Quick & Easy DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

Do you have that project that you know you want to make and you keep it in your mind, truly deeply want to make it but for some reason time passes and you never get to make it? Well that’s exactly the case of this rustic blanket ladder. This project has been on my list since like forever. I see it everywhere, each store I go into I see one and I always say, can make that and I will. But truth to be told, I never got to do it until now, YAYYYY for me! LOL

Quick & Easy DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

Quick & Easy DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

I must admit I got short on the height but I still LOVE it with all my heart. I might give it a try again and make it about 6 feet or so but for now I’m so super in love with my tiny but pretty rustic blanket ladder.

It took me about 3 hours in total to make it. Thanking God that the day was beautiful and sunny and I could finish it all in one day. I can’t believe how easy it is to make one of these. It might get tricky at the end when assembling it but it’s definitely doable. I must be clear here, I’m not a carpenter and not even close. I went with my gut every step of the way because for this particular project I didn’t want to rehear for tutorials and use only my logic, intuition and imagination to test myself how far I could go.

I’ve been of course reading a lot of wood work, painting, tools but that’s what I got to start this project and I’m so proud of myself. This proves that anyone can do this. We just need to be brave enough to come out of our comfort zone, forget about perfection and just let it go, let your imagination leads you.

The way I made mine is only one from many, I’ve seen photos of so many gorgeous ones. So don’t get scared and just try, worse case scenario, start over because it’s not even expensive. You can build this rustic blanket ladder with less than $10 if you at least have some paints at home or let’s say $15 if you have to buy some. I only had to buy the wood so it was great.

Anyway, Lets see how I made my Rustic Blanket Ladder


  • 2 wood sticks {I used 1200 x 38 x 32 mm (1,5 x 1,25 cut at 47 Inches)}
  • 4 rounded stick {I used 350 x 26 mm (diameter 1,02 cut at 14 Inches)}
  • Wood glue
  • Walnut Wood Stain
  • Brush and a cloth rag
  • White latex paint
  • Drill
  • 3mm Wood drill bit
  • 26mm Flat Wood drill bit
  • Sand paper
  • 4 screws {4x45mm}
  • Gloves and eyewear protection {for painting, drilling and sanding}

Fist I measured carefully where the I would put the rungs. The first rung I placed it at 50mm {2 Inches} and from then every 300mm {12 Inches}. Then of course I measured the vertical center of the piece. All this is to make sure to mark both sides of the ladder so the rungs line up evenly.

Using the 26mm Flat Wood drill bit on my drill, I drilled wholes 3 mm deep on each centre mark {I used tape on the bit to use as a reference}

Test if your rounded sticks fit, if they are too tight just sand a little bit the edges.

With your regular wood bit drill holes only on the first rung place and last on each side. Use the hole left by the flat bit as your reference. This holes are to screw the first and last rung.

Once it’s all done, sand any imperfection on the wood, specially the edges to avoid splinters in your fingers, No fun!

The next step is my favourite! PAINT!!!

I used walnut stain. First I spread it with a brush and then rubbed it all with a cloth rag, You get a pretty shade and you can see all the wood designs. I let it dry for about 30 to 40 minutes.

I decided to go for a dry brush technique, I wanted to intensify the wood lines and dry brush is perfect for that.

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2 Comments at Quick & Easy DIY Rustic Blanket Ladder

  1. Camila

    I LOVE this! I have wanted one of these for the longest time, but I felt like they’re so homemade-looking that just buying one from Target or something would be cheating. This is so easy and I don’t even have to force my dad to make it for me. Thanks for the step by step! I WILL be doing this!

    1. Camila

      THANK YOU so much for your sweet comment. This ladder is really incredibly easy to make. Th only thing I would pay the most attention is to have the Wood drill bit and the rounded stick diameter with the same measure, if it’s 25mm then both should be 25mm. That way you ensure the stick will fit perfectly in the whole {learned the hard way}. If you have any questions at all, just let me know, I’m not an expert but with whatever I know I’ll help.


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