DIY Home Sweet Home Bracelet and Earrings

Here I have a lovely bracelet I made using beads, some cute little Door with a key pendants and organza ribbon. I really loved how they turned out and super easy to make, so, I’m sharing my Home Sweet Home Bracelet and Earrings with you =D

DIY Home Sweet Home Bracelet and Earrings

DIY Home Sweet Home Bracelet and Earrings Tutorial

I’m becoming a fan of crafty jewelry lol, now every time I see pendants, tools, or any supply for it I really feel the eager to buy and create something LOL. I need to control myself because if I buy too much I end up not doing anything, so I’m trying to make one thing at a time…. Well ok maybe 2 or 3 LOL, but that’s it hahahaha!

What you need:

Also for the Earrings You would need some Jewelry needles and Earrings rings.1 First thing cut a strip of ribbon doubling the size you want the bracelet (even a bit more)Lo primero es cortar un trozo de cinta al menos del doble del tamaño que deseas el brazalete (un poco más es mejor)2Insert the ribbon in the needleInserta la cinta en la aguja








Place the cord ends right before where you want the bracelet to be closing (remember that the clasps make it a bit longer). For more details on this step you can go HERE.




DONE!!!! Woot wootLISTO!!! Yupiiiiiiii

Ahora los zarcillos




With a needle nosed pliers (is what I’ve got lol) make a swirl with the wire left on both ends.


Using jump rings connect the earrings rings and the pendants to the previews piece.

DONE!!! Super easy, right?

And here I’m sharing some lovely moments with my girl the day I used my lovely crafty jewelry for the first time =D

So, What do you think??? I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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Til' next time...

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  1. I love your earrings and bracelet! I miss making jewelry and beading and am looking forward to some snow days this winter when I can really just sit down and start a project like this again (wait, did I really just say that I was looking forward to a snow day?)… I found your blog through the Crafty Frenzy Friday linkup party. Hope you will visit my blog too. Michelle //

  2. What a beautiful bracelet! I think putting the beads on a ribbon is a really good idea.

    Thank you for sharing this at the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. I will be featuring this at the Top 10 Favorites post that will go live on Monday morning.

  3. I really love this Camila! So pretty!!

    Thanks so much for linking up at the Inspiration Monday Party this week! I was so excited to guest host and to get to see so many fabulous new projects and blogs! Have a great week:)

    Krista @ the happy housie

  4. That is one cute bracelet! And those earrings are just adorable. I LOVE dangle earrings!

    1. Yayyy Thanks so much Ritchil I had so much fun making them!!! glad you like it!


  5. So beautiful! I love the charms and the earrings great! Thanks so much for linking up to Krafty Inspiration Thursday, be sure to check back next week to see if you have been featured.

  6. Very pretty! Nice work. I love all the charms that are available for jewelry making. I think it’s about time I get some. :)

    1. It is so fun making that kind of jewelry, time flies and we get what we want and how we want it!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!