Flowers & Denim Dress for Little Girls

Hello Everyone! Today I brought another sewing project. I made this cute little denim dress for my little girl and I’m so proud of how it turned out. =D After making my cute Pillowcase Dress I knew I had to make some more dresses!

Flowers & Denim Dress for Little Girls

Flower & Denim Dress for Little Girls Tutorial #denimdress #dresstutorial

I loved so much how this denim dress turned out. When we were in Miami she used it as a simple dress and now, here in Bogotá, she wears it with leggings and a long-sleeve shirt underneath and it looks so cute!.

It was simple enough to make for someone who is not even close to a pro LOL.

I used this New Look Pattern by Simplicity that my mom had bought at Walmart and never used it LOL. I’m planning on making a few more of this LOL anytime soon. I followed the step-by-step so I could understand and not screw it up LOL. Of course I made a couple of tweaks because I didn’t like a few details that I’ll explain along the way.


What You need:

  • 1 m {1 yard} denim fabric. {150 cm/1.5 yards width}
  • 50 cm {0.5 yards} contrast fabric and facing {150 cm/1.5 yards width}
  • 6 1/2 Inch Buttons.
  • 1 cute ribbon bow applique.

Ok so, As I mentioned, I followed every step of the tutorialthat comes with the pattern. It’s really good. I had a few stuck moments because I don’t really understand much sewing terms so I had to get used to it. Once I got the hang of it everything went smooth!.

You can find these great patterns in Walmart ad also online. {this is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to let you know where to find it in case you like this dress and want to make one!}

Ok. Is started transferring the pattern to another paper so my original pattern don’t get damaged in the process. Then I cut each piece.


I place them on the fabric {folded} and start cutting.

The only piece I did differently was the front and front facing. I place the front with the center along the fold and let it like that, didn’t cut the fabric on the center. The front facing I cut the 1 cm of seam allowance and did the same as the front piece.

Let’s start.

Stay-stitch front, back neck edges 1/4 inch {6mm} from cut edge. I also made a tight zig-zag all around the edges to avoid fraying. I know some machines does this and even better but mine is a simple basic one so I do it like this!

The original pattern makes you stitch the front center because you are supposed to cut each piece with no center fold. But since I didn’t I would still have the seam allowance which would cause the pattern to be a bit bigger in the front. What I did was to make a pleat in the middle of the neck.

I folded with right sides together and stitched center front seam just like I would in the original instructions but only 1 1/2 inches.


With right sides together stitch front and front facing: armhole, shoulder, neck, shoulder and armhole. Turn right side out.


Now with right sides together stitch together each back side and back facing. Turn right side out. I did this like this just because It has happened to me before that stitching first facing pieces and then stitching it to the back, the sizes don’t match so this way it doesn’t matter.


With right sides together, stitch center back seam of dress.


Fold back band in half, lengthiwise, with right sides together. Stitch in 3/8 inch {1cm} seam, leaving end with small and large dots open. Trim corners.

Turn band right side out; press. Make button holes in left band only. On right side, pin band to back at side seams, around the waist line {in the pattern following the dots} having raw edges even, {making sure to pin band with button holes to the left side}. Baste.


With right sides together, stitch pocket section together in 3/8 inch {1cm} seam, leaving an opening edge of pocket to turn. Trim seam, clip curves.


Turn pocket right side out; press. Slip-stitch opening closed. On right side, stitch upper edge of pocket between large dots {marked in pattern}.

On right side, pin pocket to front on an angle, matching large dots {also marked in pattern}. Stitch lower edge of pocket between large dots.


With right sides together, stitch front to back at side seams.


Press up hem. Press under 1/4 inch {6mm} on raw edge. Stitch to inner pressed edge. This measure an vary according to how long you want the dress.

Make button holes in back at shoulder straps. Place buttons in front piece using button holes as guide. Adjust to fit if necessary. Sew buttons in place.

Lap Left band over right side, matching center back. Sew buttons under button holes.


The last detail was sewing the ribbon button to the center neck pleat. Tadaaa!




Now it’s your turn!!! What do you think??? Do you like how this denim dress turned out? Have you made a dress like this? Or have you used these patterns before???

Til' next time...

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  1. Such a lovely dress and love those pocket! Great tute, I always love step by steps as sometimes the written instructions are complicated!

  2. Hi Camila, Tania here! This dress is absolutely adorable and your daughter is too cute. I look this look, you’re so very creative. :-)

    1. Yayyyy I love inspiring others! I love sewing, even though I’m not even close to be a pro. If I don;t have the pattern and the instructions on my side I wouldn’t be able to put it together LOL. But I do love sewing! and Emma Loooved it!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!