Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover (How to)

Do you have those ugly breakers box in plain sight? I do and I don’t like it at all. This Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover is pretty, is easy to make and will fix that problem forever!!!

Would you believe me if I tell you that I have my Electrical Panel right in my entryway next to the front door? Well yeah, I do and I swear I have no idea what is up with that.

Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover Tutorial

How to make Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

It seems a pattern here since the 2 previous apartments I have lived in also have the electrical panel right there in the entryway.

It hurts my eyes.

I had to do something…

…and I thought maybe a mirror or a wall art but then there is the intercom placed in a really hard place which doesn’t give me much room to play with. I was sure it had to be farmhouse related so I thought a pretty and rustic wooden sign electrical panel cover that would fit there perfectly.

This idea came up while working on another project. I was planning a pallet backdrop for a mantel. I was getting a few boards left and my husband asked me how about using those boards to make a rustic Cover for that ugly breaker box.

Seriously, it was the best idea ever. I said yes right away.

We even put it together in quickly to see if it would work. We tried a few things and another project came to my to-do list. It took me a while to actually start making this project but I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Now every time I come to the entryway or I see it from the hallway, it actually makes me smile.

That space right there it’s a work in progress. We did the first step making the cover and now I have a few plans to make that space the actual entryway.

I want to put my into wait table underneath the cover and probably a key holder below the electrical panel and next to the intercom.

Entryway Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

I’m crazy in love with how this rustic wooden sign electrical panel cover turned out.

Entryway Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover (After)

The best part?

It was super easy to put together.

And to be honest, it was super fun to make too.

I don’t really understand why would anyone put a breaker box right at the entrance of the house but I guess it’s probably this country’s rules for this type of features. So I can only try to make it a bit prettier.

Entryway Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover (Before)

Rustic Wooden Sign Cover Tutorial

Let’s go…


  • Walnut wood stain.
  • White latex paint
  • Grey latex paint
  • Brushes
  • Lint-free cloth
  • Plastic plate
  • Steel wool (grade 2-coarse)
  • Pine boards (I used shiplap leftovers -about 4 boards)
  • 3 Pine lumbers (for the frame. Length depends on your sign size)
  • Wood lettering (Paint if you need a specific color)
  • Wood glue
  • Nails & screws
  • Hammer
  • Clamps
  • Gloves
  • Protective eye ware

So first you are going to stain your wood with the Walnut stain using your cloth (or brush) and let them dry.

Once the boards have dried (and sanded if necessary) you are going to dry brush on a thin coat of grey latex paint. If you aren’t familiar with dry brush technique, just put some paint on a plastic or paper plate and spread it out, then take a dry brush and get a tiny bit of paint on the end of the bristles.

Now you are going to just brush this along your wood, re-dip in the paint as necessary, but don’t don’t overdo this because you want your brush to remain slightly dry, so get every bit of paint off you can before you get more on there. When you are done it should look like this.

Let them dry for a little while and then repeat this process with white paint. Let them dry well this time.

Once the boards are completely dry, you are going to sand and distress it with your Grade 2 Steel Wool. Here is when I suggest you wear your gloves and wear protective eyewear. Steel wool will be sticking out of your fingers and that’s not fun! Keep sanding until you are happy with the result.

Then If you want you can sand with 80 grit sandpaper to remove any hard splinters.

Clean off any dust residue on your wood boards, and you are going to apply another coat of the wood stain but this time clean off the excess of stain with a clean cloth. Let fully dry.

When you are happy with how it looks, give it a light sanding with a dry piece of the steel wool or sandpaper.

In the meanwhile…

My wood lettering was made with MDF and without any paint so I spray painted in matte white and let them dry.

Assembling the Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover.

Once all your wood pieces are finished and dry it’s time to put it together.

At this point you have your mainboards for the sign, 3 or 4 (up to you) pine lumbers and your lettering ready. 2 of your lumbers should measure your sign height minus a few millimeters and the other 2 lumber should measure the width minus the 2 side lumbers. You will see what I mean in a bit.

Align together your mainboards with right side facing down (trust me I didn’t and it was a bit annoying tu turn them after LOL). In my case since I used shiplap, I fitted them together and aligned the edges.

Apply a line of wood glue along the lumber and place them along the edges.

Secure them with clamps to make sure they don’t move and stick well. Let it dry for a little while.

Turn your board facing up and remove the clamps. If you notice the glue is still not completely dry put clamps back and let dry a few more minutes.

Once your board is completely dry, put some nails along the edges making sure you get the pine lumbers. I put about 2 nails on each board.

Place your lettering where you like them the most.

SIDE NOTE: At this point, I felt like my sign needed more aged signs so I applied a few more strokes with white latex paint randomly along the sign and then sanded a little bit again. This step is optional of course if you like your initial results.

In my case, the lettering words came with hangers so it made it easy for me and I can even switch words every now and then. But if yours don’t have this, then my suggestion is to set the place where you want the words and mark some wide spaces to drill a hole (make sure you use a really thin drill bit). Once you have the hole just screw it from the back of the sign. Another option can always be using glue (but I don’t trust it, you don’t want to be woken up at the middle of the night with the noise of the words falling)

Anyways, what I did was marking where the hangers were and screwed in a screw.

Hang the words and voila!

There you go! A super pretty and functional Electrical Panel Cover to hide these ugly breakers.

Now it’s the most desired moment…

Let’s hang it.

Decorating with Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover
Hanging This Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover
Hanging Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

I put a couple of nails on the wall right above the electrical panel and hung my pretty wooden sign!!!

Doesn’t it look much better? I just love it.

Easy Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover
Decorative Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover
Fun Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

Now just give me some time to make the whole space a cozy entryway!

These are some more Wooden Sign Projects I love from my favorite bloggers!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful and inspirational!!!

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Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover


DIY Rustic Wooden Sign Electrical Panel Cover

What do you think? Do you have your electrical panel in plain sight? What did you do? Tell me everything in comments!

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Till Next time!


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