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BiriBiri Art Series: Geisha Japanese Paper Painting Framed Art

This Geisha Japanese Paper Painting Framed Art is a sponsored post on behalf of U-CAN. I was sent samples of BiriBiri products to review and was compensated for my time to write this post. All opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

Woohoo! So super excited to share my third project from this BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Art Series. I’ve had a blast with this Japanese new technique? This week I made this gorgeous Geisha paper painting with a homemade faux bamboo-like frame. I also got some help from my dear hubby who loved this theme. He helped me throughout the whole process and we had so much fun.

BiriBiri Art Series: Geisha Japanese Paper Painting Framed Art

BiriBiri Art Series: Geisha Japanese Paper Painting Framed Art

I have to say this. This BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) project was quite a perfect one. You see, my mom has traveled A LOT and one of the places she traveled often was Japan so she has lots of traditional stuff and souvenirs from there and she created a whole space with only Japanese stuff. I knew right away this would be an addition to her collection.

For those of

So… without further ado, are you ready to get to make one of these Cute Bear Paper Painting Wall Art?

Let’s go…

What you need:

  • Maiko-san (Apprentice Geisha) BiriBiri (Chigiri-e) Collage Kit
  • A starter Kit
  • Wood planks {2mm thick width and length as you prefer }
  • Wood Sticks half cilinder
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Wood hand saw
  • Glue

Check out this video tutorial so you have an idea of how this works.

Also check out my previous tutorial for more how to details.

So… Just like with the previous projects, the first step is transferring the design to the given board. For this you need to use the blue transfer paper with the waxy side facing your board. Use the Clips to hold the design and board in place and draw all the design. You will get your design all drawn in

Each design has some circles with patterns and number and that the design also has those patterns. That is your reference as for what washi to use on each part of the design.

Then start picking the right paper for each piece of the design and using a slight sharp tool {screwdriver, emboss tool and even the tweezers do} and transfer the design through embossing to the paper. This will leave a mark on the paper that we use to tear the paper.

In this case I started with the big blue texture above mountains and the ground as it’s directed in the design sheet.


With a brush spread the given glue {diluted 1:1 with water as it’s directed} and place the washi in place tapping with fingers and making air flow away.

Then I worked my way to the upper pieces, like the fence and then the geisha and finally the ground shades.


For the geisha, we started with the first texture of the feet, then pants and then kimono and the waist bow.

We worked the neck and head last. First the white face, then the neckline of the kimono and then the hair.


Lastly we made the hair decoration.


The final touch for this design was the ground shades. We ripped the 2 directed colors with rock-like shapes and glued them.


There you go.


The basic design is all done but as you may know by know it still wasn’t enough for me. It needed a frame and hubby and I though of imitating the bamboo style for the frame.

First step is measuring your canvas. Then use those measures as your internal frame measure.

Cut your planks.


We decided to make the frame it like follows:


For this to work best we cut the stick 0.5 cm longer than the planks.


Apply glue to each stick {we used UHU}


Glue it to your plank. Glue 3 sticks on each plank piece. Let them dry.


When you finish you should have something like this on the back:


Make sure you get also a 0.5 cm space after the 3 sticks like this:


Apply glue to the extra space of the sticks and glue it to the extra space at the ends on the right side. Repeat on each corner. Let it dry.


This is what you get:


Then Glue your geisha art to the extra space of your frame.


On the back apply hot glue to extra secure your art.


The final step is gluing another piece of the wood plank on the back. Place it on the top side of the frame. This will not only double secure your frame but also gives you somewhere to hang it if you want to hang it.


Tadaaaaaa!!!! There you go!!!


In our case we place it among mom’s Japanese collection.


Hope you enjoyed this Geisha Japanese Paper Painting Framed Art project and that it motivates you to try one yourself. Believe me, it’s not that hard at all. It seems that way when you are starting but it gets easier as you keep doing it. They send enough paper to fix pieces that don’t go right. All it takes is a bit of patience and joy! Leave me your thought in the comments!

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Til' next time...

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