My Experience Blogging so far!

This is a post I wrote several years ago when I was just starting blogging and I was lucky enough to find kind and awesome people who gave me light and love to keep going and grow!!!

I’ve been thinking for weeks about my experience blogging so far in this Blogland. I’ve been blogging for over 8 years now; I know, I know! I’m not a baby blogger anymore but I feel like I’m still a baby in this business!

But I think things have flown in a very slow but positive way. So I wanted to share it with you because maybe someone has the same feelings and I could even help in some way. I also wanted to thank the people that have helped me so much. 

My Experience of Blogging so far!

As I’ve mentioned before, I got here having no idea of what it meant to have a blog and all the potential it had. I thought that a blog was like having a website, just upload information and that is it.

Wow, what a mess I got into… Actually, it is my beautiful mess now =D.

Ok, I’m going, to be honest, it hasn’t been easy… AT ALL. 

I’ve been making crafts, feeding my blog and learning how to make it work (BTW isn’t it a lot of information to digest?) at the same time and on the go with so many things going on in my personal life.

Everything has been step by step, following my instincts and making so many discoveries every day that are such a big deal for me and perhaps something basic for many of you.

Once I launched my blog, I started visiting other related blogs to see how they used to do it. The first thing that came to my eyes was that they were simple and personal, no formalisms, just like they were talking to me as a well-known friend.

For me that was awesome!. I loved the way they show their photos with so many details and good taste.

Not long after that, I saw how open they were about their knowledge, they share everything they know, what made them successful and what made them fail.

They share what they make and what they see that make them happy. They even share their feelings and personal stuff. The incredible part was that PEOPLE DO CARE about that stuff! I told myself: “This is absolutely my world”.

Throughout my searches for blogs, it crossed my eyes an excellent blog that today is my creative business guide :D. It had a big impact on how I see my blog and my business today.

It is It is a great guide for us creative bloggers because it really gives us a focus. Our world is kind different from other blog niches or so I think at least. Reading posts about SEO I found one that was about Courtney Tuttle from (no longer in business) who was offering a great SEO for creative bloggers e-book for free.

Not only did I download it, I read it in a sigh. It was easy, straight to the point and crystal clear about how to get traffic and have success in blogging. EXCELLENT book!

I don’t remember how, but I end up watching videos from Lisa Irby, she is the founder of, another excellent and successful blogger with tons of tips, advice and training.

I asked her for her opinion about my blog and she took the time to do it and gave me a couple of tips, so great. Somehow I found Sue Neal from (no longer in biz either) who also took the time to listen and give me some light about blogging, she was lovely and kind and her blog is really great, I really appreciate her.

Through her comment list from one of her posts I read Adrienne Smith from (sadly changed her biz course), who I got the chance to meet!. She is an amazing blogger and person. I’ve learned so much about blogging and also about life with her and she makes you feel almost like family :D, So cool.

All these people have given me the confidence that being myself, writing in my own voice, doing what I like to do and following some guides I can go beyond expectations.

I stil don’t consider myself an expert blogger yet, not even close, but I truly believe that if you really want to do something you are going to find the strength, the right motivation, the tools and the help from amazing people to achieve it.

Not long after that, I met Melissa from, who one day saw a comment I left on some post saying that I was from Brazil and she’s Brazilian as well, she contacted me and invited to join her “Link Party”.

What the heck is that? I thought!

And she was kind enough to explain and teach me how it works and how it would help me get more exposure!

She’s definitely a wonderful person and a blogger.

After that, one day I read Dana from on twitter saying that she was going to the movie to watch “The Host” and I couldn’t help replying LOL. I loved that book and was eager to watch the movie. From that day on we became great friends {beyond blogland}, she has made a huge difference in my blogging world. She pointed me to the right ways to get more traffic, she helped me to start my own Link Party and Blog Hop, she always gives me heads up of what’s going on. 

She definitely made my path a lot easier and fun! Dana let me know about many groups and communities on Facebook and Google+ that allow you to make new connections that of course I joined and through them I had the chance to meet a lot of more awesome bloggers such as Megin from, Rebecca from, Stephanie from, Tara from, Amy from, among many other that are super worth following and reading!On my adventures linking up on different link parties,

I had the opportunity to connect with Jenny from, a super sweet and lovely bloggy mommy. I also had the chance to connect and make a really lovely friendship with Lauren from, a wonderful and inspiring blogger and friend, the kind of person that always make you smile and see the positive side of everything, she is always cheerful and happy {have no idea how she does that LOL}. I enjoy so much reading her. I Also connected with Sinea from, Amy from, Brianna from, Jessica from, Shatzi from, Ellie from among many other AMAZING Bloggers that have been kind, loving, supportive and great commenters.

