Pom Pom Tail Easter Bunny Printable

This Pom Pom Tail Easter Bunny Printable is a cute way to craft with kids and decorate for Easter! 5 FREE Printables to choose from!

Aren’t bunny tails the cutest ever? I made this cute printable last year and never got the chance to share it but then I saw something like this on Pinterest and at that moment my app refreshed and I lost it before I could repin it.

DIY Pom Pom Tail Easter Bunny

How to Make a Pom Pom Tail Easter Bunny Printable

I always thought that making pop pom was a great activity to make with kids so I made this cute pom pom tail Easter bunny printable with her to share with you this year!!! The best part? at the end of this post you will find 16 more awesome Easter projects to check out!

My Girl is starting to show interest in doing things with me. When she sees me cutting and gluing and making any craft she comes close and starts asking questions.

So I thought this could be a perfect opportunity to work with her. Every kid loves Easter so why not, right?

I made different versions of the Easter Bunny Printable that you can download and create your own Framed Pom Pom Tail Easter Bunny:

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