Simple Chicken CurrySimple Chicken Curry

Who doesn’t like simple? Simple is great! Simple doesn’t mean lack of flavor or bad, it’s just simple to pull together! And my friends that’s how I like things! I don’t really enjoy the kitchen unless it’s for sweet things, so when it comes to food simple is my way to go… It’s my life policy!!! LOL I learned to make this chicken curry with my mom, and I love it. I’m sure you will love it too!!!

Simple Chicken Curry

Simple Chicken Curry Recipe

My mom is a foodie, she loves cooking and she’s always learning and learning new ways to cook but the one thing that always remains the same is that likes quick and easy meals. She’s not the kind of person who enjoys spending hours in the kitchen. Just the necessary time, so she has time for the other things she likes to make, like organizing, organizing and let’s see… oh and organizing! LOL… honestly!… But that beside the point!

So, one day she made this chicken curry and I was hooked. I had to learn how she made it, she showed me and then I got to make it. Guys, this is so delicious! You will be able to see the recipe in Spanish soon… She will share the recipe too!

This Simple Chicken Curry is super easy and so flavorful!!!

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5 Comments on Simple Chicken Curry

  1. avatar
    Angela says:
    February 22, 2016

    Sounds so fantastic! I love curry and this is such an easy recipe, YAY! Cant wait to make it!

  2. avatar
    February 20, 2016

    Would you believe I’ve never had curry before?? For sure need to try it now!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. avatar
    Angela says:
    February 18, 2016

    Cami! This chicken sounds fantastic!! Great flavor and love the yellow color from the curry!

  4. avatar
    Nicole says:
    February 17, 2016

    I love simple dishes like this! I love that this curry is so quick and easy to make yet it is absolutely packed full of yummy flavors :) Great recipe!

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