DIY Memory Keepsake Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments

Can I share something with you? One of my most desired Christmas was to have my very own Christmas tree. And by that I mean no borrowing, no inheriting, no some else’s tree. MINE. Of course with that comes all the decoration. This year is so special because I got to buy my favorite Christmas tree and decided that most of the ornaments and decoration would be handmade and rustic. It feels like a huge accomplishment even though seems silly and small thing for many people. One of my ideas was that our Christmas tree should somehow include important moments of our family life. I thought it would be cute to have photos of those moments and I came up with these cute Memory Keepsake Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments.

DIY Memory Keepsake Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments

DIY Memory Keepsake Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments

If you have been around for the las few weeks, you might remember my Family Rustic Monogram Christmas Ornaments that was the start of this deeply personal Christmas decoration. Later I found these crystal Christmas balls and some mini wooden frames. I knew right away what to create.

Of course, I would need quite some dozens of these balls to include all my best memories but I thought 4 balls with 2 memories each would do. I included, the first time I had my girl on my chest, my wedding day, happy moments with family and the love between us 3.

These Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments hold so much meaning and love that makes my whole tree even bigger.

Hope you enjoy these ornaments and get inspired to make some with your own special moments and memories.

Let’s learn how to make these Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments, shall we?


  • Faux snow
  • Jingle bells
  • Crystal balls {those that open in half}
  • Printed photos
  • Glitter {snow-like and gold}
  • glue gun + glue sticks
  • Twine
  • Wooden mini frames {make sure fit into the crystal balls}
  • Nylon thread.


The first step is cutting your photos and test them on your frames to have them in the right size.


Once you have all your photos ready, apply some hot glue on your frames and glue your photos right face down.



Do this on both frames, front and back.


Cut a strip of nylon thread {about 2 Inches}