Black and Silver DIY Geometric Earrings (with Video Tutorial)

Wondering how to look glamorous and yet stick with a budget? These cute handcrafted Handmade Black and Silver DIY Geometric Earrings are fun, easy and so stylish. Make some for yourself or as gifts, no one will say no to these cuties!

When it comes to looking pretty and making gifts there’s nothing like handmade.

Jewelry making has something so special when you make it yourself or when you know it was made by someone special to you.

I particularly love making crafty jewelry. I make them as often as life allows me and I must say I enjoy every second of it.

These cute Black and Silver Geometric Earrings were made for a special friend last year, I loved them so much that I made them again to share them with you all.

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DIY Black and Silver Geometric Earrings cover Image

Black and Silver DIY Geometric Earrings Tutorial

Making these took me about 20 minutes and they look so gorgeous. I kept the new ones for myself and I plan on using them this Christmas!

The other thing I love about this kind of jewelry is that even though it looks kind of expensive, it won’t break your bank and you can get lots of pretty gifts when you buy the supplies. Not bad, right?

I’m a huge fan of the minimal geometric jewelry trend that’s going on right now. Big earrings made with unusual supplies that look great? What’s not to love? 

You will be surprised at how extremely easy it is to make these and of course, you can make your own jewelry with your own twist and any variation you like, such as size, number of beads, coolers, and so on. That’s the beauty of these. Your imagination is the limit.

What are the Basic tools for jewelry making?

The jewelry tools are the products you use to manipulate, shape or cut the jewelry materials. You should look for ones that are designed especially for jewelry, as they are more delicate, for finer work.

  • Round nose pliers – I use these to form loops, and together with another pair of pliers to pry loops, rings, and chains open.
  • Flat nose pliers – They’ll help you open jump rings, finish wire-wrapped ends and complete a multitude of other tasks you’ve yet to imagine. You may want to consider two pairs so you can grasp anything without leaving a crimp in the metal.
  • Crimping pliers – creates a fold in the crimp bead, then allows you to shape the squashed metal into a tighter formation. It is not essential to the jewelry making process but shows that a little extra care has been taken.
  • Chain nose pliers –  Used for bending, and prying things open, plus crimping.
  • Wire cutters – Cut wires, chains, cords, rings, and more.

They come in a variety of price ranges. I would recommend buying mid-range tools, and only going for the very high-end ones if you feel you are at a more professional level.

You can also start with a jewelry tool kit (which is what I did) that can come with some bonuses (such as a set of tweezers for picking up beads) that aren’t otherwise necessary.

What are the most basic findings for jewelry making?

“Findings” generally refer to all the metal bits and pieces that make up your jewelry. Another word is “components”, which often refers to the less necessary ones (like links or spacer bars). If you’re just starting out, stick with the basics, but maybe treat yourself to one or two “cool ones” to get your creativity flowing.

You can get each of these in a variety of metals (silver plated, sterling silver, silver-filled, gold-filled, gold plated, brass… the list goes on!) and styles, but I’ve linked to the basics. I’d recommend getting them in both gold-plated/tone and silver-plated/tone or choosing one of those to stick with.

  • Headpins. Headpins are great if you want to create beaded designs such as earring drops or charms. They are long piece of wire with a head on the top that is flattened or in the shape of a ball to act as a bead stopper. You can trim headpins using side cutters to suit your design. 
  • Eye pins. great for use as a connector and for creating earrings by hanging beads and charms from the loop or threading them onto the wire. The eye simply twists open to attach to an earring and other components. You can thread your chosen beads onto the eye pin and either crimp the end to secure or create another loop on the other end to create a link.
  • Crimp beads and tubes. These are tiny metal beads that hold things in place. They are great for a huge variety of jewelry-making projects – including finishing off bracelets and necklaces. They are also used to hold beads mid-strand in “invisible necklace” type crafts. I like to use crimp covers as well.
  • Jump rings. These come in various sizes measured in millimeters and are used to connect things. You can buy fancy, twisted ones too. I use those as decorative links. If you are looking to make your jewelry making star easier, buy a pack with a few sizes.
  • Wire is great for making basic findings. The wire is measured in gauge, with a higher gauge being thinner and easier to work with but lower being more durable. I would start off with 20 gauge if you plan to make jump rings and eye pins, and 24 gauge if you’ll be wrapping.
  • Lobster clasp is a very crucial finding that is used to connect two sides of your jewellery like necklace and bracelet. It appears as a question mark containing a sliding lock that makes it easy for the wearer.
  • Chain. many people are not aware that the chain is a finding. The chain allows stringing beads. It’s is a base for your jewellery making craft. Without a chain, how will anyone put the beads and components together to a certain length? Right.
  • Earring hook is an essential finding that you must have in your jewellery box. It is used in making earrings connected with a jump ring. It comes in different shapes, you can choose any as per your choice.

How to Make Black and Silver DIY Geometric Earrings.


  • 12 black beads {about 6mm}
  • 2 Silver sparkling beads {about 8mm}
  • Silver chain
  • 4 Jump rings {5mm}
  • 2 Earring hooks
  • Jewelry pliers.
  • Wire cutter.
Black and Silver Geometric Earrings supplies image

Sorry about the light in the photos, that day natural light was not helping at all!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

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I made a video to make it a bit easier to make them, especially the looping part. But if you go better with the written tutorial, just scroll down and keep reading!

The base of the earrings

Take your eye pin and insert 3 black beads, 1 silver bead, and 3 black beads.

view of eye pin with 3 black beads, 1 solver bead and 3 black beads

We need another eye on the other end so let’s do a wire loop.

Bend the wire at 90 away from you with your round nose pliers, and change the plier’s position to hold the other side of the wire.

Bring the wire all the way around to make a loop and trim with a cutter as close as possible to the main wire.

view of round nose pliers shaping the loop
view of black and silver section

Getting your chain ready

Now cut your chain by about 21 chain links {more or less depending on the chain you chose}. It’s supposed to be 10 links on each side and one for linking with the earn hook.

view of chain links
view of chain links in hand

Slightly open the loop on your black and silver wire and insert one end of the chain.

Close the loop again carefully.

You can always use jump rings for this too.

closer view of loop on black and silver wire

Then do the same on the other end.

Black and Silver Geometric Earrings almost ready image

Attaching your Earring hook

Then using your round nose pliers pick the eleventh chain link.

view of using round nose pliers on chain link

Using two of your pliers open a jump ring and insert the earring hook and your chain link.

Closing the jump ring image

Close the jump ring.

I always use double jumping to avoid falling off from the erring hook.

Repeat the process with the second earring and you are all done!

general view of Black and Silver Geometric Earrings

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Finished DIY Geometric Earrings

What do you think? Doesn’t it look so pretty and glamorous?

modeling view of Black and Silver Geometric Earrings
colser view of  Black and Silver Geometric Earrings

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Til' next time...

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  1. This is PERFECT. I just spent way too much money on an outfit for my friend’s birthday bash, and realized I don’t have any jewelry for it! I always feel like a scrub if I don’t have some kind of sparkle. Not so sure the black will go with it, but I’m definitely gonna take this DIY idea and run with it! Plus, it saves money from having to buy anything else!
    Thanks so much!