White Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor

Make your home look like a magical place during the holiday season with this gorgeous White decorated Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decor! Get into the spirit of the season with cozy vibes and timeless style that’ll bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Let this festive Christmas tree be your inspiration for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your home

Starting a new home isn’t easy but Christmas makes it all worth it, don’t you agree? My home looks and smells like Christmas now! It’s amazing the difference it makes to have the Christmas Tree up!

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Our White Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decoration

I love how my white Christmas tree turned out this year even though I still have this feeling that something is missing. Does this happen to you too? Anyway, I’m proud to present to you our brand new and mostly handmade White Farmhouse Christmas Tree!!!

Last year, I went to live in a different country with just a few suitcases and a lot of hope. One thing I really wanted was a warm and personal Christmas decoration. I needed to buy the tree and decorations {or materials to create them}.

I knew the first apartment wasn’t going to feel like home because many things in it didn’t make me comfortable and were not mine. Fortunately, we were able to move to a new apartment which does feel like home, and I really enjoy decorating it.

All my life, I had a tree that belonged to someone else. Since last year, I have got my own and very mine. I really wanted to buy the one that made my heart beat faster, and that’s exactly what I did.

It’s been a year and I still love it, even though it’s too big for our small apartment. Well, I had to get rid of my entire office area to make room for the decorated tree. I think it means things we give up.

view of the White Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree

This year since I already had lots of handmade (and store-bought) ornaments, I started working on the ornaments I wanted to make especially the white ones and the style I was hoping to achieve.

It’s been so exciting. Every time I see the tree, I feel so HAPPY, so fun, and full of joy and hope. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year and I wanted our first Christmas in our new home to be special.

This year I wanted to focus on farmhouse Christmas decor but give more strength to the white and the rustic feel together for the perfect combination. So, I flocked pinecones and used as much white as I could although I still think there’s something missing.

Where do we start?

Before anything else, I put the lights on all over the tree. Last year after I finished, I thought I got short with 600 led lights, so I decided to double that this year. This tree is BIG! It’s almost 7 feet and really fluffy. I love it! LOL. Since the lights are led, I did double the number of lights.

view of only light on the Christmas Tree

This year I used the pompom garland without the string. I guess it’s not a grand anymore, is it? LOL. I just put the pompoms evenly all over the tree as any ornament.

Now it was time for the Ornaments!!! Yayyyy!

Putting the Christmas ornaments

We started with the larger ones like the Glittered Twine Stars and snowflakes.

Next in line were our rustic monograms. So pretty! There were only four of them so I tried to spread them evenly.

closer view of decoration on Tree

Our cute Flocked Pinecones and rustic burlap Ornaments were next. I got plenty of these so I put them everywhere.

closer view of pinecone decoration on White Rustic Christmas Tree
closer view of rustic burlap Ornaments on White Rustic Christmas Tree

Then I hung our memory keepsake ornaments. There were also 4 so I did my best. Wish they were larger but I still love having photos of our best and most meaningful moments on our tree! If you like them, you can get the tutorial here.

closer view of memory keepsake ornament on White Rustic Christmas Tree

Added a few regular Christmas balls, clear ones, white feathers, and small lanterns.

closer view of Ornaments on White Rustic Christmas Tree

I also made a lettered Merry Christmas banner with glittered craft foam last year that I decided to use this year too. These were super easy to make. I LOVE how it looks on the tree. Stay tuned because I will be posting the tutorial for this banner too.

I also found these super cute wooden ice skates on a shop and I feel in love with them. So I bought 3 pair and distributes in zig-zag on the tree.

closer view of merry christmas banner on Christmas Tree

The final touch is my super pretty and rustic mini wooden signs. I’m totally in love and they are fun to make.

closer view of rustic mini wood signs on Christmas Tree

Finally, as a Christmas tree topper I used this gorgeous wooden star I found on a thrift store. I fell in love right away.

I could easily be the best addition to the tree but couldn’t decide since I love so many ornaments in here.

closer view of wooden star on our White Christmas Tree

For the skirt, I didn’t use any. I just bought this fur about 2 yards and put it on the tree’s foot making sure it would show up underneath the branches.

