted to have my bats hung upside down with funny faces and different posses. I looked for some examples over the Internet and finally made my own.  So much fun!With the Silhouette everything is so much easier, isn’t it? And this garland once the shapes were done, it was about just having fun putting it together.

Here is how I made it:You only need black and white cardstock, wool, hot glue gun, regular glue and of course the Silhouette =D.I decided that between 18-20 cm tall it would be a good size for the bats so I place them on the silhouette Studio, luckily all four bats fit on the mat LOL.


Download Spooky Halloween Bats Shapes {Studio File}

I cut this 4 times on back cardstock, so I would have 16 bats.



Then on another file I placed the eyes and cut once.


Download Spooky Halloween Bats Eyes {Studio File}