Upcycled Tape Rolls Halloween GiftsUpcycled Tape Rolls Halloween Gifts


Am I the only one that feels like only yesterday we were hugging and wishing Happy New Year???… Oh my how fast this year flew by. It’s unbelievable! I was working with my mom making these cute Upcycled Tape Rolls Halloween Gifts for our neighbor’s kids and I was thinking the whole time “I can’t believe I’m making Halloween crafts already”.

Upcycled Tape Rolls Halloween Treat Gifts

Upcycled Tape Rolls Halloween Gifts Tutorial #hallween #hallweencrafts #hallweentreat

As I mentioned in my recent post: The magic of costumes {which has over 100 costumes ideas, just sayin’}, I feel Halloween like a magical season. Kids enjoy so much using costumes and living their characters for a little while. Even though they can do it any time, Halloween makes it special because everyone else is doing it too so there is an exchange of dreams and creativity!

My girl enjoys Halloween so much and she has a hard time choosing because she wants to be all her favorite characters. She loves Frozen and she uses Elsa’s dress almost everyday {at least when weather allows her} but she also wants me to paint her face again as a butterfly. My mom that loves to spoil her already bought her Anna’s Outfit so now we shall see what costume she will want to use on Halloween night LOL.


Today in order to add a little more fun to the Halloween collection of ideas, mom and I made some really cute, easy and upcycled crafts. We used those big tape rolls to create some cups representing the most known Halloween characters to fill them with treats for kids. We had so much fun. You can check out her post on her blog in Spanish showing how to make these but using Frankenstein. So cute! Well, Let’s see how we made them.



  • Tape rolls
  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint {Halloween colors: orange, black, white and green}
  • Plastic fun eyes
  • Ribbon
  • Color papers {again Halloween colors}
  • Transparent plastic.
  • Plush iron wires.
  • Black permanent marker.
  • Corkboard Pins
  • Black cart stock
  • White crayon or marker
  • Treats

First of all I removed dust from the tape rolls and cut some cardboard circles the same diameter as the rolls and leave them aside. Make as many circles as the number of rolls you are going to use.

How to make those Halloween Gifts

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