Then I made a fake crate or hide the foot.

closer view of fake crate on White Rustic Christmas Tree

I placed a couple of throw pillows and some of my twine balls from last year and I put my nativity right there. I definitely love the final results.

general view of nativity
closer view of nativity

Doesn’t it look pretty?

general view of our White Christmas Tree

Crafting Tips

  • Add a nice scent to your tree by putting small bags with cinnamon sticks, dried orange peels, citrus, or pinecones on it. The natural smells will make your Christmas atmosphere feel even cozier.
  • Make white paper ornaments in different shapes and sizes. You can make things look nice by adding glitter or meaningful quotes.
  • Add small branches or sprigs of evergreen to your tree to give it some natural elements, forest-like atmosphere. It will make the decor look more interesting and 3-dimensional.
  • Make your tree stand look like a farmhouse by wrapping it with twine or burlap fabric. It will fit in perfectly with the theme and make everything look even better.
  • Add a pretty touch to your farmhouse tree with dainty white lace. You can either place it around branches or make pretty bows to make the appearance more gentle.
  • White Feather Flock: Put white feathers on tree branches to make them look like they are covered in snow. This is a special way to use feathers in your Christmas decorations.
  • Create simple and homemade decorations by printing black and white family photos and putting them in little wooden frames. Put these special decorations on your tree to remember happy moments.
  • Find or create little soft toy polar bears and place them in a playful manner all around the Christmas tree.

And look how it looks at night in our living room!

general view of our Tree at night with only string lights on
general view of living room at night with the Christmas tree lights on
general view of my daughter looking at the illuminated Christmas Tree

And my girl loved it too. what can we ask for?

Well, that’s it. That’s our beautiful Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree and hope you like it as much as we do. As imperfect as it can be, it’s our perfect farmhouse Christmas tree to us because we put so much love into it.

general view of our gorgeous White Modern Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start decorating my Christmas Tree?

Start by spreading out the branches to make the tree look full. Next, decorate the tree with white lights to create a warm and cozy feeling for your farmhouse theme. Then proceed with the decorations

How can I incorporate burlap and twine into my tree decor?

You can use burlap ribbon to make rustic bows and garlands. Also, you can wrap twine around ornaments to make them look more like they belong in a farmhouse. You can also use twine to tie small bunches of branches or pinecones together.

How can I make my tree feel more festive without using colorful decorations?

Add a nice scent to the tree by putting on scented decorations like cinnamon sticks or pinecones with essential oils. Use fairy lights or battery-powered candles to create a cozy and glowing atmosphere. Add some bits of greenery or feathers for extra decoration.

How can I add a touch of vintage charm to my farmhouse tree?

Use old white picture frames with family photos, add lace decorations, or make ornaments from book pages. Vintage-inspired elements make your Christmas tree look classic and never go out of style.

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  1. Everything about your tree is perfect, Camila, and I am so thrilled that it is YOURS! It’s beautiful and the way you have it decorated is amazing. you are so talented!

  2. Your tree is just beautiful. . . I love your handmade ornaments they are so charming. You are very talented!! This is my first visit to your blog and I look forward to reading your future posts.
    Merry Christmas

    1. THANK YOU Tamra! Your words mean the world to me. I’m always glad to have such lovely visitors like yourself. Hope I deliver according as your expectations!

      Hugs and happy Christmas!

  3. What a gorgeous tree to celebrate with in your new home! Love all the handmade and personalized touches. Did you make the wooden skates?

    1. Thank you so so much! Oooh I wish but no I bought them. I fell in love as soon as I laid eyes on them.


  4. What a pretty tree you created! I love the variety of ornaments that you both made and purchased for your tree. At night I’ll bet that it is especially pretty since you added extra lights this year. Oh, and how can I forget the nativity under the tree? I love that special touch!

  5. Cami ~~ Your blog, your story, and your tree are just fabulous. I would love to have every single ornament and that banner!! Swoon! Your work is so fresh and genuine. I just love every post. Thanks for sharing your most special tree and story with us. ~~ Merry Christmas sweet friend ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

  6. Your Christmas tree is so beautiful. I love a white styled Christmas tree. Thanks for sharing your true life experiences of moving and creating new Christmas traditions for your family.
    Merry Christmas, my friend.

  7. Cami, your tree is beautiful and I love reading about how you started with nothing last year and now you have a tree filled with memories and your heart and hand. I’m so glad you were able to finally get a tree you love and it’s so warm and cozy feeling with that fluffy tree skirt, too.
    Enjoy your evenings by the twinkling lights making many happy memories.
    So glad you could join us for the tour, Cami! xo
    Merry Christmas!