Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Confession time. This wreath has been done for about two weeks. BUT my phone died suddenly and I didn’t get the chance to take the photos from it. Yup, that happened. Although my phone was important what hurt the most was all my photos from tutorials in there and most importantly my girl’s birthday photos. A few photos from birthday I could recover because I had sent them to relatives but the tutorial… it took me over a week to get the courage to undo my wreath and start over so I could share with you all my pretty Farmhouse Christmas Wreath.

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

This kind of things happen, right? Tell me I’m not alone! I have to be honest I’m impressed that I got it almost the same as before. BUT I feel like it was prettier the first time I made it.

Anyway, I’m super happy and excited to finally be sharing my Farmhouse Christmas Wreath with you all.

Let’s see how I made my Farmhouse Christmas Wreath


  • Wreath foam frame {I made my with a pool noodle, if you want to learn how check it out HERE.}
  • Light beige burlap ribbon {mine was 2 Inches wide x 3 yards}
  • Natural burlap ribbon {I used about 3 yards}
  • White yarn {I used 2 types, regular ones as ties and a furry one for the frame.}
  • 2 Christmas tree sprig
  • 1 Cranberry sprig
  • Plaid ribbon {about 1 1/2 Inches wide}
  • Wooden Merry Christmas Sign.

My wreath foam was home made, I made it for my Rustic Christmas Wreath and you can find the tutorial to make one if you want to save some money!

I started wrapping the wreath foam with my light beige burlap ribbon. I covered about 70% of it. 

I secure the ends with twine. I do it like this because I will be using the wreath foam and the burlap in the future so I don’t want to damage either of them.

Then I wrapped it with yarn overlapping the burlap on both ends.

When I reached the other end I cut my yarn and tucked the yarn end into the loops.

My wreath base is ready!

For the ruffled part, I took my natural burlap ribbon, ruffled the end. Place it over the light burlap but about 1 inches away from the yarn. Secured it with white yarn and don’t cut it you will be looping around to secure each ruffle.

Don’t worry about the yarn since it won’t be visible at all.

A few inches away ruffle again and place it anywhere close to the first ruffle.

Wrap a couple times and tight.

Keep doing the ruffle and wrap with yarn switching sides until your burlap is over.

When you reach the last end of your burlap, ruffle it and wrap 2 or 3 times to secure it and then turn the wreath back side up.

Make a knot like a half bow so you can untie it later.

Ruffles done!

Now, take one of your Christmas tree springs, try to curve it a little to match the wreath shape.

Then insert it into the yarn loops right below the ruffles.

When you get it in the desired place, insert the other spring so it will look like a larger spring. I inserted between the ruffles and the first sprig.

You should get something like this:

Cut a couple strings of yarn and secure your springs wrapping them to the back. What I did was finding the central column of the springs and insert the yarn through the branches so it wouldn’t be visible and then tied a knot on the back.

Then I made a cute bow with my plaid ribbon and glued it to the cranberry spring and inserted it thought the loops between tree springs and ruffles too.

When you like the position you are almost done.

Time to place your Merry Christmas sign. Decide the place and position of your sign.

Using strings of yarn secure the sign on the back of the wreath.

Finally use your plaid ribbon as a hanger for your wreath.

Make a knot depending on how high you want your wreath to be on your door. Met hanger is long so I left little ribbon at the top.

I love bows on the hanger so I put in place the hanger and tied a pretty bow.

You are all set! Let’s hang it!

How pretty and fun to make Farmhouse Christmas Wreath?

DIY Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and mind my English please.

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Til' next time...

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