Tigger Printable Heat Transfer T-Shirt

Hello Guys! Today I’m sharing a new silhouette project using for the first time Printable Heat Transfer Material. I created this cute Tigger Printable heat transfer T-shirt for my little Girl and she loved it!

Tigger Printable Heat Transfer T-Shirt

Tigger Printable Heat Transfer T-Shirt Tutorial #printandcut #silhouettechallenge #pintableheattransfermaterial

This project is easy enough to make. I mixed it with heat transfer vinyl to create the text and a fun touch. I have to be honest about the material. It’s my first time using this material so I might have done something wrong but as my experience using it goes, I didn’t like how it turned out once my girl used the t-shirt. The material cracked in many places, so my guess is that maybe it’s not for stretchy materials? Maybe on a tote bag or things that won’t stretch and crack the material.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVED that I could print that graphic and stamp it on my girl’s T-shirt, but then when she wore it it started to look like if it had been there for years. A lot to learn I guess. I’ll be trying other materials to see what’s the perfect one for this printable heat transfer.

Anyway this is how I made this t-shirt.

What you need:

  • White T-shirt
  • Printable Heat Transfer Material for light colors
  • Heat Transfer vinyl
  • Of course your silhouette and Iron

I started with the design. I Imported an .jpg file to my silhouette studio. Then just in case I duplicated the image and used the trace tool. In this case I set up the High pass filter to the full and modify the Threshold so the whole image would be covered in yellow. Then I hit trace outer edges.


That creates a red line around the design. I had the word Disney outside the main graphic so I created a rectangle, I placed it in a way that connected the graphic with the word and using the weld tool in Modify I created one cut shape.


Then since I didn’t want to risk cutting so close to the graphic, I used the offset tool. When you chose it, it sets another border bigger than the original. I just delete the first one and leave the bigger one.


Now I design the wording. In this case because of the expression of Tigger I wrote “Who?… Me?”. I set up the size and position where it will be and set it aside.


Ok here is where my saving side starts acting. I don’t like to waste material and once we print it will also print registering marks so there will be a waste. I decided to prepare and print some other stuff to use in the future.


Once ready I set up the page and registration marks. I placed everything so it would fit in the space and mirror it all.


Send to print.

Then I went to cut settings and chose Printable heat transfer material for light fabrics in the Material type options and left the blade settings as it directed.


Sent to cut.


I set up the wording and cut it too according to heat transfer vinyl instructions. If you want to know how to use Heat Transfer Vinyl you can check this post.

I pealed off the printable heat transfer that wasn’t part of my design and only left my graphics.


Now to the Iron.


I placed the graphic and the wording where I wanted them to be with the backing facing up. Placed a piece of clothes on top and Ironed on cotton setting for about 40 to 60 seconds. I left it to cool down a bit and pealed of the backing.


Tadaaaaaa!!!! There you go! A cute new T-Shirt ready to be used.


As I said, either something went wrong or this material is not appropriate for stretchy fabrics. But I’ll keep experimenting. My Girl loved it and use it. I’ll see what happens when I wash it!!!… I’ll of course let you know!

What do you think? Do you like this Tigger Printable Heat transfer T-Shirt???


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19 Comments on " Tigger Printable Heat Transfer T-Shirt "

  1. Camila

    The T Shirt and your daughter are adorable, what a shame about the cracking though. Thanks for the step by steps :)

    1. Camila

      Thank you so much for the compliments! Yeah I’ll try a few other ideas and see if I can avoid the cracking. I’m stil not blaming the material. I might have done something wrong being the first time using it! Let’s see what happens! XOXO

  2. Camila

    That’s adorable! I used printable transfers many years ago and had the same results on shirts. It lasted a little bit longer on fabrics that don’t stretch, but even those, after a while, faded & cracked. I think it’s just the products limitations. Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Camila

      OOOH I didn’t know that. I hope they have improve the product. I’m still hoping it was my lack of experience working with it!!! I shall try again and see!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Camila

    Super cute! and I love printable HTV.
    I’m with you on not wasting all that space, so I change the paper size to have the registration marks print closer to my design :)

    1. Camila

      OOh see I didn’t know that I could do that! Great tip I’ll try next time. We learne something new every day and with every comment! =D Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

  4. Camila

    Her whole outfit is so cute!!!

    1. Camila

      Thank you Deanna!!! Gad you like it!!!

  5. Camila

    This is such a cute project! I want to try printable HTV now! :)

  6. Camila

    I love the shirt. I’be never tried printable heat transfer on my Silhouette. Cute shirt and even cuter model!

    1. Camila

      Haha Thanks so much Angela!… She’s a cutie indeed and so patient when I need her to stay there and let me take Pics! I loved it despite the issues. I’m gonna keep trying and see what happens!

  7. Camila

    Cute project! I’ve never tried the printable heat transfer, only the normal one, but it is interesting that it would crack like that. It would be interesting to know what caused it and how it can be avoided in future.

    1. Camila

      Yes that’s what I think… I don’t think it’s the product yet, that brand is too good, so I’ll be trying again and see if it was something wrong I did!
      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  8. Camila

    The shirt is cute! Shame about the vinyl cracking but I bet you’re right – it would be great on a tote bag.

    1. Camila

      I’m definitely trying again in different materials and see! I love the fact that I can print whatever I want to stamp on a T-shirt or bag =D!!!
      Thanks so much for your sweet visit!

  9. Camila

    Ooh! I hadn’t though about using printable HTV. Good to know this brand cracked though. I hope you find something that does hold up better – I love the shirt!

    1. Camila

      I’m still not sure if it’s the brand or me to be honest. It was my first time using it so I could have done something wrong. I’m gonna keep trying and share my thoughts! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  10. Camila

    Love your tigger! The trick to keeping decal soft (so it won’t crack) is to remove the paper backing while still warm then GENTLY stretch your material a bit in both directions. I did this for the 1-12 month onesies for my grandson and it seemed to make it more matte finish and less shiny.

    1. Camila

      Oooh That’s a grrreat tip Elizabeth, Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s so appreciated. I’m definitely trying again following your instructions. I don’t give up so easily LOL. I want to make more of these to my girl!!!

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