Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree + Easy Boa Tutorial

Here is an idea for a winter wonderland Christmas tree look. It features a snowbank around the base, a faux boa made from fur fabric, and some rustic and red accents. Learn how to create it here.

My goodness, friend!!! I can’t even begin to express my level of excitement. One of my biggest dreams has been having a flocked Christmas tree.

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Our Rustic Winter Wonderland Christmas Tree

I thought about flocking the one I had but then I was like, what if I screw it up?

This year I made the decision to buy myself a snowed Christmas tree and enjoy the experience and feeling of decorating it and have the closest thing to a white Christmas. Since I live by the Mediterranean Sea, the chances of the snow happening are fairly slim.

And I did!!!!

I still can’t believe it! LOL

Every time I come to the living room and see it all decorated and gorgeous, I’m in Awe! The tree itself only with lights was so pretty that I was about to not decorate it LOL.

But then I remembered all the cute ornaments I changed my mind.

Now that I finally have a flocked tree and a theme, Winter Wonderland Christmas, it was time to decorate. 

I decided to still go for all rustic Christmas decorations but this year I’m not using burlap much, only on a few ornaments and bits here and there.  

winter wonderland Christmas tree half view

Mixing and varying shades of browns, reds, and white paired with a gorgeous white flocked tree will definitely give you a warm, cozy, and rustic Christmas space.

I decided to incorporate some of my handmade decorations from past years and created a fur boa garland to use as a base. I added a few wooden and sparkling-glittery elements to add a shimmery, snowy, rustic woodland look.

This year I wanted to give full strength to the whites and neutrals. So I, of course. used my DIY flocked pinecones, and added red accents like my buffalo check plaid ornaments.

Prepping the White Christmas Tree

Before anything else, I put the lights on all over the tree. I used fewer light strings than last year, around 900 LED lights since this tree has, I guess, fewer branches. 

This tree is BIG but not as fluffy as the other one! It’s over 7 feet tall and really natural-looking. I love it!

The other thing is that this tree was unboxed for the first time so I had to be very careful to fluff the branches since it was making a big mess. 

Not big enough to make me regret having a gorgeous white tree though.

Because of how the structure is built, I had to fluff each row and add the lights to that row before freeing the next. Starting from the bottom up!

DIY Fur Boa Garland Tutorial

This boa garland is the easiest Christmas craft you will ever make and adds such a lovely and snowy texture to the tree. No sew, no glue, and only one supply item: Fur fabric.

close up of boa garland on christmas tree

I used 2 yards for a 7-foot-tall tree (110cm).

top view of rulers, pen, cutter on fur fabric

I measured about 12 inches from the edge of your fur fabric (on the wrong side) then traced a line with a fabric marker.

top view of ruler and pen on fur fabric back

Then, instead of cutting with your scissors, use a sharp knife or razor. Start cutting carefully to just through the backing of the faux fur. Don’t go deep enough to cut the fur itself.

close up view of fabric cut

As you go cutting the backing of the faux fur material, gently tug apart the fur fibers. That way, your strands of fur will stay intact. Gently comb the fur on the edges of the pieces toward the center.

top view of cutting the fabric and more advanced

Pro Tip: Since doing this can create lots of fibers flying around, use your vacuum as soon as you finish each strand of garland. Let the fur fabric go inside the vacuum tube halfway (assuming that you use your vacuum only for the inside of your house and it might not be too dirty).

top view using the vacuum tube on the fabric

This will reduce the mess of fur fibers going all over your house. and also will make the fur fabric roll itself look just like a boa.

Repeat this process with each strand of garland that you need.

Ready to start putting your fur boa garlands on your tree.

showing  boa garlands on tree

I decided not to add any other type of garland or ribbon to the tree

view of christmas tree with boa garland and lights

Diy Christmas Ornaments For Winter Wonderland Tree

Along with the rustic and white ornaments I made last year, I bought a few fully white new ones this year.  I used lots, and lots of twine, wood, and fur to make a variety of different ornaments to carry out the winter woodland vibe throughout the tree.

