DIY Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece

Can I tell you a secret???? This year’s Christmas decor has been the BEST ever so far!!!! I’m so excited decorating and there is so much I want to make and so little time {ahem… and money… ahem}. But you probably know by now that this being our first Christmas in our new home, this is so special and I’m all about pretty and meaningful {and rustic} decoration. I’m loving this Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece. Made a whole difference in our living room.

DIY Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece

DIY Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece

This project was really inexpensive. I found the lantern on sale. Those Christmas ornaments cost less than $3, the tray is an upcycled strawberry crate I saved from trash and all the pinecones were gotten from a nearby park. You might remember that I used these for my Rustic Christmas Tree as well. So, I just had to actually buy the ornaments, the burlap ribbon, and the twine.

It’s a super easy DIY project that you can make in less than 30 minutes and you will get a fancy, expensive-looking centerpiece. Tell me you don’t like the sound of this?


I bet you love it!

It’s all about imagination and saving stuff that most people see as trash and take opportunities on sales!

So wanna learn how I made this gorgeous Rustic Christmas Lantern Centerpiece?

Let’s go!


  • Strawberry/fruit crate {with short sides}
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Twine
  • A cute lantern
  • Small Christmas ornaments
  • Pinecones
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Glue gun.

Firstly what we have to do is prepare the lantern!!!

Place your toilet paper tube right in the center of your lantern if you want to save pinecones and ornaments. It’s also a goos spot for battery-powered candle.


Stuff the lantern with pinecones and ornaments.



Close your lantern and set aside!

Working on the tray

Take your fruit crate and measure the sides height.


My ribbon was wider than the crate’s height {couldn’t find narrower one} so I folded it to the exact width.


On one outside corner of the create add some hot glue.