Craft and Knitting Tote Bag ORGANIZER (Sewing Pattern)

This Knitting Organizer Tote Bag is one complete and fun solution to keep all the knitting or crocheting supplies in one place while working on specific projects.

Organization seems to be in the air. It’s well known that when we start a new year we want like, new goals, new beginnings, and of course organizing things.

DIY Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag (Sewing Pattern)

Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag (Sewing Pattern)

My mom loves knitting but she always keep her current projects in one of those supermarket tote bags. It’s ok, I have nothing against those tote bags BUT I thought how about a bag where she can organize the tools and yarn she’s currently using so it’s easy to reach out anything she needs?

That inspired me to make this cute Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag so she could do just that.

Please bare with me since this project was made on my first attempt. I created the pattern as I went on so I had to fix things on the go. Some times the photo will not show exactly what I’m saying and I apologise for that but sometimes I took the photo and the fixed and forgot to take again. I’ll try to explain the best I can.

While I was planning how to make this craft tote bag, I was unsure about how to make it a bit different. So I went looking for ideas and came across and I LOVED how she used the bias binding on the outside her cute tote bag. I decided that this would be my way to go.

You can use this for a knitting bag, knitting organizer, craft organizer, or crochet organizer too. It will be helpful and cute however you use it.

Tote Bag Sewing Pattern:

Then I started designing the tote bag pattern, which you can get it if you would like HERE

tote bag pattern screenshot

So let’s start sewing and organizing, shall we?

Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag with Sewing Pattern.


For the outside

  • 118 x 45 cm (46,45 x 18 in) cute fabric for outside
  • 118 x 45 cm (46,45 x 18 in) cute fabric for inside
  • 118 x 45 cm (46,45 x 18 in) batting
  • 32 x 20 cm (12,59 x 7,87 in) cute fabric for the sides (cut 2x for outside, 2x for inside)
  • 30 x 20 cm (12 x 7,87 in) batting {cut 2x}
  • 45 cm x 25 cm (18 x 10 in) cute fabric for pockets
  • 5 mt (16 ft ) coordinated color bias binding
  • 2 straight wood handles {45 cm – 18 in} OR 2 cm diameter, 46 cm wood stick and 2 pieces 3 cm diameter 2 mm flat mdf circles to make them.
  • Fabric mark-and-be-gone markers.
  • 12 in 2,5 mm elastic band.
  • Ok so the first thing I did was cutting all the pieces.
  • Once I had them all cut I started with the inside pockets (piece C).
  • Fold the fabric lengthwise top and bottom. Top one, fold 1 cm first, press, then fold again at 2 cm, press again. Pin in place. Bottom one fold at 1 cm, press.
view of folded fabric with pins
  • Stitch top hem.
  • Design your pockets. Draw like from top to bottom leaving the needed space in between. For example if there is organizing box you want to fit in then measure its width and add about 2 cm (1 in) and draw the line. Then your pens, knitting hooks and needles, leave enough space so they will fit after stitching. I left about 2,5 cm or 1 inch.
view of frabric with pins
  • Place the inside pocket to the inside fabric, matching up the bottom line and side raw edges. Pin to secure then baste stitch the bottom in place.
general view of the pattern with the fabric
view of frabric with more pins
  • Stitch along each line. Set this piece aside.
another fabric view
  • Now place the outside fabric right side facing up on top of your batting or interfacing. Make sure you match sides and all edges.  Pin in place.
  • Stitch the bottom line and the line where approximately would be the pocket edge {that should be on the other side once finished}. You can put all 3 pieces together to make marks and be sure then remove the inside piece.
seeing both sides of the fabric pattern
  • I decided that I wanted horizontal and diagonal stitch design on the tote bag, you can make any design you like. Since I can’t stitch with the pockets I started the design on the outside only where the pockets should be for now.
showing the sewing pattern on the fabric
  • Then place your batting or interfacing piece on top of your lining piece wright side facing down. Make sure your design stitches and the pockets are aligned and that all edges match.
  • Finish the design stitches all over the piece. Set this piece aside.
showing the sewing pattern already done

Knitting Project Tote Bag Sides:

I wanted the sides to be a little ruffled on the top edges. So I used an elastic band.

  • Match one 32 x 20 cm (12,59 x 7,87 in) of outer fabric with one 32 x 20 cm (12,59 x 7,87 in) of inner fabric. Sew them together, right sides facing, along the top edge. Press.
image of piece of fabric with pins
closer view of piece of fabric with pins
  • Turn them over with wrong sides facing and stitch along 1 cm away from the edge.
view of fabric
  • Place the batting or interfacing between both fabrics matching edges. Press. Pin in place
  • Insert the elastic band through the top stitch space with the help of a pin. Pin each end of the elastic band in place. Repeat with the other side.
view of wrinkled fabric
  • To join the side panels to the main panel, pin one raw long edge of the side panel to the main panel piece, right sides together with the binding strip over the top
  • Pin the panels together.
view of panels pined together
  • Sew around the main panel and binding.  Then fold the binding over to enclose all of the raw edges, pin and sew, tucking in the raw ends of the binding.  Repeat along all the edges  to attach the second side panel. You will go over the handle strips too.
image of a piece of fabric
view of the machine sewing the fabric
view of the sewn edge of the fabric
view of the sewing machine with the side of Organizer Tote Bag
  • When finished fold the handle strips inward aligning the top edges to the base of the handle hole.
view of Crafting Tote bag with pins marking the space of the handle
  • Stitch along the binding.

There you go!

Crafting Tote bag ready

Crafting Tote with Wooden Handles.

  • I couldn’t find them ready at the store so I made it myself.
  • I found some mdf circles and a rounded stick. Cut at 45 cm (18 in). The circles are 2,5 cm dimeter and the stick 2 cm diameter.
handles supplies
  • Screwed the circles to each end of the stick trying to match the centre as much as I could.
close view of the screw with the circle at the end of the stick


view of handles ready
  • Insert your handles through the handle pockets you just made and TADAAAA!!!!
view of Craft Organizer Tote Bag with handles

Your Craft Organizer Tote Bag is ready for you!

image of Craft Organizer Tote Bag ready

This Knitting Organizer Tote Bag might seem tricky but it’s actually super easy. It took me about a couple hours in total once I had the pattern design and ready.

My mom loved it and I was super happy with how it turned out!

general view of Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag
view of arm loading Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag
view of inside Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag
closer view of inside Craft and Knitting Organizer Tote Bag

Not bad for a newbie sewer right?

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Til' next time...

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