Easter Milk Truffles {Bolitas de Leche Condensada}

Today I’m sharing an Easter version of a very traditional Venezuelan treat: Milk Truffles. I’ve had this treat ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always been crazy about it. These are called “bolitas de leche condensada” which means Condensed Milk Balls, but in English, it could be called milk truffles.

Easter Milk Truffles {Bolitas de Leche Condensada} #easterrecipe #eastereggs #milktruffles #bolitasdelechecondensada

How to make Easter Milk Truffles {Bolitas de Leche Condensada}

It’s actually like a truffle but made with condensed milk, of course, LOL That’s why I called them milk truffles. It’s So delicious, addictive and perfect for kids parties and a perfect afternoon treat with friends over.

In Venezuela, kids love this treat and it’s so common to find them in shops along the roads but lots of bakeries and small shops sell them as well. But if you can make them at home is better right? And if you can dye them and make them egg shaped even better, right?


Cute Easter Milk Truffles Recipe

Mix with a wooden spoon or a whisk the condensed milk and powdered milk until well blended. Then start adding the icing sugar portions by portions and mix until it’s thick enough to use hands. Keep adding the icing sugar until you have a homogeneous dough that is soft and moldable and doesn’t stick on your hands.

This process can be a little messy, as you add in ingredients the dough sticks on your fingers but in some point, the dough does get thicker and stops being so sticky

For the regular recipe, make balls and sprinkle it with a bit of icing sugar, stick a clove on top and place them in mini cups.

In this case, separate the dough in 3 portions and dye each one with a different color. Add in more icing sugar if needed. I used light pink, blue and yellow {but since the dough is kind of yellowish my eggs turned out light green!}.

First, make small balls and then shape them like little eggs.

Don’t worry if they don’t stay like perfect eggs, they will spread a bit once you place them on a  surface, but they still look so super cute. They tend to dry a bit outside so you can kind of reshape it if you want later.

Shred the Chocolate on a cute dish. And place the eggs in the yummy nest.


Serve and Enjoy!

Easter Milk Truffles {Bolitas de Leche Condensada} #easterrecipe #eastereggs #milktruffles #bolitasdelechecondensada
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