My path has been slow but steady. I kind of like that even though I get anxious sometimes because I’m struggling to make more relationships and get more traffic.

It’s SO HARD, isn’t it?.

I suppose most of you remember how it’s like to be a newbie. Sometimes you write a comment on a specific blog post you REALLY liked and nothing happens, no answer.

At times that frustrated me and I wanted to stop commenting to those bloggers, (thankfully many people do reply in my niche and are very kind to me) but I think if I’m stubborn enough and at some point they might notice I exist hahaha!

But I’m not the kind of person that goes around begging for followers, I never ask to follow/like me back, if they want to they will whether I ask them to or not. I prefer having a few that really like what I do and share than tons that don’t even bother to see what I’ve posted.

So I’m enjoying the sweetness of every step forward, of being noticed, every new visitor, every time the traffic rises even if it goes back to normal later (secret, every time this happens I make my happy dance, it’s so cool).

Today my blog has grown, has changed, but what keeps the same is the love and caring.

So… I can say “So far SO GOOD =D” I don’t complain at all, of course, it would be good to grow a little bit faster but I feel like this way the satisfaction is going to be greater!

Many crafty bloggers have welcomed me in their social world and in some ways they don’t make it easy. Which I think is a good think it makes me fight for it.

This world is awesome! I love to share, I love to make new friends, I love to see and learn new things, I love to craft, I love to write… everything I love (apart from my family and friends) is right here, so here is where I want to be =D.

A HUGE THANKS to all of you that have given me a piece of yourself, to all of you that have given me a little space in your bloggy heart, to all of you that take the time to read what I have to say and for teaching me what I need to know to have a better blog! You all ROCK!!!So now it’s your turn my lovely reader!… How has it been for you the experience of blogging?

Til' next time...

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  1. Thank you for doing inspiring content. It really motivates me to become a successful blogger. It will be really interesting to read your article about blog monetization.

  2. Hi Cami! I found you through Amy’s Work it Wednesday and clicked through to this previous post…I’m about 9 months in to blogging myself right now. You are right- so much to learn and always more you can do! My full-time job gets in the way sometimes:) I starting blogging for the connection. I am in a place in my life where I am looking to connect with more people like me! Thank you for all the tips. It is very motivational to hear your story! I hope someday to have enough followers that I’ll be able to share mine:)

    1. Hi Katie,

      We never stop learning here! When we finally learn something some policy change or some new channel come to live, so we are constantly learning. What we can do is making awesome friends and connections. I’m glad you found this post helpful. If you ever need anything or have questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!!

  3. Camila,
    Great post! I enjoy your site a lot! Random fact, Melissa from Red Fly is Julia’s cousin! (Julia and I blog at All Things with Purpose) It’s a small world :) Keep up the great work!!

    1. OMG what a coincidence! It’s a small world indeed!. I love Melissa and I miss her so much, hope she and her family are ok. I know she was going through a really tough moment. I enjoy your blog as well, Lots of awesome inspiration!! =D. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. I love hearing other people’s blogging stories! I have had an active blog for years but would post maybe one thing every six months. So when I found a book by Abby over at Just a Girl and Her Blog and checked it out I knew I had found just the right thing at just the right time. I jumped back into blogging with both feet, made the switch from blogspot to WordPress and have never looked back!

    34 followers in 2 months doesn’t seem like a lot to some people but it blows my mind! Keep up the good bloggy work girlfriend!

    ~Meaghan from DIYfaerie

    1. Hi Meaghan, Every little follower is a big deal to celebrate! I feel so excited with each new follower that you wouldn’t believe it LOL. I’m glad you found helpful my experience and I’m glad that Abby brought you back! =D She’s amazing, I love her!

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet words. I agree 100% if you love it enough then ever step of the way is worth it! Happy to have you visiting!

  5. Camila, what a great way to talk about blogging and honor so many of your fellow bloggers. I love it. There were so many new ones to me here, that I am bookmarking to come back! What a great adventure you have had so far, in such a short while! Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, appreciate your kind words. I feel it’s important to give recognition to those people kind enough to share their knowledge and help you grow. I wouldn’t be able to to it without them. That’s the whole point of blogging we need each other to grow and be successful =D. Glad you like my post!

