DIY Black and Silver Geometric Earrings (with Video Tutorial)

When it comes to look pretty and to make gifts there’s nothing like handmade. Specially jewellery making has something special when you make it yourself or when you know it was made by someone special to you. I particularly love making crafty jewelry. I make them as often as life allows me and I must say I enjoy every second of it. These cute Black and Silver Geometric Earrings were made for a special friend last year, I loved it so much that I made them again to share them with you all.

DIY Black and Silver Geometric Earrings

DIY Black and Silver Geometric Earrings

Making these took me about 20 minutes and they looks so gorgeous. I kept the new ones for myself and I plan on use them this Christmas!

The other thing I love about this kind of jewelry is that even though it looks kind of expensive, it won’t break your bank and you can get lots of pretty gifts when you buy the supplies. Not bad, right?

You will be surprised at how extremely easy it is to make these and of course, you can make any variation you like, such as size, number of beads, coolers and so on. That’s the beauty of these. Your imagination is the limit.

So, Let’s start making these fun and easy Black and Silver Geometric Earrings.


  • 12 black beads {about 6mm}
  • 2 Silver sparkling beads {about 8mm}
  • Silver chain
  • 4 Jump rings {5mm}
  • 2 Earring hooks
  • Jewelry pliers.

Sorry about the light on the photos, that day natural light was not helping at all!

I made a video to make it a bit easier to make them, specially the looping part. But if you go better with written tutorial, just scroll down and keep reading!

Take your eye pin and insert 3 black beads, 1 solver bead, 3 black beads.

We need another eye on the other end so let’s do a wire loop.

Bend the wire at 90 away from you with your round nose pliers, change the pliers position to hold other side of the wire.

Bring the wire all the way around to make a loop and trim with cutter as close as possible to the main wire.

Now cut your chain about 21 chain links {more or less depending on the chain you chose}. It’s supposed to be 10 links on each side and one for linking with earn hook.

Slightly open the loop on your black and silver wire and insert one end of the chain. Close the loop again carefully. You can always use jump rings for this too. Then do the same on the other end.

Then using your round nose pliers pick the eleventh chain link.

Using two of your pliers open a jump ring and insert the erring hook and your chain link.

Close the jump ring.

I always use double jumping to avoid falling off from the erring hook.

Repeat process with the second earring and you are all done!

What do you think? Doesn’t it looks so pretty and glamorous?

Black and Silver Geometric Earrings

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Till Next time!

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