Upcycling Wine Bottles: DIY Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases

Upcycling or reusing things is always a good thing. Besides most cases, it’s even easier to get what you want when you make it yourself. I saw this idea on Pinterest and I thought it was so pretty and rustic that I had to give it a try. I really like the idea of repurposing things, upcycled things usually turn out super nice and brings life to any space. That’s why I made this Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases out of Wine bottles.

Upcycling Wine Bottles: DIY Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases

Upcycling Wine Bottles: DIY Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases

I have a table in my entrance that needed some love, so I decided to upcycle some wine bottles I had sitting around to make some cute wrapped decorative Vases. I bought some twine, fake flowers and branches to add some pop of color to that space!

I fell in love with these vases shared by Katie over at Juggling Act Mama. She did a lovely work there, especially with the rosettes. That post gave me my first idea. and I had also seen this cute vase too via Indulgy but I didn’t have a pretty lace like that one so I went for the Ribbon!

Here is how I made Twine Wrapped Decorative Vases:

What you need:

  • clean wine bottles
  • Twine
  • white glue
  • brush
  • and things to decorate as you like.

Thin the glue 50/50 with water. The idea is to have it a bit more fluid than it usually is.

Spread the glue with a brush in sections.

I started wrapping the bottle with the twine. I always try to hide the ends by trying to overlap the second loop over the end.

At the end, when the whole bottle is wrapped, cut the twine and glue it with Hot gun glue. Even every 10 or so loops add some hot gun glue, it helps keep everything in its place while wrapping.

You are done!…. for now! Lol

The decoration! Click next page to continue the fun…

Till Next time!


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