  6. Some wonderful insight Cami!… and just what I needed right now! I’m totally in your same boat! One thing I’ve really come to love since starting my blog is how supportive and giving the blogging community is! This post has been extremely helpful and inspiring to me so thank you! You have a wonderful blog here! Slow and steady is the pace :)

    1. Thanks so much Sara and I’m glad you felt related to my experience. Slow and steady is the best indeed. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving some love!

  7. What a wonderful wealth of information in this post. It answers a lot of my questions, and I am pinning it, to refer to all of the great links as I get time! I started my blog about the time you wrote this. It is slowly growing, and I love it more every day. I feel like I am doing a lot of things right – but there are a multitude of issues on which I am clueless! I appreciate this post!
    I am also now following your blogging pinterest boards. I’m glad I found this post on the #WonderfulWednesdayBlogHop!

    1. I’m happy to help in any way! I’m sure many of these people will help you a lot too and if you need any help or information don’t hesitate to ask! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read my post!

  8. I’ve been blogging for about two years and I feel like i am finally getting somewhere. Yet, I don’t do it for the readers or followers. I am doing it to branch out and meet people. I have met amazing people too. Awesome thoughts. Keep up all that hard work, I am sure that it will be worth it.

    1. Thanks so much. It definitely takes time but blogging is so worth it. I’ve mande incredibly awesome friends too! Thanks for taking the time to read my experience!

  9. Fabulous post Camila! You have a wonderful blog and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I don’t comment like I should and I’m sorry for that. Our little blog is growing too and it just gets crazy sometimes. lol Have a great week!
    Glenna @ My Paper Craze

  10. Cami-
    This is a great post for me today. I have only been at this about a month and a half and most days I feel like I am beating my head against the wall. It’s so hard building traffic and trying to figure out the balance between facebook likes and subscribers etc. I have so many questions that I am feeling a little overwhelmed. Of course I still work full-time and the blogging has become another almost full-time job between projects and actual blog work.

    I’ve been trying to be faithful about commenting on posts that I like or find valuable (not just for the sake of commenting).

    I have been trying to get everything in order on the blog and think I have developed a systematic way to go about link parties but haven’t really started that yet. That’s coming in the next couple of weeks though.

    If you have time to visit the site I would welcome feedback :-)

    Thanks for these posts and the links…going to check them out now!


    1. Hi Stacy!

      Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comment. Blogging can be very overwhelming indeed. I still have my ups and downs and I often get overwhelm and frustrated. I’m not a stablished blogger yet because of many situations I’ve been going through but by close fiend’s experiences I know it’s possible to get there but it takes time. I’ve built a fair audience and I love them so much. Most of them are supportive and caring. Today I don’t know what I would do without them. You are just starting and it’s good that you have those concerns, it means you care and that’s the key. If you have found a system that works for you is awesome because in blogging it’s important the consistency. Keep sharing valuable content, this means things that comes from your heart {from reviews to tips and handmade projects}. That’s what people like. Be always yourself, put yourself out there, share some of your life events, things like that, Use your social media channels everyday. You wil see!

      The one thing I learned the most is that we relate to people not only bloggers, so our real life counts a lot in our niche. If you need any help you can contact me any time. I would be happy to help. I’m not an expert but anything I know I’ll share! Your bog is lovely! =D

      Keep going and be patience. Audience and traffic come with time and work.


  11. My experience has been a little bit the same and it is something that I find overwhelming at times, but I love it too! Who knew there was so much involved in blogging? Not me! I would definitely like a little more traffic, but who wouldn’t, but I know it is my fault for not finding the extra time to spend promoting my blog and making more bloggy friends! I have been blogging since December and I really love it and I really love knowing that people use my ideas with their kids. All in all it is an upward adventure that I enjoy and I hope to grow. Thanks for linking up to the Friday Follow Along, we are featuring this post tomorrow so make sure you stop back by :)

    1. Yayyyyyy So cool Maria Thanks so much for the feature! I get really excited when someone like that much what I share!!! =D!!! Happy dance!!!


  12. I love reading newer bloggers experiences. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been at it for almost 6 months and I had no idea what I was getting myself into…in a good way! Sounds like you’ve made lots of connections with other bloggers. How did you do that? I’m getting a bit more of a handle on the technical side of things and now I’m wanting to connect with others, but not sure how to go about it. Stopping by from Diana Rambles link party!

    1. Hi Kimberly, Thanks so much for your comment.

      To be honest it was difficult at first. But I had the luck to come across those first blog I mentioned and there I learned the basis of blogging and how to engage other bloggers. That help me a lot. Then I started reading every post about blogging {in our niche} I could find. I followed almost every advise I got and in my opinion some worked some didn’t but I’m happy to have run all this way.

