Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

This ornament is the perfect addition to your tree when you feel like there’s something missing or that you need to fill some spots. These Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments are so super easy to make. Either if you have a cutting machine or found some paper snowflakes on a shop you can always get this done.

Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

With only a few supplies you will make your Christmas tree sparkle and gorgeous in no time. I made 8 in total: 5 larger {about 11 Inches} for the half bottom and 3 smaller {about 8-9 Inches} for the half top. It took me about 10 minutes to make each one, cut, glue, glitter, dry, hanger, hang. That’s pretty much it!

The best part?

… I mean besides quick and easy?

It’s absolutely inexpensive because you probably have glue and glitter and home and if not those supplies are not expensive anyways.

To be honest, I wanted to make these for a long time. I’ve seen many trees using snowflakes but those pre-made, store bought are a bit expensive. I mean if you are looking for some fancy and pretty ones. I thought to myself, I could make them with less than what a single one would cost and if next year I don’t want them anymore then that’s it, not much of a loss. Besides, let’s face it, when you look at the tree you can’t tell that those were made with cardstock, can you? Also I had made some similar snowflakes before but with a different shape and style, all full of color and layered. This time I wanted something more winter wonderland kind of style.

So, Wanna see how easy it is to make these Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornament???

Here we go!


  • White 180g cardstock.
  • White glue or mod podge
  • Clear glitter {I used one that looks a lot like know}
  • Foam brush
  • Nylon thread
  • Optional* A large squared container to apply the glitter and then put it back on the pack.

First I chose a pretty snowflake on the Silhouette store. If you don’t have a cutting machine but have paper snowflakes, skip these few steps.

Adjusted to the size I wanted {about 11 and 8 inches}. I had to cut one at a time. Make sure you have a hole for the hanger.

Sent to the cutting machine.



Once cut I started pealing off all the external card stock from the mat.


Then carefully pulled out the snowflake using my hook tool to avoid any piece from tearing.


If the machine cut it well you won’t have any problems. and most of the remains will stay on the mat.


I removed all those remaining pieces from the mat and set a new piece of cardstock and sent to cut again.

In the meanwhile I started glittering


I protected my table with some paper and started spreading the glue all over the snowflake.


Then I transferred the snowflake to the plastic container and applied abundant glitter all over to cover the whole thing. I also pressed the glitter down softly with my fingers to make sure it stays.




Carefully I took one point of the snowflake and removed all the glitter excess. Patting softly always over the container.

There you go! what a cute Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornament we got!


I let it dry on a table and started over the process with the next snowflake until I got them all.

I let them dry overnight.

Next morning I cut some pieces of nylon thread, folded and made a knot with both ends and installed it on the snowflakes through the hole I left.




There you go!!!!

8 Super Easy Glittered Snowflake Christmas Ornaments for my cute tree!


Now it’s time to hang them!!!!









Hope you enjoyed and make some of these soon!

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