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DIY Glittered Merry Christmas Banner

I think there’s always time for a last minute Christmas decoration, don’t you agree? Today is a Challenge day! Yup, challenge because it’s our trimestrial Silhouette Challenge in which a group of awesome blogger team up to bring you a boost of inspiration with projects made using our beloved Silhouette machines. This trimester is Holiday themed so you will find quite some ideas for your festivities! Mines is this cute and SUPER EASY to make DIY Glittered Merry Christmas Banner for your Christmas tree, mantel, entryway or anywhere you think it will bring joy!

DIY Glittered Merry Christmas Banner

DIY Glittered Merry Christmas Banner

For this banner, I used glitter craft foam. I’ve seen it in most craft stores at least here in Spain, so I’m pretty sure you can find it anywhere.

I tried cutting the craft foam with my silhouette but no luck. I know some bloggers have been able to make it but maybe because mine glittered, it might have prevented from cutting.

Of course, if you can’t find the glitter craft foam you can always use a regular craft foam and glitter it your self like I did with my glittered Snowflakes. It was cardstock but the same rules apply for craft foam. A coat of glue and lots of glitter! LOL.

This Glittered Merry Christmas Banner is absolutely the easiest craft you will make.

So, let’s start our Glittered Merry Christmas Banner!!!!


  • Glitter craft foam {large sheet}
  • Plain paper
  • Cute Cord {I used bakery cord}
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruller {if needed}
  • Of course your cutting machine!

The first thing we need to do here is choosing the font you want your banner to be made with. I chose IFC Insane Rodeo for this project.

Then using my Silhouette Studio I set it up so it would fit in a letter sheet. You can avoid cutting twice the repeated letters since you can just repeat them on the craft foam. I missed that on the Merry word but fixed it on the Christmas word.


Sent to cut using the plain paper setting.


Once all the letters were cut, I started delineating them on the back of the glitter craft foam. Make sure you mirror your letters as you are working on the back of the foam.



Count how many of the same letters you need so you delineate them on the foam. Like I had to make 3 “R”, 2 “M” and 2”S”. Depending on your words you might have more or less.



Then with a sharp pair of scissors start cutting your letters. Well, what I did was using a cutter for the longest straight part of each letter like in this “T” and then used the scissors I cut the other parts.


Cut all your letters.


Get your cord and organize your letters so you won’t misplace any letter.


On the back of your letters right on top put some hot glue. Be careful here if your glue gun gets really Hot it might damage your foam so make some test on a small piece first.In my case, my gun doens’t get that hot, hot enough to melt the glue but not to damage my foam. If yours is too hot then I suggest using another kind of glue like UHU for instance.


Leave about 8 inches of cord and glue it to your letter.


Leave about 2 inches and then repeat with the next letter.


Remember you are working on the backs so you need to be careful not to place letters wrong.

I made each word on a separate thread just to have some freedom wen placing it on the tree but if you will put it on your mantel, for example, you can make both words on one single thread.


There you go!

The Glittered Merry Christmas Banner is al done and ready to be hung!

view of "merry christmas" banner
closer view of "CHR" letters banner
side view of "merry" banner
closer view of "M" banner
closer view of "christmas" banner
closer view of "merry" banner
view of glittered merry christmas

I’m loving how to looks on the Christmas Tree. This craft was inspired by The Tomkat Studio’s Christmas Tree Garland. But she made it with wooden letters. I wanted it to be more inexpensive and so I decided to go for the glitter craft foam instead. LOVE it!

How about you? Do you like it? This craft is easy, pretty and so inexpensive! Let me know your thoughts in Comments!

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Til' next time...

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  1. Cami, your tree is stunning!! I love the banner…I’ve never thought to do something like that on a Christmas tree but I absolutely love how it looks. I’ll have to file this idea away for next year!

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