Rustic White, Red and Gold Christmas Tree 2020

Using mostly past year’s ornaments, spray paint, and lots of love you can create a gorgeous, elegant, expensive-looking White, Red and Gold Christmas Tree!

So, here I am today, wearing a cozy fleece pj and fluffy Sweater with a cup of coffee in my hands and writing this exciting post! 

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Our White, Red and Gold Christmas Tree 2020

I have a huge confession to make. This year I redecorated my Christmas tree 3 times.


3 times!

I was just not feeling it. 

Not sure why but, I wasn’t in the flow or connected with my creativity.

Let’s face it, this year has not been easy and I think I put way too much pressure on myself and that affected my creative mood.

It was getting frustrating being Christmas my favorite time of the year and not finding my mojo!

The funny thing was that at some point I just decided to let it go.

So, I stepped back, went to do something else, turned off my computer, watched some TV shows, and gave myself some time.

A new day a new Christmas mood

The next day I felt like someone new. Cleared my Christmas tree once again and then started over.

Then, I put on some really happy music to set the mood…

I felt so much better and with lots of ideas started flowing and I just started adding garlands, ribbons, Christmas decorations, and ornaments and without even noticing it I was done.

I actually, had so much fun decorating my lovely tree.

general view of Christmas tree in living room, one side

I absolutely loved it.

It turned out just as it should. I achieved a balanced mix tween the rustic look and the glam from the champagne gold. 

I re-used lots of ornaments I had made in the past. Some got a revamp and some got just a few tweaks.

general view of Christmas tree in living room, another side

The whole decor turned out so inexpensive since I bought only a few things like the gold mesh ribbon, the pom-poms I used to make the garland, some super cute reindeer, and some champagne gold yarn ornaments.

closer view of gold mesh ribbon, pom-poms, some reindeer, and some champagne gold yarn ornaments

To add pops of color, guess what? I decided to use again my red and white buffalo check ornaments I made a couple of years ago but changed the ribbon color to gold.

close up of red and white buffalo check ornaments

Then, I created 2 new ornaments that I completely love!

I filled clear ornaments with feathers and then decorated them with gold ribbon!

close up of  d clear ornaments with feathers

Then I loved the gold ribbon so much that I decided to make some clear ornaments filled with that ribbon and they turned out soooo cute!

closer view of  clear ornaments filled with that ribbon

Gold Christmas Tree decorations Spray-paint Frenzy

I hadn’t used my glitter Snowflakes in a couple of years and I wanted to use them. But since the white wasn’t going to use that much, I experimented with Champagne gold spray paint, and voila! How gorgeous they turned out!

close up of Glitter Paper snowflake with spray paint

After seeing how nice the spray-painted I decided to give it a try on my Monogram Family Ornaments.

I had used gold glitter on the bottom of each, but I wasn’t very happy with the bright yellow kind of gold. Using masking tape I protected the white areas leaving just the glitter and sprayed on top which champagne color. 

close up of Rustic monogram decorated with glitter and spray paint

Woot! It turned out amazing!!! I loved it!

Got in a spray frenzy and sprayed a little bit around the edges of my twine stars to cover the raw wire. It worked perfectly.

close up of  Twine and yarn rustic star ornament

As you can see my main focus this year was on the gold/champagne and red with touches of white.

full size view of Rustic and elegant red and Champagne Christmas Tree

I absolutely love how my 2020 decoration turned out. The red brings so much warmth and happiness. The red truly cheers up and brings the Christmas spirit to the maximum. At least that’s how I feel.

Also, I used my lovely and rustic Merry Christmas wood sign! I just love to have those two words on our Christmas tree.

close up of  Merry Christmas Wood Sign

I can never leave out my mini wood signs. These are one of my favorite ornaments and so easy to make!

Then I filled some spots with white and gold ornaments and also some red ornaments here and there.

close up of  Different Christmas rustic Ornaments

This year since we changed around our living room setting our Christmas tree now is closer to the sofa and our window.

full size view of Champagne Christmas tree with Red accents in living room

Now, every time I sit on the living room sofa I feel this deep joy and almost can hear the reindeer’s jingle bells!

Christmas Tree Skirt

I used faux fur as my Christmas skirt like I do every year and placed some cute white and red throw pillows for a pop of color, lanterns, crates, and my beloved gnomes!

This is my favorite view right now in my house, it has this special warm glow!

wide view of Champagne Christmas tree with Red accents in living room

The final touch, of course, my rustic wooden start could not miss the party! I still haven’t found a prettier star. This one stole my heart.

closeup of rustic wooden start in christmas tree

Christmas Tree Tips

  • Can’t find ornaments in the exact color you want? Don’t be afraid to spray paint the ones you have or some found on sale.
  • You can also wrap them in fabric to give them a unique and affordable look you are aiming for.
  • Use an old blanket or flannel fabric to make a tree skirt. Make it into a round shape and add a white frilly edge to make it look cozy.
  • Turn mason jars into old-fashioned lanterns by putting battery-powered tea lights inside. Put them on the tree to create a cozy and enchanting atmosphere.
  • Make special ornaments by using scrapbook paper that matches your theme. Cut circles and fold them in half. Use glue to stick two halves together to make 3D decorations.
  • Make your own special decorations with the initials of your family on wooden or ceramic discs. Use paint to make them match the theme.
  • Make bows using burlap or gold ribbons and tie them onto the tree branches.

Well my friends, hope you enjoyed this simple and rustic yet elegant Christmas Tree!

front full size view of Champagne Christmas tree with Red accents in living room
genarl view of Champagne Christmas tree with Red accents in living room

Like I always say, I am a true believer that if I can be crafty, anyone one can.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I achieve a Rustic Buffalo check theme on a budget?

You can make a low-cost theme by using inexpensive materials like plaid ribbons, burlap, and reused decorations. Do-it-yourself projects, such as painting decorations and making things out of paper, can also save money.

How can I make my tree look cozy and rustic?

Use things from nature like pinecones, twine, burlap, and wooden decorations. Use gentle and comforting lighting like fairy lights or battery-powered candles to make a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Where can I find affordable buffalo check decorations?

Search for affordable choices at second-hand or thrift stores, bargain stores, and online shops. You can make your own decorations using inexpensive materials.

How do I add a touch of fragrance to the tree?

Make small bags with dried cranberries, cloves, and cinnamon inside and put them on the tree to make it smell nice. You can also use nice-scented candles or essential oil diffusers nearby.

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  1. I’ve been perusing all of your past Christmas decor and I love it all! I love how you use some things over again and make them over so they look a little different. I especially appreciate the close-up pics so we can see everything individually. Can’t wait to borrow some of your ideas and make some of your lovely DIY’s! Happy holidays!

    1. Hi Deb, Your words mean the world to me, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m glad I could give you a spark of inspiration. Borrow as many ideas as you’d like! Happy holidays to you too!!!

  2. You did well! Balanced while still interesting to look at – and of course gold and red – always perfect. Your faux mantel really makes you look twice! ‘really gives the impression of a mantel! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Thank you so so much Dina! You put a huge smile on my so busy day!!! I love my mantel with or without a fireplace but so happy to hear that!!! I agree with Red and Gold always perfect!
      Same wishes to you but doubled!
      Sending warm hugs and loving kisses!