Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor (on a budget)

It’s time for my fall mantel decor reveal! I know I’m super late but hey! Better late than never, right? I’m so excited with how our mantel turned out this year. I hadn’t done a fall mantel decor before so I decided to try one this year.

Do you love mantels as much as I do? I’m crazy about mantels but here’s the truth: I don’t have a fireplace so I don’t actually have a mantel to decor. BUT, that doesn’t stop me from creating one. It’s always fun to try something new! I always try to use what I have on hand first and then fill it in with a few new finds handmade decor pieces. This mantel is not an exception.

Do you use the same decor year after year or mix it up?

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor

Since I’m the farmhouse kick lately, I decided to keep that style. I pretty much already had everything there except for the pumpkins and cotton stems that I made myself and you can too with the tutorials.

This year I kept it simple because as I mentioned in previous posts, I moved here a couple years ago so I still don’t have much to play with so I’ve been buying things and making some too. I guess with time I’ll be able to decorate the entire house but for now, I’m happy with my mantel-wannabe and my centerpiece.

About my Fall Mantel decor

Here is my pretty and rustic fall mate decor. I love how it turned out despite the fact that there’s no fireplace underneath it. I just love the idea of having a small space in the living room that I could call Mantel and decorate it with whatever I like seasonal or not.

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor Completed

This year I decided to give it a go with Fall and I’m so in love! As I mentioned before, I used mostly things I already had at home.

The space is small but I think I achieved a cozy rustic look.

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decoration

The backdrop was made with leftover shiplap boards from my rustic headboard. I just stained it and assemble it as I did for my fuse box cover. I hung that white wreath with my welcome sign on it.

On the sides, I put some rustic candle holders that I’m obsessed with. I’ve got tons of them because I like to have them all over the apartment.

On the left side, I arranged One candle holder with a pitcher filled with my cute faux cotton stems.

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor Rustic

Right in front of it, I placed a small jar and 2 cute rustic fabric pumpkins I made.

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor Rustic Jars

On the right side, I arranged 2 candle holders and another jar with dry tree branches. You might notice with time I love dry branches LOL.

Farmhouse Fall Mantel Decor Candle holder

I also placed some more fabric pumpkins there. By now you might have noticed I made quite some fabric pumpkins. Yeah, I can get that obsessive LOL.

Right in the center, I put that cute candle holder box. I got that 2 years ago and I’m crazy about it, I change it slightly for every season and always use it.