Wicked Witch Halloween Mantel Decoration

In my previous post  Homemade Front Door Halloween Decoration, I mentioned that it was my first time decorating that big our house and today’s post I’m sharing my very first mantel, Eeeek so excited to share with you our wicked witch Halloween mantel decoration. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Wicked Witch Halloween Mantel Decoration

Wicked Witch Halloween Mantel Decoration #halloweenmantel #halloweendecorations Tutorial #halloweenhomedecor

I’ve been really crafty lately and as much as I love my cutting machine I decided to share a few crafts that we can make with our hands without needing any machines, not even a computer {except for editing photos of it LOL}. And I must tell you is so satisfying to get connected again with what our hands can do. It’s totally imperfect which is hard for me, but at the end you see that the result is perfect anyway just because you put your heart into it.

It reminded me so much of when I was a teen. I used to create everything with my hands and using nothing but some supplies and my imagination. Computers were still in the Word Graphics stage so there was so little we could do with it besides those ugly banners with dot matrix printers, remember them??? LOL. I used to use any resource I could put my hands on to create what I had in mind.


I remember that I so loved Disney movies and wanted to wear my favorite movie’s T-Shirt so I just drew some scenes copying them from stickers or something and then with charcoal transfer paper I would transfer the drawing to a T-shirt and then paint them myself with fabric paint. I would also make purses out of laundry soap boxes using fabric and white glue. Anything I wanted to have and couldn’t afford, I would go and find a way to make it.

So, inspired by those creative days of my life, I decided to create some decoration using only craft supplies, imagination and my hands!

For this Wicked Witch Halloween Mantel Decoration you will need:

  • Black cardstock
  • Orange wrapping tissue
  • Green wrapping tissue
  • Black origami paper
  • Glue
  • Candles
  • Mini Pumpkins
  • Black marker
  • Plastic Spiders.

I started with the Wicked Witch Hat.

For this I used black cardstock. I used a corner of it to create the cone. I decided the height it would have and then using a pin, thread and a pen I made the circular shape that would give the cone shape. It’s easy just tie one en of the thread to the pin and the other to the pen. Place the pin in the corner of your cone. Make the thread the same length as the height of you hat and then just draw a line from one side to the other tensing the thread.

Then make some zig-zag lines around the circular line. This is so you can glue the cone to the base of the hat. Cut.


Glue both sides of the cone together.


Fold the triangles.


Then using a pan lid bigger than the circle of the cone, I drew a circle and cut… Hi there, smile!!!!


I drew a belt buckle in a black cardstock with a good size so it would look nice on the hat and cut it.


I cut a strip of orange wrapping tissue long enough to go around the base of the cone and wide enough to fold it longwise twice. I inserted one end of the strip in the buckle.


I started to glue the orange strip from the other end on the base of the cone until it reached the buckle and glued it.




Then I made a small pompom from the same orange wrapping tissue and glued it behind the belt buckle too.


It’s time to assemble the hat. I added glue to each triangle in the flap and glued it in the middle of the circle I had cut before.


There you go!!!


No w it’s time to decorate the mantel. I folded a bit the hat’s brim in the back so it would fit in the shelf. Then I cut some strips of green wrapping tissue to use it as a base for the pumpkins and I drew eyes and mouth to one of the pumpkins. I place a couple of candles next to the pumpkins and a bowl full of candies.


I made some origami bats using 2 cute tutorials. You can check them HERE and HERE.


I stuck them with tape to the wall about in the middle of the shelf.

And the final touch was spreading spiders all over the mantel. On the hat, pumpkins, candles and even over the candy bowl.

There you go!!!! A cute, simple and handcrafted Halloween mantel decoration.


What do you think, my lovely readers??? I would love to hear your thoughts and what have you done on your mantels in comments!!!

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Til' next time...

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