Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree

My home looks and smells like Christmas now! What a difference it makes to have the Christmas Tree up! Oooh and so LOVE how it turned out! I’m proud to present Our brand new and mostly handmade Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree!!!

Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree

Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I recently moved to a new country and we came with only a few bags and lots of hopes. One of my biggest goals was to have a really cozy and personal Christmas decor. I had to buy the tree and ornaments {or supplies to make them}.

My whole life I had someone else’s tree. This year I wanted MY tree. Mine mine mine! ahem, ok OURS OURS OURS. I wanted to buy the one I felt my heart pounding harder and that’s exactly what I did.


Once the tree was home, I started working on the ornaments I wanted to make and the style I was hoping to achieve. It’s been so exciting. Every time I see the tree I feel so HAPPY, so fun of joy and hopes. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year and I wanted our first Christmas on our new home to be special. Our Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree would be just that!

One thing I was certain is that this year’s decoration was going to be rustic and neutral. Going from that I went for a walk to a park near by and went for twigs and pinecone hunt. Yup LOL. I can’t even imagine how I looked like to people. I was going up and down hills catching nice pinecones and useful twigs and branches.


I brought home so many of those things that I thought I had gone crazy compulsive LOL. But at the end it was good.


I didn’t want to treat the pinecones because I wanted them as natural as possible but I did spray them outside with lots of insecticide to kill anything that might be still alive. I left them outside for  a couple days spraying again a couple more times… hey! better safe than sorry!!!!

Before anything else I put the lights on all over the tree.

I used only clear lights. I worked my way making sure some light went back inside and others to the outside. After I finished I thought i got short with 400 lights, I might double that next year. This tree is BIG! It’s almost 7 feet and really leafy. I love it! LOL.

Once the twitch, branches and pinecones didn’t smell, I brought them inside and started tying up some branches and twigs with pinecones month the Christmas tree branches. I used the tree branches to secure the twigs in place. Depending on the size I even used more than one tree branch to secure them.



Then I put on the pompom garland {the snowflake was a testing… shhhh}. It was tricky since I didn’t have much space to go around the tree. I had to toss the garland over the top of the tree to keep looping but I made it! LOL. If you like the cute garland you can find the tutorial here.


My next step was hanging the ribbon on the tree. I used 4 strands of jute ribbon. The length will depend on each tree and how fluffy you want each segment. I used about 4 yards for each strand. I started at the top of the tree adding the first strand towards the top of the tree, and tuck the tip of the ribbon around a branch to secure.


Working my way down the tree with the ribbon I went finding the next good stopping point to wrap the ribbon tightly around the branch to secure. Also made twists to make them more natural. Then push the ribbon back towards the base of the tree to hide the knot. Once secure fluff beautifully your ribbon. Did this with the other 3 strands.

Now it was time for the Ornaments!!! Yayyyy!

Here I had the amazing help of my sweet little girl. She handed me the ornaments and then  told me where to put them. I had to adjust a little otherwise we would have all the ornaments on the same spot at the base of the tree LOL. She was the sweetest.

We started with the larger ones like my Twine Balls and Glittered Twine Stars. I had made larger ones and smaller ones so I used larger ones at the bottom half and smaller on the top half.


Then I hung the glittered snowflakes placing the larger at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top. I will publish the tutorial very soon!


Next in line was our Family Rustic Monograms. So pretty! There were only for of them so I tried to spread them evenly.


Then I hung our Memory Keepsake Snow Globe ornaments. There were also 4 so I did my best. Wish they were larger but I still love having photos of our best and meaningful moments on our tree! If you like them you can get the tutorial here.


Added a few regular Christmas balls, reindeers and others all over the tree.

I also made a lettered Merry Christmas banner with glittered craft foam. These were super easy to make. I LOVE how it looks on the tree. Stay tuned because I will be posting the tutorial for this banner too.


Finally, as Christmas tree topper I used a glittered and rustic star I found on a shop. I just loved it. I wasn’t sure if I should go for a bow or a star but when I saw the star I fell in love.


Well that’s it. That’s our Neutral Rustic Christmas Tree and hope you like it as much as we do. As imperfect as it can be, it’s perfect to us because we put so much love into it.







If you like it, would you share it? It would mean so much to me!

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