DIY Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

A Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath is a perfect addition to a rustic holiday décor. This Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath is quick and easy to make. It’s the perfect blend of traditional and modern and the part is that everything in here can be undone so you can reuse every item. No glue, no sew, no permanent attachments.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

How to make a Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

Ok ok, there is only one thing that needed hot glue but it can also be released since it’s in the back. That is the Monogram.

Anyway, I’ve made a tradition to ALWAYS have a Christmas Wreath. I try my best to make them different but it seems clear that I have a particular style in which even though I use different items the wreath always have the same style.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I love the holidays, the music, the scent, the food, decorations, and time with my family make me look forward to this season for most of the year every year. To be honest, I especially love any excuse so I can make my home festive, and this year I decided to make my decor all read and white with black here and there.

Crafting your own decorations is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and to make your home so special and unique! Follow along in this tutorial and you’ll see how easy it is!

If you don’t remember my previous Christmas wreath, here are my favorite in case you want to take a look:

A few things about this Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath first.

  1. I’ve reused my last year’s wreath foam which was made out of a pool noodle. Yup, you heard the right. Super easy and cheap! I even had it still wrapped in light shade burlap ribbon and I decided to use it as it is.
  2. Everything I added I either attached it with pins or thread, no glue except for the monogram which I used hot glue to attach a ribbon to the back. So it will be easy to dissemble it and re-use the items later on.
  3. It could cost nothing if you happen to have all the items. I know it’s easy to say it but if you have greenery or Christmas tree sprigs, plaid fabric or ribbon, a wooden letter (for the family name) and a few ornaments you are done! If you don’t have it all, you will probably spend hardly a few bucks!
  4. It can be finished in about 30 minutes.

How does this sound?

Good right?

The best part?

You don’t even need to be crafter to put this wreath together!

So, shall we start?

Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Supplies:

  • Wreath foam frame {I made my with a pool noodle, if you want to learn how check it out HERE.}
  • Light or white burlap ribbon (2 Inches wide x 3 yards)
  • Buffalo Plaid Ribbon or fabric (2 Inches wide X about 2 yards)
  • White ribbon for the bow and hanger (1,5 Inches wide)
  • 4 Christmas tree sprig (or as many as you like also will depend on the size and shape)
  • Thread or yarn (same color as burlap ribbon)
  • Scissors
  • 2 Cranberry sprigs
  • Wooden Merry Christmas Sign.
  • Wooden Letter
  • Pins

Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

I’ve made a quick video tutorial in case it’s easier for you to follow BUT if you are the step-by-step photo tutorial kind of person, then just scroll down and keep reading!

My wreath foam was homemade, I made it for my Rustic Christmas Wreath and you can find the tutorial to make one if you want to save some money!

I started wrapping the wreath foam with my light beige burlap ribbon and covered about 70% of it. The ends were secured with twine. I do it like this because I will be using the wreath foam and the burlap in the future so I don’t want to damage either of them.

Then I wrapped it with the Buffalo Plaid ribbon overlapping the burlap on both ends. I secured the first end with a pin.

When I reached the other end I cut my yarn and pinned it in place making sure the tip went through the foam.

My wreath base is ready!

Wreath Decoration

Now, take your Christmas tree springs, try to curve them a little to match the wreath shape. Once you decide the perfect place, secure them with thread strings. I placed 2 Springs on each side, one on top of the other but slightly displaced so it would look larger and fluffier.

The branch stems should meet and overlap right at the middle of the lower side of the wreath foam.

Also, secure the Springs in as many places as you need so they don’t fall or lose position when you hang it.

When you are happy with your spring placing, insert among the spring branches a cranberry spring to add a pop of color. Ad one spring or more on each side. Secure if necessary.

Then using your hot glue gun, secure a piece of thread or ribbon to the back of your wooden letter.

When the glue is completely cold and secured, place the letter on top of the Spring stems and tie a knot or a bow on the back of the wreath foam.

If by any chance you notice the monogram slides towards the bottom of the wreath, just put it back in place and insert a pin on the back through the ribbon.

There you go!

Now, let’s add the Merry Christmas sign.

I used for this a hanging Christmas sign I found on a local store. it’s so lovely that I decided to use it for this wreath. I just removed the hanging threads and used the holes to secure it onto the wreath foam.

What I did was inserting a pin through the hole, then bent it.

Once you decide where you want it just pin the sign vertically on the wreath so it will stay.

That’s it!

Last but not least, the wreath hanger!

Make a cute ribbon bow.

Use another piece of ribbon to hang the wreath and attach the bow to the ribbon with pins making sure the ribbon stays on the top side of the wreath.

Woohoo! Your pretty Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath is all ready to rock your front door.

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

This is how mine turned out!

Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial
Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this Monogrammed Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath Tutorial as much as I enjoyed making it and sharing with you!

If you like this easy projects don’t forget to share with your friends!!!

DIY Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

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Til' next time...

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