      The first secret is being yourself, being caring about others, always having things relevant to share with other. It’s important to understand that on order to get things you have to give first. We are not here to ask for things but to give. And this mean s a bit of ourselves, our imagination, creativity, experiences, tips, etc. Blogging is all about giving and it certainly has its rewards. Some times it takes more time than other but if you are consistent, humble and caring it will come to you.

      Comment a lot, meaningful comments. Stick to those blogs you like best and go often and leave comments, always share what you like, out there, engage conversations on Twiter, FB or whatever, that’s how I met my very best bloggy friend. But the most important thing is being yourself. Don’t leave comments just for the sake of commenting. Leave those comments where you really feel like doing it. Also everything you see out there that you love, pin it and let them know you are pining!

      Get inspiration in others ad give them the credit. They love it! Try to bring guest posters to your blog and accept to be guest posters when you have the chance. Look for FB forums or groups or G+ communities. Also Join Pinterest Group Boards.

      These are the few things I can think of right know. But any time you can contact me, some time I get back immediately, some time I take a few days but I try to always get back!

      So, I hope I helped you in some way… Wish you all the luck!!! And thanks again for stopping by and commenting!


  13. Cami, you’ve discovered the main power of blogging – generosity. Thanks for sharing the links of all who’ve helped you along the way. What I’ve learned from three years of blogging is that it took me awhile to organize my categories in ways that made sense for my readers. I focus on helping grandmothers see what has changed since we were young mothers, and give them something fun and educational to do with their grandchildren, but the first year my posts were just randomly whatever I wanted to write about.

    1. I agree 100% Granny, one of the most important things is to be certain of what you want to blog about! Being Too random is not that good.

      Thanks for your lovely and helpful Comment!


  14. Great post Camila! Im REALLY new at this as well. It is hard enough to even learn how to work a blog let alone gain more traffic. Whats good is that I really have passion for what I do and it is what is keeping me motivated!!! Of course my new blog friends with posts like this are a perk!!! I will make sure to check out the sites that you shared to learn and gain more knowlege about this so called blo life. Thank you for the post. This really gave me a boost of confidence on what to look forward to!!!

    1. I’m really glad I could help you in any way Regina. The good thing you are going to find in Blogland is that we like to help and support each other so you will find more posts like this and perhaps eve better that will help you a lot and of course your own experience i sgoing to give you the best advises!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Awesome post, Cami! It’s so fun to hear your story and see how far you’ve come. I’m so happy to be one in the line of blogging friends that you’ve made! You are a doll!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  16. Thank you for such a wonderful post and all the great links. I am two months into blogging and while it has been so much more work than I ever thought it would be I am loving every second of it. I have to keep reminding myself that it is okay to take it one step at a time. Once I figure something out then I move onto improving my site in some other way.

    Anyway – I really like your blog and wanted to let you know.


    1. It is indeed a lot of work Susanne but with time we get more and more in love with this world. I am! lol. Even though I’m having a hard time on my personal life, I keep blogging and crafting because the interactions, the friendship, the love I have here is priceless and motivates me a LOT!!!

      And also Yes to let yourself take it one step at a time. Things will flow if you love what you do and do it with lots of love =D!!!

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment!


  17. Hey Cami,

    Oh girl, what a wonderful post and I love that you’ve shared your experience with us up to this point. I know that oftentimes we’re just told to throw up a blog, make it look presentable and start writing that content. Little do most know that it is SO much more then that.

    I’m so blessed to have met you and been able to have some Skype conversations as well. I do feel like we’ve known each other for a very long time and I hope we remain friends even longer.

    Thank you so much for that mention and for sharing with us all these amazing bloggers you’ve run across and how they’ve helped with your journey.

    Keep up the excellent work and hope all is going well with you. We need to catch up again soon. Have to fill you in on everything that’s been happening with me and I need to find out how you’re doing too.

    Have a fabulous end of your weekend Cami!


    1. Awww Thanks so much Adrienne, your words mean a lot to me and I meant each and every word on the post! I really love this world and I’m glad I didn’t quit when I got overwhelmed LOL. Thankfully I’m really too stubborn LOL.

      I can’t put in words how wonderful it’s been meeting you and I feel the same way, and hope it will be a loooong and lovely friendship. We DO need to catch up I have tons of things to tell you. I’m right now in Oman =O. LOL. So just let me know whenever you have the time and we schedule it!!!!

      Thanks so much for this lovely comment and for all the love!!! Miss you lots!