White Rustic Christmas Tree

Starting a new home isn’t easy but Christmas makes it all worth it, don’t you agree? My home looks and smells like Christmas now! It’s amazing the difference it makes to have the Christmas Tree up! I love how it turned out this year even though I still have this feeling that something is missing. Does this happen to you too? Anyway, I’m proud to present to you our brand new and mostly handmade White Rustic Christmas Tree!!!

White Rustic Christmas Tree

Pretty White Rustic Christmas Tree

Last year I moved to a new country and we came with only a few bags and lots of hopes. One of my biggest goals was to have a really cozy and personal Christmas decor. I had to buy the tree and ornaments {or supplies to make them}. I knew that apartment was not going to be my home, lots of things were not making me feel homey so thankfully we could move to a new apartment which I do feel like home and I’m loving the whole process of decorating it.

My whole life I had someone else’s tree. Since last year I have MINE. Mine mine mine! ahem, ok OURS OURS OURS. I wanted to buy the one I felt my heart pounding harder and that’s exactly what I did. One year later and I’m still in love with it even though it’s kind of big for our small apartment. Actually I had to remove my hole office space to place the tree. Sacrifices we make I guess.

This year since I already had lots of handmade {and store bought} ornaments, I started working on the ornaments I wanted to make specially for the white ones and the style I was hoping to achieve. It’s been so exciting. Every time I see the tree I feel so HAPPY, so fun of joy and hopes. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year and I wanted our first Christmas on our new home to be special.

This year I wanted to give more strength to the white. So I flocked pinecones, used as much white as I could although I still think there’s something missing.

Before anything else I put the lights on all over the tree. Last year after I finished I thought I got short with 600 lights, so I decided to double that this year. This tree is BIG! It’s almost 7 feet and really leafy. I love it! LOL. Since the lights are led, I did double the number of lights.

This year I used the pompom garland without the string. I guess it’s not a grand anymore, is it? LOL. I just put the pompoms evenly all over the tree.

Now it was time for the Ornaments!!! Yayyyy!

White Rustic Christmas Tree Decoration

We started with the larger ones like the Glittered Twine Stars and snowflakes.

Next in line was our rustic monograms. So pretty! There were only four of them so I tried to spread them evenly.

Our cute Flocked Pinecones and rustic burlap Ornaments were next. I got plenty of these so I put them everywhere.

Then I hung our memory keepsake ornaments. There were also 4 so I did my best. Wish they were larger but I still love having photos of our best and meaningful moments on our tree! If you like them you can get the tutorial here.

Added a few regular Christmas balls, clear ones, white feathers, small lanterns.

I also made a lettered Merry Christmas banner with glittered craft foam last year that I decided to use this year too. These were super easy to make. I LOVE how it looks on the tree. Stay tuned because I will be posting the tutorial for this banner too.

I also found these super cute wooden ice skates on a shop and I feel in love with them. So I bought 3 pair and distributes in zig-zag on the tree.

The final touch is my super pretty and rustic mini wood signs. I’m totally in love and they are fun to make.

Finally, as Christmas tree topper I used this gorgeous wooden star I found on a thrift store. I feel in love right away. I could easily be the best addition to the tree but couldn’t decide since I love so many ornaments in here.

For the skirt, I didn’t use any. I just bought this fur about 2 yards and put it on the tree’s foot making sure it would show up underneath the branches. Then I made a fake crate o hide the foot.

I placed a couple pillows some of my twine balls from last year and I put my nativity right there. I definitely love the final results.

Doesn’t it look pretty?


And look how it looks at night!

And my girl loved it too. what can we ask for?

Well that’s it. That’s our White Rustic Christmas Tree and hope you like it as much as we do. As imperfect as it can be, it’s perfect to us because we put so much love into it.

If you like it, would you share it? It would mean so much to me!

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