Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

This Spooky Halloween Bats Garland is an amazingly easy project to make, perfect to make with kids and such spooky cute decoration for the home this coming Halloween! Just a few supplies and lots of fun!

Halloween is around the corner and I was definitely behind on decoration LOL.

For that reason, I thought that since I hadn’t done a Halloween garland before, it would be nice to have some cute spooky bats hung around the house =D.

Also, I thought you would like to DIY and have the cut files in case you like my little fellas ;P Enjoy this Spooky Halloween Bats Garland!

Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

Spooky Halloween Bats Garland {+ Cut Files}

I wanted to have my bats hung upside down with funny faces and different poses. So, I looked for some examples over the Internet and finally made my own. 

So much fun!

With the Silhouette everything is so much easier, isn’t it? And this garland once the shapes were done, it was about just having fun putting it together.

Bat Garland Supplies:

You only need:

  • Black and white cardstock,
  • Wool,
  • Hot glue gun, regular glue
  • And of course, the Silhouette

I decided that between 18-20 cm tall it would be a good size for the bats so I place them on the silhouette Studio, luckily all four bats fit on the mat LOL.

Bats cutting file

Download Spooky Halloween Bats Shapes {Studio File and Printable}

Spooky Halloween Bats Garland Tutorial

Firstly, I cut this 4 times on back cardstock, so I would have 16 bats.

Bats cutting on the machine

Then on another file I placed the eyes and cut once.

The Bats crazy eyes cut

Download Spooky Halloween Bats Eyes {Studio File and printable}

    Once I had everything cut out I started gluing the eyes to the bats.

Assembling the bats with the crazy eyes and glue
Cute first bat done!

I had something like this:

All bats ready to go

I loooove this one LOL

Next, I took the wool and made my measurements on where I was going to place the garland {decided to put it on the window}.

I had fun organizing the bats differently along the strip.

Lastly, I glued them with hot glue gun. I also added some fun eyes on the window to make it spookier LOL.

Glueing each bat to the string of black yarn

Hanging the Bats!

Finally, when finished gluing all the bats I hung it on the window and waited until sunset to take pictures.

In the end, I really love how it turned out. At night with the little light that comes from outside when the eyes adjust you can still see the white from their eyes LOL.

And during the sunset, it’s just shaped like they were facing the window.

Spooky Halloween Bats Garland hung on the wall!

So, there you have it!

A lot of fun and super cute Halloween Bats Garland!

What do you think???? What have you done to decorate your home????

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Til' next time...

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  1. Your bats are so cute and whimsical! Is there a file I can use in order to hand cute these bats and eyes? Unfortunately I don’t own a cutting machine, but would love to still be able to make these.

    1. Hi Kay, thank you so much for your sweet words. I swear I thought I had updated the files to add some printable versions. Glad you pointed it out. The files are now updated so you can go ahead and download them. You will find SVG and JPG files that you can print but please keep in mind to keep proportions between bat shapes and eyes, i.e: If you fit on paper (printer setting)and the reduction is, let’s say to 95% on the bat’s shape files, make sure you make the same reduction on the eyes file as well so they fit in the bat’s shape.
      hope I made sense and that this helps!
      Enjoy this project and if you feel up for it share your final project!

  2. Love your bat garland! They are the cutest, spookiest little bats. You did a fantastic job. Thank you for linking up with us Inspiration in Progress last Thursday!

  3. These are so cute! I love how they look up against the sky! So fun!! Thanks for linking up at TGIF link party!

  4. We love these little guys – terrific tutorial this week.

    You’ve been featured on BeBetsy at the BRAG ABOUT IT No. 27

    Thanks for linking up with us. Have a fun HALLOWEEN!

    Sharon and Denise ♥

  5. How great are those little guys. I love them, and it’s times like these that I wish I had a silhouette. Maybe next year…
    Thanks for the great idea

  6. Bats never looked so fine! Love what you can do with card stock.And those googly like eyes are so fun. Visiting via LOBS from over at #6 in the link up.

  7. I can’t seem to open the files you’ve attached. Is there another way to receive them? I love this idea but am not super crafty/creative to make my own.

  8. these are so fun. i love how on one side they seem creepy but then you see there eyes and you can not help but laugh! as always thanks for linking up to the all things pretty linky party!

  9. Adorable! I just post some DIY Halloween decorations. I was going to follow you, but when I mouse over your media icons it just will let me pin it. Let me know when it is fixed or how to follow you and I will. Charlie @http://pickledokra.blogspot.com/

  10. Oh my goodness – – those silly bat eyes simply make this garland a stand-out piece! So playful! So creative! So very Camila! Thanks for sharing this cut file with us, as well. You’re the best.

  11. Stopping over from the Silhouette Challenge!

    These are so stinkin’ cute!! Those eyes get me every time. They kinda remind me of the googly 3D eyes that move around when you shake them. Not sure if you know what I mean. Either way I wish I hadn’t used up my stash of black and white paper for my birthday invitations so I could make some of these just in time for Halloween!

    Much Love,
    Trisha D.