Red and Gold Rustic Christmas Mantel

Fireplace or not you can always have a gorgeous Rustic Christmas Mantel. Check out how I created ours with lots of love and low spending!

If you have been around for a while you know that I don’t have an actual fireplace but I still love mantels.  not having a fireplace doesn’t stop me from creating my own mantel. 

Red and Gold Gorgeous Christmas Mantel

To be honest, I’m not sure what is it I love the most about a mantel but I do love it even without a fireplace, and every year I try to decorate what I would call my mantel which is a shelf above my TV.

Red and Gold Holiday Mantel with Rustic feel

This year since I decided to go for gold and accents of red for my decoration theme but still keeping the rustic farmhouse-like kind of style, I used a lot of wood and metallic. 

I kept my oversize reversible wood sign I made last year with a few other rustic frames and signs. 

Elegant Holiday Mantle

I bought a few bottle brush Christmas trees that I absolutely love and used my all-time favorite candle holders with a few other Greenery and Christmas ornaments.

Red and Gold Christmas Mantel

It turned out so different from last year’s mantel, where I created this whole Christmas Village made out of cardstock but I absolutely love how this year’s mantel turned out.

Seriously, It’s amazing what difference it makes to have this kind of mantel decor. It adds such a warm and loving look to the whole living room.

Red and Gold Rustic Mantle in the living room

A Rearranged Christmas Living Room space

At the beginning of this year, I had to rearrange the whole living room setup, so maybe you might have noticed that everything looks different and yet cozier and somehow homier.  Now the Christmas tree is closer to the sofa and kind of in between the mantle in the sofa. 

Red and Gold Rustic Holiday Mantel

Firstly, what I did was set my oversized wood sign in the center of the whole setup with my Christmas sentiment.

Then I balanced objects on each side of the mantle. I set 3 bottlebrush trees that had different sizes on the left and my three candle holders on the right.

Rustic Holiday bottlebrush trees

After that, I put some cute Santa and gold reindeer among the Christmas trees and the candle holders.

Rustic Christmas Candles

To add a balance in between put another wood sign and a frame with a cute Christmas pattern in it.

Rustic Red and Gold Holiday Mantle

In addition, I added to the decoration a Christmas greenery garland around the edges of the Shelf. There’s no way I could have a mantel garland without twinkle lights. right?

BUT the real final touch was some cranberry Springs and cute reindeers ornaments. Cute right?

I was trying to keep it simple. However, even though it didn’t turn out as minimalist as I was aiming for, still I think it looks so pretty, balanced and festive.

Red and Gold Rustic Elegant Mantel

Blame it all on the TV

Sadly my TV is so old and small (and ugly) so it doesn’t look as fancy as I would love to.  But  I still managed to decorate the TV console with lots of love and simple items.

Red and Gold Elegant Christmas Mantel

What I love the most about these kinds of decorations is that I can create a mix of things that I already have and just buy a few things that might add style or meaning.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money if you are creative and handy because you can create many things or set them up in a way that looks different than past years and still has a great look.

My current vew from my Christmas tree. Love the Mantle

Reusing what you have or repurposing things gives you the possibility to always have things that look new and yet you didn’t spend a dime.

 This cute and elegant mantel has just a few new things. everything else has been used in past years and some even used during the whole year. funny right?

 I hope you enjoyed this mantel idea.

Elegant Holiday Mantle

I try my best to always share ideas that anyone can make, for any budget and for anyone who still believes they are not crafty.  In my opinion, anyone and everyone are Crafty in a way or another. 

 I am a true believer that if I can be crafty in one can.

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Red and Gold Elegant Christmas Mantel

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