Our Fall Halloween Decor

Mixing Fall and Halloween decor make it easier to put it together at once and have more time to enjoy both. Check out what we did.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Probably because the summer heat is getting cooler and the opportunity to start enjoying cozy sweaters and playing with pumpkins.

Our Fall and Halloween Decor

Fall Halloween Home Decor

This is the first year that I really decorate Halloween inside the house.

Usually, I just decorate the front door and put some details on the entryway table where I put the trick-or-treat candies!

For this reason, I decided to make a mix of fall and Halloween decor to enjoy a bit of both world bit longer.

View of decor from living room

For this year’s decoration, I didn’t spend much.

I used a lot of what I already had from previous years and just bought a few little things for Halloween decorations.

Halloween decor

I got some tiny pumpkins and skulls on sale and thought they might be a fun part of the decor.

Some of them I painted black with spray paint. As they are simple Halloween decorations, I simply painted them without primer or anything like that.

Then I thought it would be fun to make a potion table so I used my buffet table to put it together. I bought a few small bottles and made them look like different potion ingredients, like dragon scales, alien blood, troll nails, ghost breath, and so on.

Spooky decoration of the dining buffet

I’m sharing the free printable sticker for the potion ingredients for you to snag!!!

halloween decor bottle labels freebie

Halloween potion ingredient bottles:

This is what I did:

Ghost breath: I got a long narrow bottle and filled it with white organza ribbon to give the look of breath LOL. 

Potion ingredient Hallween bottles

Dragon Scales: I got some really tiny pearly orange confetti/glitter.

Halloween decor dragon scales bottle

Cyclops sweat: Coffee mixed with cola and black tea. I know I got carried away but I wanted it really dark.

Alien blood: Got some glow-in-the-dark neon green glue filled with starts.

Alien Blood bottle Halloween decor

Troll nails: I got a box of 100 faux nails that luckily were like, old, damaged, and cracked (totally on sale) and then I broke them and cut them into pieces so they would look like very damaged and awful nails.

Troll Nails bottle for Halloween decor

Lastly, for the poison and frog course, I used solid bottles one white and one black.

Skulls, black pumpkins and potion bottles Halloween Decor

Mostly I tried to use simple items I could find so I would keep all the decor on a budget.

Firstly, I covered the whole buffet with black fabric and rags then just put all the bottles, pumpkins, skulls, spiders, rats around.

Potion Bottles, skulls and pumpkins on a cake stand. Fall Halloween decor

Then I draw a witch pentagram on my large chalkboard and potion ingredients price list on the other one. 

I bought some spiders, spiderwebs, black, and red candles and just put together a table using cake stands candle holders, bottles I had from canned food, etc.

Halloween decor on a cake stand

I also got these super cute and adorable haunted houses from Living and Crafting’s shop.

Haunted Hause for halloween

They are such cute lanterns so they would look like houses with the lights on.

Cute Halloween haunted house lanterns

I put one on each side of the candle holders. I absolutely love them!

If you like them, Karina has them as a digital purchase (what I got) or you can order them physically. Use the code TCNFRIEND for a 10% discount.

Finally, just put some spiderwebs over everything.

The final touch was some skeleton parts coming from the drawers.

Then in the living room area, I hung my felt flowers spooky wreath from the window frame and put some fabric pumpkins, creepy photo frames, and black roses on the table behind the sofa.

A skull visiting our home decor on Halloween

On the sofa, I put some throw pillows and blankets, mostly white, black, purple, and orange color scheme.

The rest of the room was decorated with fall.

Fall Decor

On my dining table, I set a tray on a cute fall table runner with a flower holder filled with faux Pampas Grass and Bunny Tails surrounded by my DIY fabric pumpkins.

On my coffee table, I kept it simple just a couple of cute pumpkins, old books, and maple leaf arrangements.

Finally, what I love to call my mantel, which is just a shelf above my TV, I made simple arrangements with fall maple leaf stems and pumpkins (some fabric some ceramic) arranged around the candle holder.

The final tour was my FALL wood letters!

I kept the fall decor quite simple this year. Just touches here and there, mostly reusing what I already had.

Hope you enjoyed our small fall Halloween decor this year!

As I’ve mentioned before our apartment is really small, with almost no storage space so I really need to keep things simple and reuse as much as I can so I don’t get way too much to store.

This year I had so much fun tutting our decor together! 

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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