Simple DIY Gift Box Wreath

Hi everyone, this is Britni from Play. Party. Pin. Today I’m bringing you a simple DIY gift wreath that is inspired by ones that I saw hanging in Jcpenny’s. It’s easy enough that I was able to make it within one of my baby’s naps and I love it because it’s different than a traditional wreath.

Simple DIY Gift Box Wreath

Simple DIY Gift Box Wreath #Christmaswreath #Christmasidea

Supplies Needed:

  • Small gift boxes (the amount depends on how big of a wreath you want)
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Bows
  • Ribbon
  • Any other embellishments

Supplies for DIY Gift Box


Step 1 – Fit your gift boxes together into a circle to determine how many gift boxes you need.

Empty gift boxes for gift box wreath

Step 2 – Wrap each of your gift boxes.

Wrapped gift box

Step 3 – Add ribbon to your gift boxes. And repeat.

All wrapped gifts

Step 4 – Hot glue the edges of each of your gift boxes together to form a circle for your wreath.

Wrapped gifts glued together

Step 5 – Add any embellishments to your wreath (bows, etc.).

Wrapped gifts with ribbons

Step 6 – Hang your wreath. And you’re done, it’s that easy!

Simple DIY Gift Box Wreath

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  1. Camila

    Looking nice. Camila! I really love gift boxes. Thanks

  2. Camila

    Very cute, Britni!

    1. Camila

      Thanks Kristin!

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