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⁘ 11 November ⁘
Caprese Stuffed Tomatoes

Are you a Caprese lover? I’m crazy about anything Caprese so I’m always looking for different ways to have it! This Caprese stuffed tomatoes recipe is a variation of the traditional Caprese salad and I have to tell you is delicious. I could have about half a dozen of...
⁘ 5 February ⁘
Tizana. Fruit Punch Tropical Fruit Salad

In Venezuela is so common this yummy and healthy treat. We call it Tizana but it’s actually a fruit salad with fruit punch juice =D. I personally love it. It’s refreshing and so purifying. Tizana. Fruit Punch Tropical Fruit Salad It’s SO easy to make that you can make...
⁘ 6 January ⁘
Kidney and Pinto Beans Mix Salad

Hello dear readers! Today I’m sharing this fresh and delicious kidney and pinto beans salad recipe. I know it’s more like a summer salad but I kind of don’t care, I just LOVE a good salad and I thought it would be nice to share this with you all....