DIY Paper Christmas Village (+ Free Cut Files)

It’s amazing what can be done with just paper and glue. This cute paper Christmas village is a perfect night craft and a special Christmas decor for sure.

Time is flying and at this rate, we’ll be saying goodbye to this year in no time. Is that’s just me or this year flew by in a blink? Today’s project is a special one. I’ve been wanting to make a paper Christmas Village for so long and I finally made it and guys, I just love it so much!

DIY Paper Christmas Village

How to Make a Cute Paper Christmas Village

Even though this project is so much easier with a cutting machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it by hand instead. Of course, it will take more time and patience but it’s doable. I created 2 types of houses, 2 complex and 2 simpler so anyone could make it.

Paper Christmas Village Cute and Easy

Gather all your tools and materials, then let’s get crafting! 

Once your templates are cut, assemble your paper Christmas village by folding the tabs and gluing them together with a contact glue or low-temperature hot glue gun if you prefer. 

Paper Christmas Village Supplies:

  • Cardstock (White for the house and back for the roofs or your favorites)
  • Contact glue or light temperature glue gun.
  • Light string.
  • Fleece (to simulate the snow)
  • Any other decoration you might have and want to add.
  • Cutting Machine (preferable or a printer and an X-acto)
Easy Paper Christmas Village DIY

Cutting instructions:

Snag your cut files to your computer and then open them in your cutting machine app. In my case, I used Silhouette Studio.

I created a quick and fun video tutorial for you, but if you are more of a step-by-step photo kind of person just scroll down and keep reading!

Drop your designs and arrange them to fill your paper, but leaving room at the edge for cutting.

When you are ready, get your cutting settings ready to go (blade, cardstock type, etc).

On the cutting mat (sticky side up) place your paper on the sticky side of the cut mat. I wanted to make the roofs in black so I separated the white cardstock at the top and the back at the bottom.

Load Cutting Mat on your Machine once your design is locked and ready.

Double-check settings mentioned above.

Click “Send” — watch the cutting magic begin!

When you remove the paper you will reveal your designs, it’s so cool. A good cut will just lift right off.

Then carefully lift your designs off of your cutting mat.

Remove the excess paper around your designs and windows because sometimes it happens when the cuts are small. 

Then start folding along the dashed lines and you’ll see exactly how the house should come together.

Start gluing your flaps and securing tricky spots.

Roof and chimney are one of those. I like to turn the house over and using a pen or the back of your hook tool secure the flaps from the inside.

Carefully fold and glue each part of the house like garages and other parts.

For the trees, fold them in half and glue side by side of the tree until they meet the first one again. You can glue 3 or 4 pieces. 

The last part and in my opinion the most exciting one is putting the Christmas Village together.

I used fleece as my snow and created hills with card boxes underneath it. 

Then place houses and trees along the space to create a cute vignette on my mantel.

I wanted to lighten up the houses but didn’t want to use battery candles because I thought it would be so annoying to turn each one on so I went for a light string.

I place it along the mantel inserting some of the led bulbs through the back windows. 

When I turned it on WOW! How magical and beautiful it looked. Some of the lights went through the trees and to the back so there was a magical light everywhere! 

DIY Cute Paper Christmas Village

I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. 

DIY Easy Paper Christmas Village
DIY Paper Christmas Village How to
Tutorial Paper Christmas Village
Paper Christmas Village Tutorial

I hope I inspire you to make yours. You can also find so many different gorgeous houses at the Silhouette store if you have a Silhouette and there are also many websites that you can find another type of house for Christmas Villages.

If you love this project as much as I do, don’t forget to PIN and share it with friends!

How to Make a Cute Paper Christmas Village

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Till Next time!


17 Comments on " DIY Paper Christmas Village (+ Free Cut Files) "

  1. Camila

    Hi Camila, I love your Christmas Village and would like to try one for the family this Christmas. However, I do not have a cutting machine so will rely on an X-Acto knife and patience. One big puzzle for me is to map your design to a cardstock. I think, in your words, “Drop your designs and arrange them to fill your paper”. I could picture myself printing it on letter-sized papers using an ink-jet printer, yet still don’t have a way to transfer(map) it to a cardstock. Please advise…! Thanks in advance for your help. Best Regards, Howard

    1. Camila

      Hi Howard,
      Glad you like these Christmas Village houses. Most Printers nowadays can print on cardstock so I don’t think you need to map out or transfer. You could cut your cardstock to letter-size or get letter-size cardstock from a craft store. They come in different wights so choose one between 65lb and 80lb so your printer is not overworking. I recommend making sure with your printer’s manual or ask around in forums for your specific printer. Another idea is to have it printed on stores like staples.
      Hope this helps!
      Happy Crafting.

      1. Camila

        Hi, Camila, Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly and answered my question so thoroughly. I have ordered a pack of 65lb letter-sized paper stocks – with statement that it will work on ink-jet printers. Should be in business once they arrive. Best Regards, Howard.