Flocked Pinecone Ornaments 
on the tree

I used my flocked pinecone ornaments, our monogram ornaments, my twine star ornaments, our burlap hearts and stars, and the mini wood sign ornaments.

Monogram Ornament on the tree
Cute burlap ornament on the tree
Twine Star ornament on the tree
Mini wood sign ornament on the tree

Then I used white and clear with glitter flocked details ornaments to add shine and glam along with some glittered twine ball ornaments.

glitter flocked ornament on the tree

As for the accents, I used my red and white buffalo check ornaments and some dark red ornaments.

red and white buffalo check ornament on the tree

I got some really cute gnomes and fluffy owls that I couldn’t resist buying when I saw them.

gnome ornament on the tree
fluffy owl ornament on the tree

Lastly, I got some pretty wooden snowflakes that really add a woodland look.

wooden snowflake ornament on the tree

What to do with the tree topper is always a struggle for me. So I always end up using my beloved wooden star. This year is no different.

Full view of the winter wonderland Christmas tree

Christmas Tree base

For the tree skirt, I used the same fur fabric and decorated it around the free with crates, lanterns, my two crazy fellas Ralfie (the reindeer) and Willfurrrr-d (the gnome),  some ornaments, and a pompom garland. Left enough space for the Christmas gifts.

winter wonderland Christmas tree decorated skirt

I absolutely love how this snow-covered Winter Woodland Christmas tree turned out and look forward to celebrating the season with my very own white Christmas. Although it’s not an elegant tree, it still has its glam.

My friend Willfurrrr-d the gnome and Ralfie the Reindeer

Photos do not make it justice.

Complete view od the winter wonderland Christmas tree

If you ask me the only thing I would have added if I had found the right ones, was some flocked cranberries or any type of red berries to add a more realistic look and I failed to add more natural elements. Probably I’ll make it up to it next year.

Complete view od the winter wonderland Christmas tree with lights on
closer view od the winter wonderland Christmas tree
Complete view od the winter wonderland Christmas tree

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas Tree tour and that you find it inspiring.

Christmas Tree Tips

  • Since cutting fur fabric can create lots of fibers flying around, use your vacuum as soon as you finish each strand of garland. Let the fur fabric go inside the vacuum tube halfway (assuming that you use your vacuum only for the inside of your house and it might not be too dirty). This will reduce the mess of fur fibers going all over your house. and also will make the fur fabric roll itself look just like a boa.
  • Can’t find ornaments in the exact color you want? Don’t be afraid to spray paint the ones you have or some found on sale.
  • You can also wrap them in fabric to give them a unique and affordable look you are aiming for.
  • Use an old blanket or flannel fabric to make a tree skirt. Make it into a round shape and add a white frilly edge to make it look cozy.
  • Make special ornaments by using scrapbook paper that matches your theme. Cut circles and fold them in half. Use glue to stick two halves together to make 3D decorations.
  • Make your own special decorations with the initials of your family on wooden or ceramic discs. Use paint to make them match the theme.
  • Make bows using burlap or gold ribbons and tie them onto the tree branches.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve a Rustic Buffalo check theme on a budget?

You can make a low-cost theme by using inexpensive materials like plaid ribbons, burlap, and reused decorations. Do-it-yourself projects, such as painting decorations and making things out of paper, can also save money.

How can I make my tree look cozy and rustic?

Use things from nature like pinecones, twine, burlap, and wooden decorations. Use gentle and comforting lighting like fairy lights or battery-powered candles to make a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Where can I find affordable buffalo check decorations?

Search for affordable choices at second-hand or thrift stores, bargain stores, and online shops. You can make your own decorations using inexpensive materials.

How do I add a touch of fragrance to the tree?

Make small bags with dried cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon inside and put them on the tree to make it smell nice. You can also use nice-scented candles or essential oil diffusers nearby.

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