DIY Embellished Star Rhinestone Shoes

Oh my! It’s been a long time since I last made some embellished shoes. But here I am again. My girl loves anything sparkling and shiny, she also loves purple so when I saw these little sneakers I knew right away to do. I had to make these Star Rhinestone Shoes.

DIY Embellished Star Rhinestone Shoes

DIY Embellished Star Rhinestone Shoes cover image with title text overlay

I’ve always said that I have this thing for embellished shoes, most likely because they are unique and so pretty. My girl, like any women, loves shoes and also loves to have things handmade. We have made quite a team here!

The last embellished shoes I made for her ware the chevron and polka dots ones and she loved it. Not sure why I hadn’t made more after that. But better late than never!

The only bad thing was that she didn’t used it much because it got small for her too quick but we both loved those shoes.

These Star Rhinestone Shoes are super easy to make. I thought because of the use, they might lose the rhinestones and didn’t happen. My girl is not really hard on shoes, so I’m not really sure if the glue is strong enough with regular use. The time these were in use didn’t lose any embellishment but if you try this it would be interesting hear other’s opinion.

Of course there is lot’s of brands and types of glue so it’s hard to say. The glue I used was supposed to be specific for fabrics and the rhinestones onesies and t-shirts I’ve made didn’t come off after several times in washer machine and drier.

So, Let’s see how to make these cute Star Rhinestone Shoes!


  • Cute Sneakers
  • Star rhinestones
  • Regular rhinestones
  • Fabric glue
  • 2 Cute ribbon bows
  • Tweezers
  • White puffy paint {optional}
view of Embellished Star Rhinestone Shoes supplies

With a towel, remove dust from the sneakers.

Then apply some drops all over the front part of your shoes.

applying some drops all over the front part of shoes

Using your tweezers, stick one star rhinestone on each drop of glue.

using the tweezers to glue a rhinestone star onto each drop of glue

Glue as many as you like on that area.

close image of the upper part of the shoe with some stars already attached

Then using the same process, glue the regular rhinestones all over the back side of the shoes. Again glue as many as you like.

placing rhinestones on the other side of the shoe following the same process with the glue

This step is optional. Apply puffy paint on top of the central seam of the sneakers. I didn’t have a steady hand that day so my line is not steady but I still liked the whole result.

top view of Applying puffy paint over the center seam of the sneaker

When you are done, glue one ribbon bow on each shoe right on top of the cord where the cord holes begin.

close up of one ribbon bow on shoe right on top of the cord where the cord holes begin

Let it dry for 24 hours in a fresh and ventilated place so it dries really well.

Done! Your Star Rhinestone Shoes are ready to be wore!!!

showing a Star Rhinestone Shoes are ready

What do you think?

My girl loved it, specially with her favorite tights!

modeling  closeup a Star Rhinestone Shoes are ready
perspective of DIY Embellished Star Rhinestone Shoes


view of girl's legs with star rhinestone shoes
View of legs of girl with star rhinestone shoes sitting on grass
closeup view of a foot with star rhinestone shoe on a stone
modeling closeup view of star rhinestone shoe on grass

Hope you enjoyed today’s easy crafty project and that you stay tuned for more project!

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Til’ next time…


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