  2. Camila

    Hi I to do not have a cut machine and would like to see a pdf version if possible. Love the cloche would like to make one for our Church. Thank You Bonne :)

    1. Camila

      Hi Bonnie, thank you so so much for visiting. I just updated the link for download and it will download a pdf too. There are 4 houses to choose from.
      Let me know if it downloads properly.

      1. Camila

        I love your Christmas village however I am having trouble opening it up in Cricut design space any suggestions?

        1. Camila

          Hi Jamie, THANK YOU so much! I’ve been reading to make sure I don’t say something wrong and you should be good with both DXF and SVG files on Cricut design space. The recommended file is SVG. I would be more than happy to help more but I don’t have Cricut I have Silhouette. However, I’ll reach out to a friend who I think has Cricut and ask her to test files to make sure it’s fine. In the meantime, I suggest reading a few troubleshooting articles to discard other factors. I’ll get back to you if I find out anything.
          Thank you for reaching out! So appreciate it!

          1. Camila

            The problem is likely that the file is so large. Every letter in the copyright at the bottom is it’s own cut file. When I upload this in design space, I get a message that I cannot ungroup (to delete the copyright text) because there are too many layers. I’m on day two of deleting the text one letter at a time, once i get through that (I obviously only work on it in spurts) I think I will be able to ungroup and work with the files.. but if your computer is low on memory at all, this will likely not load for you. It’s such a great project- I think it’s worth my time to figure it out, but it’s definitely a time commitment to get it into design space, and may actually be much faster to cut by hand.

          2. Camila

            Hi Heather,

            Thanks for reaching out, Not sure what app or how you are working with the files but in my experience, you can just select all the copyright from the design space of your cutting app and delete before sending to cut. If you are printing, then the copyright does not bother as you don’t need to cut it later. However, if you let me know what cutting machine you are working with and what file you are using I can remove the copyright from there and add it as a separate file. Sorry if that’s messing up things. I add that to protect my work but I don’t want it to get in the way of people using the files either.
            Let me know and I’ll fix it tomorrow and let you know so you can download it again.

  3. Camila

    I appreciate all your time to help me since I am a poor little orphan and don’t have a cutting machine. (yet!) ;-) All the best to you and yours. Back to ya with a Blessed Thanksgiving!

    1. Camila

      I’m working in Design Space – the windows version of the software used with Cricut. Unfortunately, it’s the only option to operate the Cricut Machine, we can’t cut from any other program. But I didn’t even think about opening the svg in something like inkscape and deleting the copyright there first… that would be a lot faster! With Design Space, when you upload these svgs, you cannot ungroup to delete the text. Normally you can, but for these, there’s a yellow warning that there are too many layers to ungroup. So in the layers panel, you have to select each letter of the copyright notice one at a time and delete them. Once all of those letters are deleted, then the number of layers is reduced enough that you can ungroup, and then it is possible to attach the score lines. In Design Space, the score lines appear as cut lines, so first they all have to be changed to score, then you select all of the score lines and the object you want them on, and attach. Repeat for each item. If you aren’t familiar with the limitations of Design Space, this must seem bizarre… but it’s fairly normal to any of us who are used to using paper cutting svgs in Design Space. The brand new file from Special Hearts Studio – the lighted Nativity – is the first file I have ever seen upload with the score lines as score lines, already attached to the items. I’m guessing she found something new, as I was told before that this wasn’t possible.

      1. Camila

        Oh my goodness! I had no idea how the Cricut app works, that’s a massive amount of work. That’s really good to know because I will do my best to improve those files. I might not be able to fix the score lines thing but at least I will not add any additional text so it’s easier to use. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I will remove the copyright from the SVG and just leave it as a separate file.
        Thanks again!

      2. Camila

        Hey Heather, not sure if it’s still in time to help but I already updated the files, PDF and SVGs don’t have copyright anymore. All the copyright and legal info are in a separate file.
        Again thank you for letting me know this so I could fix it and also thank you for trying to make my Christmas Village. It means more than I can say!
        Sending hugs and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Camila

    Is there a way to make this beautiful village without the cutting machine? I would love to do this for my mantle too.
    Thank you,

    1. Camila

      Hi Sharon! It’s always making them by hand an option. As far as I know, both SVG and DXF files can be printed BUT if you can’t please let me know and I’ll send you the PDFs and also will update the download files to add the PDFs.
      Once Printed, the only option is cutting with an X-Acto knife (or cutter) and cut each piece with a lot of patience. I’ve done things like that in the past when I didn’t have a cutting machine and even though it takes some time it’s also relaxing. It will depend on your patience more than anything else because these are straight lines mostly so it’s not hard. Once cut the process is the same as explained here.
      Hope this helps!
      Hugs and let me know how it goes!

      1. Camila

        OK, downloaded the SGV files but I am afraid I will not be able to find the files later. I am more familiar with the PDF files. I am not very techy. At 74 I do pretty good looking things up and trying new things. I can’t thank you enough for helping me.
        Have a Blessed Thanksgiving,

        1. Camila

          Sent an email, hope it helps!
          have yourself a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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